Nutrition Basics 101 – Lynn Fitzpatrick

I have recently met Jen and not been able to take one of her Saturday morning boot camps yet, but Jen was gracious enough to let me attend one of her grocery store education classes anyway.  Jen is very current in her knowledge of healthy fats and good dairy for a healthy digestive tract. She knows her meats and eggs and how to choose them. She identifies good and bad sugars, hidden sodiums and disguised preservatives and flavorings.  She knows how these hidden ingredients can adversely affect neurotoxins and hormones. Jen is very good at pointing out why we would eat certain foods based on how much protein is provided vs. sugars and fats.  She is also very creative in food combining and has lots of recipe suggestions as you go through the store.  Her enthusiasm for eating right is contagious and inspiring! – Lynn Fitzpatrick

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