MMB – The Power of a Decision

Hi Everyone,

Happy Monday to you!  I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and made time to spend with family and friends.  In light of the news of Kobe Bryant’s passing yesterday, I think we are all hugging our loved ones a little closer.  Every day is a blessing guys and we aren’t promised a tomorrow.  I know for certain that Kobe Bryant didn’t embark on his helicopter yesterday morning with his daughter thinking that it would be the day he would die.  No one person knows the date or hour of the moment of our passing except the Lord.  Let’s say some prayers today for all of those affected by this horrible crash and passing of an iconic American sports legend. 

This past Saturday was the 2nd Winter Fitness Challenge and you guys worked it hard!  I love seeing all of you rise up and bring your best to these work outs!  They are tough but you can do it! 

The theme of this past Challenge was The 500, which is composed of five circuits with 100 exercises per block.  There was running, jumping, push-ups, lunges, burpees, and compound resistance and core work too!

You are all winners in my book, but here are the boot campers who placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd for each circuit:

Circuit #1:

1st – Melissa Judge – 3:17

2nd – Lynnda Philbrook – 3:21

3rd – Lisa Thach – 3:27

Circuit #2:

1st – Lisa Thach – 4:29

2nd – Melissa Judge – 4:40

3rd – Pete Calvo – 4:52

Circuit #3:

1st Lisa Thach – 6:03

2nd tie – Melissa Judge & Pete Calvo 6:09

3rd – Bernie Calvo – 6:33

Circuit #4:

1st Melissa Judge – 3:25

2nd Lisa Thach – 3:31

3rd Pete Calvo – 3:38

Circuit #5:

1st – Lisa Thach – 3:54

2nd – Pete Calvo – 4:22

3rd – Bernie Calvo – 4:24

The Challenge Crew from Saturday!  Melissa Judge, Mansi Parekh, Lisa Thach, MingMay Pang, Christi Stevenson, Erin Campbell, Bernie Calvo, Lynnda Philbrook, & Pete Calvo

Look at those happy boot campers!  Lisa Thach, Bernie Calvo, & Pete Calvo

MB Push-Up Passes



Announcements and Reminders:

  1.  Cardio Core is at Jen’s Studio Tuesday night!  5:45pm & 6:40pm are currently full.  If you are interested in these class times, I can add you to a wait list because there may be cancellations the day of class.  I have two openings for 7:35pm! 


  1. Park Fitness is Thursday at 8:30am!  Come out and join us as we head to the park and get some fresh air, while utilizing the sidewalks, curbs, playgrounds and sport courts!  I promise that you won’t be bored!  Class is 45 minutes. Drop in cost is $15 or use prepaid card.


  1. Cardio Fusion is at VBC on Thursday!  Class times are 5:45pm & 6:40pm.  I need three people to run a class, so please let me know if you will be coming!


  1. 3rd Winter Fitness Challenge is Saturday at 7:30am!  It’s not too late to join and bring a friend with you too!


Thought for the Week:  The Power of a Decision

Do you know that feeling when you are really frustrated and you are sick and tired of being sick and tired?  Sometimes we act on those feelings and actually do something about it and other times we aren’t quite “sick” enough to make changes.  Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to change our habits?  There are umpteen books written on this subject, but I think it all boils down to the fact that we don’t want to become uncomfortable.  Change, in its very nature, makes us uncomfortable?  I mean really, who wants to give up burgers and fries?  Go ahead, picture your vice in your head.  Do you have it?  O.k. now think about giving that thing up.   Ouch.  Not fun huh.  Well, here’s the thing.  Yes, you do need to get to the point where you are ready to make sacrifices and change your behaviors in regard to food and movement if you want to improve your health.  However, it’s much easier said than done.  So where do you start?  Start thinking about the way you eat and move and be honest with yourself about what needs to change.

I think as Americans, we have a much harder time doing without.  I know there are quite a few of you out there who are trying IF, or intermittent fasting, which is all about doing without food whenever you want.  I have also been experimenting with IF and am also reading a book called, “Eat, Fast, Feast” written by Jay Richards.  The secondary title tells more, “Heal Your Body While Feeding Your Soul-A Christian Guide to Fasting.”  I highly encourage you to pick up a copy of this book.  Maybe we can form a book club and discuss the principles regarding fasting?  I would love that!  Let me know if you are interested.

Anyway, the point is that as Americans, we are used to eating whenever we feel like it and whatever we want.  It’s kind of like the grazing principle.  We’ve been taught and told that we need to eat six small meals every day in order to regulate our blood sugar and keep our metabolism buzzing along.  Have you ever thought that by eating in this manner that you will never tap into your stored fat?  If you have a constant supply of glucose in your blood stream from eating frequently, then your body is going to draw from that energy and not ever get to the stored stuff.  Make sense?  With IF, it makes your body more insulin sensitive and gives your digestion a break to repair and recover from working hard digesting food all the time.  Initially, the change is hard, but then something magical happens!  Those hunger pains go away and your body uses stored fat for fuel.  Cool huh? 

IF may not be for everyone, but if you are a person who is working hard exercising on a consistent basis and you aren’t seeing the number on the scale move, then maybe you should try something new with IF.  The good news is that it’s not expensive and you don’t need to buy special food or sign up for a program like Jenny Craig.  Think of the 16-8 plan.  You fast for 16 hours and eat healthy and nutritious meals during the eight.  That’s it.   However, you need to choose the eight hour window that bests fits your lifestyle.  Admittedly, when you are raising a family, this is not always easy and you may find that there are times you need to adjust further and do a 10 hour window of eating and 14 hours of fasting. 

Nothing is set in stone with this.  Experiment and see how you do.  Obviously, if you are a diabetic or have a special medical condition and are reading this, please seek guidance from your medical doctor before launching into IF. 

The other element to changing your health for the better is to move more.  This is a tough one.  Again, most of us don’t like to become uncomfortable and exercise is ALL about getting uncomfortable, right!?   We also have emotional baggage when it comes to exercise and we are often our own worst critics.  We have defeated ourselves before we’ve ever walked out the door with our work out clothes on due to our negative self talk. 

I can tell you that trying to exercise by yourself is the super hard route.  Man, it’s tough to go it alone.  It’s not impossible, but you will have much better success if you plug into a community of like-minded people,who are all striving towards the same health goals.  Encouragement is so powerful and I’d like to believe that the community of people who come to my classes are very positive and bright spirited people.  If you are reading this and you are feeling stuck, but know you are ready for change, then please do yourself a favor and come check out one of my classes.  If you start attending classes on a regular bases and make changes to your nutrition and eating patterns, then you will see results!  It will happen!  But, you can’t think your way to change.  You have to act upon it and actually do it.  This is where the power of a decision comes into play. 

So, are you ready to get started because you are longing to see results?  O.k. awesome!  Reach out to me and let’s start hanging out together.  Let’s have conversations about IF or work out plans, or timing of both.  I’d love to share my knowledge and help you get on a path that will lead you to optimum health, fitness, and a renewed sense of energy and abilities.

Hope to see you soon!