Paula Allen

tells her juicing story and how it’s part of her lifestyle, who she is, and how it makes her feel.  Paula won the Greens Challenge for January by consuming 207 servings of greens!  Way to kick disease in the teeth Paula! paula-allanpaula-allan-2 Wow, it seems like we have been juicing for years as it is just part of the daily routine. (brushing your teeth, eating breakfast…) Jason and I bought our juicer in January 2013 after watching Sick Fat and Nearly Dead. I was already a vegetarian, but Jason has never really cared for or like vegetables of any sort. We did start very strong, juicing 2 to 3 times a day and taking the juicer with us when we traveled. That has tapered off some, and there were short periods of time when we might have gone a week or two without juicing at all. What we both found is we didn’t feel good without it. I mean I was tired and just plain and simply felt like crap. Jason and I both knew that juicing was the big difference in how we felt physically as well as mentally. We recommitted ourselves to getting up a little earlier (5:45 to 6 am) in order to make sure we had our juice for the day. We both enjoy our Saturday routine, Jen’s class and then off to the farmers market in San Ramon. We have gotten to know the farmers and what we like, starting with the chard (it give more juice than the kale) and then the celery, peppers, carrots, green apples, lemons, cucumbers and sometimes sweet potatoes or tomatoes or even broccoli stems and beets. Another booth and kale (2 different types) and more chard and occasionally cauliflower just to cook. We have found that we spend so little by doing this every weekend, not only enjoying the process but feeling great each day because of it. When we start our day off with our juice, it is so much easier to make good/healthy choices throughout the day.  The long and short of my/our story is, juicing has made us both feel better on the inside, as well as the outside. We are both very happy that we started it/continue to do it and are more than happy to share our juice with anyone that is at our house in the early mornings.

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