MMB – The Winter Fitness Challenge has Begun!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had an awesome weekend!  This past Saturday was the first day of the 6-WeekWinter Fitness Challenge and you guys rocked it!  This was a tough one with 6 Countdown Challenge circuits starting with 50 reps down to 10 reps.  Each Countdown Challenge was unique and targeted the following areas:  bursts, lower body, upper body, and core!  By the end of the six circuits, you guys were dripping with sweat and were thankful it was over! 

While I recorded the first three finishers of every round, please know that EVERYONE who completed these circuits is a WINNER in my book! 

Congratulations to the following boot campers who placed in each round!

Here are the winners of each round:

Burst #1:

1st place – Debbie Roe 5:08

2nd place – Lisa Thach 5:14

3rd place – MingMay Pang 5:48


Lower Body #2:

1st place – Debbie Roe 5:18

2nd place – Lisa Thach 3:25

3rd place – Christi Stevens 3:34


Core #3

1st place – Lisa Thach 2:26

2nd place – Bernie Calvo 2:34

3rd place – Debbie Roe 2:56


Burst #4:

1st place – Debbie Roe 4:09

2nd place – Bernie Calvo 4:22

3rd place – Pete Calvo 4;29


Upper Body #5:

1st place – Lisa Thach 3:21

2nd place – Debbie Roe 3:24

3rd place – Bernie Calvo 3:40


Core #6

1st place – Lisa Thach – 3:32

2nd place – Bernie Calvo 3:42

3rd place – Pete Calvo 3:55

Pete Calvo, MingMay Pang, Lisa Thach, Bernie Calvo, Christy Stevens, Debbie Roe, Erin Campbell

Boot Camp Countdown Challenge winners:  Lisa Thach, Debbie Roe, & Pete Calvo


Announcements and Reminders:

  1. Cardio Core is Tuesday at Jen’s Studio!  5:45pm class is full & 6:40pm class is full.  There are a few spots open at 7:35pm if you’d like to join in!  Please text or e-mail me if you are signed up and cannot make it or you’d like to sign up for 7:35pm.


  1. Cardio Fusion is Thursday at VBC!  5:45pm & 6:40pm!


  1. Park Fitness is this Thursday at 8:30am!  Come out and join us for this morning work out that will work your entire body!  Class meets at Jen’s Studio.


  1. 6-Week Winter Fitness Challenge – Every Saturday through February 22nd from 7:30am to 8:15am. It’s not too late to join!  Come check out this inspirational and motivational boot camp that will take your fitness to the next level! 


Thought for the week:  January is Hard and Fitness Helps!

I don’t know about you, but January always feels really hard.  The sky is greyer, the sunlight is shorter and more dim, and yes it’s cold for us Northern California types!  I know, I know, there’s isn’t snow on the ground, but come on – it’s in the lower to mid-30’s in the morning.  That’s cold enough thank you very much.

In speaking with many of my clients so far this month, the difficult themes that have cropped up are financial, being sick, and death related.  Money is tough, people have bad colds, and people have been dying.  Woah, those are huge topics and both emotionally taxing and draining!  It’s no wonder that we can get a little blue in January.

As I often say in class, life is hard out there and we need to get battle ready for whatever might be coming out way.  There are a plethora of benefits from exercising and for the reasons I’ve just mentioned, exercise helps us to manage our stressors and heartaches by allowing those emotions to be addressed.  Also, there is a huge release of endorphins, which interact with the receptors in your brain, and reduce pain and help your body and brain to feel better. 

So, if you are feeling blue, the very best medicine you can give to yourself is to get up and start moving.  During the first few minutes you may have regret that you are putting yourself through the difficulty and pain of exercising, but I promise that by the end of the session, you’ll feel so happy and satisfied that you made it through! 

Also, fitness doesn’t always need to be super intense to be effective.  Taking a long hike up in the hills can rejuvenate your spirits and still give you a great calorie burn and lower body work out.  Sometimes just getting away from your inbox and “to-do” list will help you refresh and reset. 

Here are some other ideas that can help uplift your mood when you are feeling a little blue:

  1. Crank up your favorite tunes when you are at home or in the car.  Music can shift our emotions very quickly and give us a boost when we need it.
  2. Eat spicy foods with lime and cilantro.  There’s something about these combinations that brighten our moods and allows us to shift gears.
  3. For the ladies – buy some fresh flowers and place them around your house.  I love sunflowers and whenever I have them around, I feel better!
  4. Ponder on the things you are grateful for.  Make a quick list and write down as many things you can think of that you are thankful for.
  5. Force yourself to smile more.  I know this sounds silly, but there are receptors in our brain that translate that smile into a happier state of mind.  Also, you pass it on by helping someone else to be uplifted and encouraged.  It’s contagious. 
  6. Laughter is great medicine.  Find something to laugh at.  Think of a movie you love to watch that makes you laugh and have it on in the background when you are home.
  7. Do you have some clutter that needs attention?  Having things streamlined around you will help your mind be more peaceful and calm.
  8. Allow yourself to get proper rest so you won’t be dragging the next morning.  Rest is king, especially this time of year when cold and flu viruses are all around us.  Your mood will be better if you are properly rested.

See you in class soon!  Now go out and put a smile on your face and take on the day!