Kathleen Jacobs

Jen is more than just a fitness trainer! From the moment I started taking her classes, she was always welcoming and helped me feel comfortable at my own fitness level. I began to look forward to seeing the community of people that attended each week. Her classes are fun, yet challenging at the same time. I always leave feeling uplifted and wearing a glow 🙂 Jen encourages you to be your best self, by eating clean and staying active. And she’s always there to check in with me when I skip classes on cold and dreary winter evenings…and then I’m back working out again 😉 She even trained me up until my 8th month of pregnancy!! Jen has become a dear friend to me and I am very thankful she is in my life…

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David Suplee

Good morning Jennifer,

Before Anne and I began this journey with you, we did not have the best of diets. You could fit most of our fruits and vegetables in those little drawers in the refrigerator. Now that we have embraced your philosophy of a more plant based diet, things have changed in a big way. When I came home from the grocery store yesterday, I wanted to show you how much things have changed, so I took this photo. This is a typical 3 day supply of fruits and vegetables for us. Along with our fitness training, this is why we are so much healthier. This is why we are combined over 100 lbs down. This is why I am no longer “managing” my diabetes. Instead, I am on the verge of reversing my diabetes. These are just some of the thoughts this photo gave me. Anne and I have come so far, but like you say “we are just getting started”. We take great comfort knowing that you will be there with us every step of the way.

– David

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Leah Borges

Leah joined Jen Allan Fitness in May 2014 at a Beginner Boot Camp at the park.  At the time, she was very sedentary, overweight, not eating the healthiest, and very unhappy with her body image and lack of energy.  Now, Leah is 40 pounds lighter and is a healthy weight, BMI, and body fat %!  She is a true inspiration to everyone around her for her hard work, discipline, and how she committed to changing her life!  Way to go Leah and so proud of you!!  Read her story below!

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Paula Allen

tells her juicing story and how it’s part of her lifestyle, who she is, and how it makes her feel.  Paula won the Greens Challenge for January by consuming 207 servings of greens!  Way to kick disease in the teeth Paula!

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Julie Jee, Pleasanton CA

At the start of the year, I joined one of Jen’s group classes.  It was the best fitness decision I ever made.  From the very first class, it was far superior to even one-on-one personal trainer sessions I had in the past.  She made me like exercising for the first time in my life!  Her classes are never the same and she’s constantly switching things up so it’s never boring.

Jen not only has the expert level knowledge of her field, she has what I think is the X factor among truly gifted personal trainer and fitness professionals: caring for your body as much as you do.  And because she truly cares it means she optimizes each exercise movement for your body without injury, pushing you when she expertly deems you can handle it and stopping you when you’re not quite ready.  Either way, she makes you feel encouraged to keep trying.  I recommend her to anyone at any level of fitness.  Her skills are that dynamic and she is that good!  – Julie Jee, Pleasanton CA

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Christina Mantha, Pleasanton CA

I was worried that an exercise class held at a church would not challenge me. I was wrong! Jen comes up with fun activities that are much different than what you do at a gym. I work up a sweat and really feel like I am pushing my body, which is exactly what I want to do. I learn new exercises and Jen make sure to provide high, medium and low impact/exertion options. Jen is also great at motivating us to take care of our bodies and spend an hour doing something good for us because we spend so much of our time and energy taking care of others. The Boot Camp is something fun for me to break up the monotony of going to the gym. It is the opposite of boring!

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Cathy Lee, Pleasanton CA

I began working out with Jen after many years of being lazy. As a Mom of preschoolers I got caught up in caring for my children and let myself go. I felt that I was not a “class” workout kind of gal and was very hesitant to try it. After my first boot camp I was hooked!! Jen is incredibly encouraging, supportive and very good at accommodating all levels of fitness…including the very beginning novice! Throughout boot camp and cardio sculpt she offers different techniques for the exercise so that each person can feel challenged in a way that isn’t beyond your level.

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Jeannette Ford, Pleasanton CA

Jen is an extremely committed and knowledgable fitness instructor who knows how to motivate her students towards their goals. You’ll love her classes and the way she constantly encourages you every step of the way. I appreciate her genuine concern for my health and look forward to attend more of her weekly classes in the future.

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Amy Teeling, Oakland CA

Jen is an awesome boot camp teacher! She’s always enthusiastic, upbeat and encouraging. She motivates us to work harder than we thought we could and to give our best. I love the variety of exercises she has us do and the mix of cardio and strength training. She keeps the workouts fun and interesting. I feel tired and sore sometimes at the end of boot camp, but always happy that I came!

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Marie Bennett, Pleasanton CA

Before I started your classes, I would get headaches almost everyday (so taking Tylenol almost every day), heart burn almost every night (popping Antacids like they were candy) and my doctors had told me that my cholesterol levels were on the rise!!  Hand on heart, I can honestly say, I have had one headache and no heartburn in the past 3-months and my cholesterol levels are now at a more reassuring level.

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Nutrition Basics 101 – Lynn Fitzpatrick

I have recently met Jen and not been able to take one of her Saturday morning boot camps yet, but Jen was gracious enough to let me attend one of her grocery store education classes anyway.  Jen is very current in her knowledge of healthy fats and good dairy for a healthy digestive tract. She knows her meats and eggs and how to choose them. She identifies good and bad sugars, hidden sodiums and disguised preservatives and flavorings.  She knows how these hidden ingredients can adversely affect neurotoxins and hormones.

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