MMB – Three “C’s” You Should Live By

Hi Everyone,

Happy Monday to you!  How are you doing with the day lights savings change?  Did you love the fact is was still light out at 7pm last night?  This is good news right?  Now we have extended day light hours and can carve out more time for fitness – yahoo!  I don’t know about you, but everything just seems to get better when spring time rolls around!  And thankfully, with all of this rain, we can celebrate that our snow packs are deep and reservoirs are full! 


Announcements and Reminders:

    1. Celebrating March Greens Contest!  It’s time to be laser focused on our greens and clean eating!  For the month of  March, log all of your greens that you consume every day.  1 cup = 1 serving.  For example, 1 cup of salad is 1 serving.  I – 8oz cup of green juice is 1 serving.  At the end of the month, turn in your greens sheet and let’s find out who has consumed the most greens!  Winner will receive a class card!  Greens can be raw, steamed, roasted, salads, green smoothies, green juice, vegetable soups, etc. 


    1. St. Patrick’s Day Boot Camp Saturday, March 16th!  Wear your Irish best and come out to this special boot camp!  Prizes for the most spirited St. Patty’s Day costume!  Instead of curling beer, let’s curl dumb bells! 


    1. St. Patrick’s Day Walking Boot Camp!  Come out on Sunday, March 17th at 11am for some fitness together to celebrate the holiday!  Class is an hour long and all levels are welcomed! 


    1. Cardio Core is Tuesday Night at Jen’s Studio!  If you’d like to sign up for class, please text or e-mail me!


Thought for the week:  Three “C’s” You Should Live By

So, how are you doing in your fitness?  Clean eating?  Moods?  Goals?  Sleep?  You know, healthy living is kind of like a part-time job.  Have you ever noticed that?  It takes time, effort, money, mental focus, and discipline. 

It takes commitment.  What are the things you are committed to in your life?  God?  Your family?  Your occupation?  Friends?  We are all committed to something and the easiest way to discover what someone is committed to is to listen to what they choose to talk about and how they spend their time.  I want you to take a minute and think about all of the things that are important to you in life.  Got them?  O.k. now imagine that you are feeling very energized, physically capable, and are positive minded doing the things you love.  When challenges arise, you step up and do the best you can, even if the outcome is negative and disappointing. 

O.k. that’s one image.  Now imagine for a moment doing all of the things you love, but in all actuality, you can’t really do ALL the things you love because you aren’t physically capable.  You lack energy often and most people find you difficult to be around because you are constantly in a bad mood and kind of down.  You are a person who comes up with excuses often and are in a mode of justification constantly.

In looking at both of those scenarios, which one do you think represents a person who is physically fit, eats a balanced diet, and is sleeping well?  The first person mentioned is obviously someone who has committed their time and energy into exercise, clean eating, and self care with proper rest and balance.  If you want the fruit of a positive life with vibrancy and capability, then you MUST commit to the steps involved to bear good fruit on your tree.  What you do every day will ultimately determine either a positive or negative outcome.  How does disease happen?  If you take a week off of exercise and eat nothing but burgers and fries, is this going to kill you?  Probably not, but you’ll feel like crap.

What about if you eat burgers and fries most of the time and don’t exercise?  Eating high amounts of animal protein, fried foods, a diet void of fruits and vegetables, will most likely lead a person to heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and a host of other related illnesses.  And where does this lead?  Well, it’s not a pretty picture friends and I guarantee you this person is feeling sick all of the time, is on large doses of medication, is lacking energy and stamina, and is most certainly NOT living their optimal life! 

How about consistency?  Many people have the best of intentions at the beginning of the year to get fit and lose weight!  Right?  Have you noticed that by about this time of the year, the New Year’s Resolution zeal that many people had three months ago is slowly losing momentum?  Do you know why?  Because it takes consistency to stay focused on goals.  Well, o.k……but how do we stay consistent?  First of all, community is a must.  If you are trying to make changes in your life and you are trying to do it by yourself, your fail ratio will be much higher.  We need community for many reasons, but probably the most important reason is for accountability.  When we have friends that are going through the same hard things we are, we are less likely to quit.  Also, all of us need encouragement, so when we gather together, we are taking time to encourage one another. 

Another way to stay consistent is to schedule meal planning, shopping, and exercise into your calendar as an appointment.  We do this with everything else that’s important in our lives, so why not fitness and nutrition?  Schedule those things into your week and you’ll have a higher probably of getting them accomplished. 

Also, come up with some fitness goals for yourself.  Races are great, but you don’t have to sign up for a race to accomplish fitness goals.  Maybe you want to increase your hiking stamina, so you plan a longer hike in the next few weeks that will take a few hours?  Take a friend along and do it together!  Have you increased your weights in a while?  What about mixing up your fitness routine?

Change happens due to commitment and consistency.  If you have stayed on course with clean eating, exercise, proper rest, and are staying ahead of stress, then you are on your way to transformation and change.  Some of you are already in this state and have significantly changed your behaviors and lives the past several months or few years.  And you know what?  It shows!  You are the people who stand out in a crowd and are able to be highly functioning people, who feel good most of the time, and are more positive minded.  You look good in your clothes and your skin is clear and vibrant.  You smile more too 🙂

Are there bumps along the way?  Of course.  Do you have feelings of wanting to quit a healthy lifestyle because it’s a pain in the butt?  Yes.  But you know better.   You know that if you give up and quit all of the healthy actions and choices every day, that you’ll end up sick and diseased and will not bear the fruit of a healthy lifestyle.  By the way, everyone else around you benefits from your healthy lifestyle too! 

So there you have it.  With commitment and consistency, you’ll have change.  It’s not an easy road, but it’s the road less traveled and the one that will guide you to a thriving and vibrant life where you will live out your true potential until the day you die.  Let’s have young guts together friends!


See you in class soon!