MMB – This health stuff is hard

January 16, 17

Good morning everyone,

I hope you all had a great weekend and were able to go outside and celebrate the sunshine and much needed break from the rain!

This past Saturday was the kick off of the 6-Week Winter Fitness Challenge and the Army was the featured branch of the military. For those of you who were able to make it out, you guys made awesome soldiers and worked it hard in your squads! Hoorah!

Every Saturday, you’ll have the opportunity to step into the world of a military recruit where you’ll participate in some kind of military scenario and have to work together in your squads doing a variety of running and cardio drills, agility courses whole body strength training, and a host of challenging core exercises.

By the end of Boot Camp, you’ll be sweaty with fatigued muscles and will be inspired and fired up to take on the weekend! Remember, there are two formats: a 60 minute class for intermediates and a 30 minute format for beginners, so all levels of exercisers are welcomed!

If you haven’t had the chance to make it out to one of my Winter Fitness Challenges, it’s not too late and you can join in at any time.

For those of you who weighed in, now is the time to be laser focused on nutrient dense and clean nutrition. Hopefully for many of you, you have been doing the Detox Challenge that started at the beginning of the month, so you should have a good jump start to eating healthier. Out with the sugar and processed foods and in with salads, vegetable juices, and plant based nutrition! Woo hoo!

Have you had the chance to watch Food Choices yet on Net Flix? The film is 90 minutes and will take you through a journey of questions about the why and way we eat. I believe you’ll walk away from it feeling inspired and enlightened to make healthier choices for yourself and your family. Please let me know your thoughts and feedback after you’ve watched it! Perhaps we can have a group discussion after class one night?

By the way, have you noticed we are half way through January? Did you know that by now, most people have already given up their New Year’s Resolutions? How are you doing on yours? If your resolution happens to be anything health related, then plug into this fitness community and share your journey with a friend. Accountability is the key and you’ll be far more likely to succeed in your goals if you share them with someone. Your friends will notice if you haven’t made it to class in a while!


  • 6 -Week Winter Fitness Challenge is going on now through February 18th! Come join in the military fun where we show up as civilians but walk away as recruits into the branches of the military!   Your weights, body fat, hips and waist will be measured in the beginning and again at the end to find out who the biggest reducers are. This is a fun way to pay homage to our men and women in uniform as we go through some of the drills they do!
  • Next Running Boot Camp is Sunday, January 22nd at 11am! This class is intended for beginner and intermediate runners. Class lasts about an hour. See Jen for details.
  • January Detox Challenge! We are half way through January. Are you still tracking your detox points? For example, if you drink a green juice in the morning, that equals a point. If you eat a salad for lunch (assuming it doesn’t have Ranch and bacon bits LOL!) that counts as a point. If you choose a small apple with a handful of seeds or nuts for a snack, that counts as a point. If you drink a large glass of water 6 times a day, that would equal 6 points. Make sense? Let’s see who can rack up the most amount of points by the end of January to win a $50 class card! You can keep track on your phone, or journal, or calendar etc. I’ll collect journals and points at the end of the month.
  • Facebook Favor? One of my goals this year is to post more on FB so help inspire more people to move and eat healthy. The next time you are on FB, could you “like” my business page Jen Allan Fitness? I want to separate my business postings from my personal postings to help streamline content and information.   Also, if you like something that I post and you think it would benefit your friends, please share it as this would help get my health messages out there. Thanks guys!
  • Recipe Page:  I just added a new recipe to my recipes page, so check out my Red Pepper, Mushroom, and Cannellini Bean Pasta Dish!

Thought for the week: Why is this health stuff so hard?

As a personal trainer and group ex instructor, I hear and see all kinds of challenges, excuses, triumphs, and celebrations as people go through their health journey. Sometimes it’s easier, and sometimes it’s harder. Admittedly, this health stuff is hard! It’s kind of like a part-time job right? Take eating for example; if you are going to eat healthier, then you’ll need to shop more often for living foods and then carve out time to actually do something with them.   So, this requires driving time to and from the store, shopping time, unloading and unpacking time, and cooking time. Going through the drive through is much easier right?

What about exercise time? I can’t think of one person who I know that doesn’t have a packed schedule full of responsibilities. Now we need to add in exercise time? Where? I get it…it’s tough to juggle and work out time is often on the chopping block when other events creep in with higher urgency.

If you stop and think about it, whatever we do in life is our priorities. We all only have twenty-four hours and no one can squeeze in a second more! Why then, are some busy people able to work out frequently and others, who are equally busy, not able to squeeze it in? It’s an interesting thought right?

Every day we all face fork in the road moments. Are we going to wake up early for a work out or get more sleep? Are we going to run out the door with a doughnut in hand or worse yet, no breakfast? Or are we going to carve out time to make a green smoothie, oatmeal with berries, or spinach & egg scramble for breakfast before starting our day?

How are we going to use our lunch time? If you are working full time, are you even allowed to have a lunch time? Do you work straight through? What are the consequences if you take a break in the middle of the day and exercise for 30 minutes? Have you tried it? How did it go? Can you do this 2-3 x’s a week?

What about your kids sports activities? Are you spending hours upon hours every week at their events? Are you sitting the entire time? Call me a radical, but I’m one of those crazy parents who is working out while watching my kids play their sports. I am also aware that I can sometimes make a visual nuisance of myself, but it’s the only way to juggle it all and make sure I get my own work outs in!  Make sense? Could you do the same thing and go watch your kids or grand kids’ game in your fitness clothes and get a work out in while watching them? Try it and see how it goes!

The bottom line is that living healthier will always be the road less traveled because it means taking time away from other things we would truthfully rather be doing. In our culture, we embrace comfort and pleasure. Exercising is the opposite of these things. Who wants to feel pain and breathe heavy laden? It’s not an easy sell for us. The writing is on the wall though and is laid out in large brush strokes of truth as we gaze upon photos, videos, documentaries, and data all pointing to the results of a sedentary life leading to consequences of a myriad of diseases. It’s not a pretty picture!   This is why you and I move! Carve out the time for your health because you are worth it and so are the people you love.


See you in class soon!




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