Praying for Safety During Fire Evacuations

Hi Everyone,

Now that it’s daylight and if you’ve smelled the air, you know there is something wrong because of all of the smoke.  I’ve been very preoccupied this morning with the news of the fires in Santa Rosa and Napa and can’t believe all of the devastation that’s going on right now!

I would like to ask for prayers for my cousin Jessica, who lives in Santa Rosa.  I just found out that she had to evacuate her home and all of her animals.  Jessica is a wildlife expert and caregiver at Safari West in Santa Rosa and is trying to evacuate all of the animals this morning.  As you can imagine, this is a daunting task and I can only imagine how challenging this is for the staff right now.  Of course, we need prays for all of the people who are in harms way and in danger of the fire.  I saw on the news that an entire mobile home park was destroyed.

Anyway guys, this is a quick blog today because I am preoccupied and worried about my family up in Santa Rosa, as well as the entire situation up in those areas.  Let’s pray for all of the emergency workers and fire fighters who are putting their lives on the line up there to protect as many people as they can.  If any of you have family or friends living up in those areas, please text or e-mail me and I’ll put out a prayer request.  It’s funny, in moments like this, the thought of a work out plan or fitness idea is just not important.  

The air quality is going to be horrible today, so if you are going to exercise, I wouldn’t recommend running or any cardio outside.  It would be better to do some indoor cardio kickboxing or strength training.

Thanks for the prayers guys and I’ll keep you posted.

Image taken from Dry Creek Road this morning

Announcements and Reminders:

1) Fall Movement Mania is half way through!  Keep logging those exercise minutes and let’s turn them into miles for your map!  Who is going to travel the farthest by the end of the six weeks?  Who is going to be the biggest reducer?

2) Halloween “Boo” Camp is Saturday, October 28th.  Come dressed up in a fun costume and let’s find out who will win the costume contest this year!  It’s also the last day of the Fall Movement Mania, so it will be an important Boot Camp that you won’t want to miss!

3)  Next Running Boot Camp is Sunday October 29th at 11am.

See you guys in class soon.  Thanks for the prayers today.