MMB – To Veggie or Not? That is the Question.

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all doing well and feeling great walking into your Monday morning!  Excellent effort by everyone who was able to make it out to classes this past week!  I like the momentum out there and it’s been great seeing some “old” familiar faces!  I was particularly jazzed after Boot Camp on Saturday because you guys are the best!  I love watching how all of you check in with one another and are genuinely interested in how the other person is doing.  When someone comes to class and it’s been a while since they’ve attended, they are always approached with hugs and warm greetings.  This makes my heart smile like nothing else.  For those of you who are attending my 7am boot camp, you know that I’ve been allowing my boys to join in.  They are still on trial with this and as long as they can prove they have the maturity and physical capability for class, then they are welcome to come.  I’ve been teaching them that they are “ambassadors” of Jen Allan Fitness, so know that there’s a lot of teaching going on behind the scenes! 

Fast forward to a conversation that my so Ryan and I had later in the morning, “Mom, you know the clients you have on Saturday morning?”  “Yeah Bud, I know the clients.” I chuckled.  “Well, they don’t really seem like your clients…..they seem more like your family.”  I think this just about sums it up.  You guys are like my family and I feel privileged that you carve out time every week to believe in the Jen Allan Fitness wellness crusade!  Let’s keep this train going guys and wrap up 2017 feeling fit, healthy, and fabulous!

Announcements and Reminders:

  1.  December Class Card Specials!  Starting today, any class card you purchase for yourself will be 10% off.  If you want to purchase a class card as a gift for someone else who is new to Jen Allan Fitness, then I’m offering a 20% discount!  This is a great opportunity to reach out to a friend or loved one who may need a little encouragement to get started in a fitness program.  Buy your friend a gift card and offer to pick them up and take them to class!  We have such a welcoming and positive group of people, I know they will be inspired and touched by your generosity.   NOTE:  If you have purchased a card in the past few days, I’m happy to honor the discount the next time you purchase a card. 


  1. December Contest – Christmas Temptations Conquered!  Like I’ve been saying, there is temptation all around us this month and I know you guys have worked so hard in your work outs, clean eating, and being focused and disciplined on wellness.  So, as a little incentive for this  month, every time you walk away from a sweet treat or say no to a mocha frappacino, record it in your phone.  When you come to class, I’ll have a little box with note cards and you can jot down the moment that you conquered temptation. At the end of December, I’ll have a drawing for a free class card! Let’s conquer those sugar cravings together and feel great walking into January!


  1. Cardio Core is Tuesday Night at Jen’s House – Classes are currently full and there is a waiting list.  If you are signed up for class and you aren’t able to attend, please let me know so I can open up your spot. 


  1. Christmas Boot Camp and Brunch is on Saturday, December 23rd.  There will be 1 boot camp only from 7am to 8am.  Stay afterwards for a special Mama Jen’s brunch.  That’s right, you must work hard to earn your breakfast!  LOL!  Bring your kids too! 


  1. There will be NO Classed on 12/26 & 12/28.  Boot Camp resumes 12/30.


  1. New Year’s Day Running Boot Camp!  What better way to kick off the holiday than with a Running Boot Camp!  Class will be at 11am.


Thought for the week:  To Veggie or Not?  That is the Question. 

Some of you may have heard me mentioning in class to watch the documentary “What the Health.”  Yes, there are many health and wellness documentaries on Netflix and like everything in life, you need to take the shopping cart method and take what works for you and leave what doesn’t. 

However, if you have been watching many of these documentaries over the years, then you’ll notice a reoccurring motif throughout all of the films.  If you don’t have time to watch it or if you think you won’t get around to watching a documentary like this, then I’ll give you a super quick summary of the message of the film:  If you want to avoid diseases like cancer, heart disease, or diabetes, then you need to switch to a plant based diet. 

Here’s the deal guys – the way we raise our animals and process our meats is NOTHING like the way we used to raise our meat in the generations that came before us.  Paul McCartney, a long time vegetarian, is famous for saying this, “If slaughterhouses had glass windows, we’d all become vegetarians.” 

So, a steak from 60 years ago is not the same steak of today, and therefore, eating the steak of today often and as a regular part of your diet could eventually lead you to illness.  I don’t want to get into gory details here, especially kicking off our Monday, but if you are curious to find out why they steak of today is so radically different from today and why eating a diet high in animal protein is considered dangerous, then please start watching some of these films that are intended to enlighten and educate the public about the horrific ways our animals are being raised and processed. 

I am also a realist and I know that many of you who are reading this blog have been meat eaters all of your lives and the idea of quitting eating meat all together is probably not going to fly very well in your household.  However, is there room to lean heavily to the veggie side of the isle in your house?   Could you try living as a vegetarian 80% of the time?  Have you ever tried it?  Before you say to me that there’s no way you could live without meat on a daily basis, do something radical and give it a try? 

Have you seen some of my plant based recipes on my site?  Have you tried my Black Bean and Mushroom burger? Or my Portobello Mushroom Pizza?  What about my Veggie Mexican Soup?  Red Lentil Pasta?  Weekday Lentil Chili? Check out my recipe site and try a few dishes.  Let me know what you think?

Last night at the dinner table I was once again having a nutrition conversation with my boys about the importance of training their taste buds to enjoy plant based dishes and less on animal protein dishes.  I had made a butternut squash soup filled with green split peas, red lentils, garlic, onion, celery, carrots, spinach, parsley and other seasonings. 

After I cooked it, I took my emulsifier and blended the soup so it was hearty and thick.  The house smelled amazing and they boys thoroughly enjoyed eating the soup because it was satisfying.  I also made home made gluten free herbed biscuits to enjoy along with the soup, so that made my family very  happy.  My son Ryan said, “Mom, the way you make vegetarian dishes, it wouldn’t be hard to be a vegetarian.”  Isn’t he sweet?  Gosh, I love that kid!  He told me I needed to post the recipe on my site, so I’ll do that! 

The point is, just because something is vegetarian doesn’t mean it’s flavorless, boring, and not satisfying!  I urge you to try out different recipes and see how you feel after a week of eating plant based dishes.  Do you know that greens and veggies are loaded with protein?  There is an absolute myth out there that we need to eat meat to get our protein.  This is simply not true and if you dig deeper and do your own research then you’ll find this to be truth.  I was looking at the package of red lentils last night and it has 15 grams of protein and 13 grams of fiber for a 1/2 cup serving.  That is crazy good! 

The bottom line is consuming a diet high in vegetables will help you to fight a whole host of diseases and ultimately feel better, look younger, have more energy, manage your weight better, and live….longer!! 

I hope this blog will help inspire you to reexamine the way you eat and realize, it’s not too late to change!  You can do it!

See you soon,