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Thought for the week: Taking the Challenge Seriously

So, you came to the Challenge and weighed and you are all set to lose weight…….now what!!?

First of all, don’t panic or freak out.  It took a while to put the weight on and it will take a while to get the weight off.  The good news is that you are mindful of your situation and you are ready to do something about it.  This is the most important part!  If you aren’t ready mentally, then you aren’t ready to change.

Here are some tips for the next few weeks to help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals:

  • Where are you most vulnerable?  Where and when do your treat moments happen?  Lunchtime?  Late at night?  When you are stressed?  The trick is to recognize the moment of temptation and to envoke a behavioral change so you escape the downfall.  At work, is there a break room where there are always doughnuts or pastries to be found?  Avoid the break room and take a different route!  Do you sneak into the kitchen at night and go through the pantry looking for chocolate delectables?  Turn the light off and go brush your teeth.  Make sense?
  • Up the intensity of your work outs.  If you’ve been doing the same thing for a while, shake it up and add HIIT drills or jog/sprints to your running.  If you’ve become too comfortable in your work outs and you aren’t dripping in sweat, then you need to change it up so you are burning calories and shedding fat effectively.  If you haven’t been to one of my classes in the mid-week, come check them out and I’ll show you how to do this 🙂
  • Ditch the soda and sweetened coffee drinks.  Trade out soda for Kombucha or seltzer water with lemon.  Drink black coffee instead of your Caffe Mocha.  And of course, drink a lot more water throughout the day!  Flush our your system and keep your body well hydrated.  This is an important component to weight loss and flushing toxins out of your body.  Everything in your body works better when you are well hydrated.  Try the lemon & apple cider vinegar detox drink too.
  • Hit the sack by 10pm.  Just do it.  Your body repairs and replenishes at night, especially if you are working hard in your work outs.  If you are used to going to bed at midnight, try back it up by an hour, and then eventually back to 10pm.  Give it a try and see how it goes.  Maybe a cup of Chamomile tea or a hot shower before bed to help?
  • Load up your snack pack.  Do not leave the house in the morning without healthy snacks and food to eat throughout the day.  Pretend that you are going into hostile territory where there are only poisonous foods around you.  You must rely on yourself and the foods that you bring if you want to eat and survive the day!  A bit dramatic I know, but just try to think this way.  Yes, it means you have to prepare food the night before or earlier in the morning, but you’ll be glad you did!  Load up on chopped veggies, fruits, nuts/seeds, homemade hummus and bean dips.  Add the greek yogurt in with berries and homemade granola etc.  Of course, add in salads and put the dressing in a baggie so your salad won’t be wilted by the time you eat it.  You’ll need to go shopping more often, but remind yourself that you and your loved ones are worth it!
  • Be vocal about your goals with trusted friends.  Open your mouth and share your goals!  Surround yourself with positive people who truly care about your well being and want you to succeed.  Plug into a community of like minded people who are striving towards the same goals.  I believe that the people who come to my classes are the best friends and clients in the business!  Come and join us and find out why! 🙂

That’s all for today.  Keep moving and eating clean friends!

See you in class soon!


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