MMB – Thankfulness & Turkey Laughs!

Good morning everyone,

I hope you are all doing well out there and have been moving and eating clean!  Excellent effort by everyone who was able to make it to classes this past week.  As I’ve been saying for the last couple of weeks, the holidays are amongst us and every work out counts!  Let’s walk into this holiday season with a renewed commitment and effort in eating nutrient dense foods along with intense work outs that make you sweat, burn up hundreds of calories, and shed fat!  If you put the work in, then you can some holiday treats without guilt or regret.

For this week, I’ll have Cardio Fusion as usual on Tuesday night, so we’ll have the chance to get a good mid-week exertion together.  On Thursday, don’t even think about sleeping in!  Let’s recruit family and friends to come out to Valley Bible at either 7am or 8:05am for a fun filled fitness morning before the big meal!  You won’t be sorry and you’ll feel great the rest of the day!  Please spread the word and let’s have a huge gathering for Thanksgiving Boot Camp 2016!!

Thought for the week:  Thankfulness and Turkey Laughs!

I don’t know about you, but the last couple of weeks have been particularly intense around my household for a variety of reasons.  This is why we have fitness.  As Thanksgiving week is traditionally a week where we all pause and reflect about our bountiful blessings,  I am thankful for all of you who show up to classes faithfully and bring good spirit, energy, and 110% effort to your work outs.

There are times when I show up to class and am feeling a little battle weary from the stresses of the day, and the minute I see all of you coming in with smiles on your faces, it lifts my spirits and encourages me to give you all my best that I have to give.  So, dear friends, thank you so much for believing in me and allowing me to be a small part of your fitness life and health.  You have an abundant myriad of fitness choices out there and I am humbled beyond belief that you choose my fitness programs to participate in.

I can’t imagine not having this element of fitness in my life and all of you are the reason why!  It is my goal that every time someone steps into class, they’ll leave feeling better about themselves and more encouraged than when they came in.  Thanks to all of my regulars for a continuous outpouring of positive energy, support, and love that you bring to every class and give to one another.

Make sure to scroll down for turkey laughs after reading the reminders.  See you in class this week!


Reminders for Upcoming for 2017

  1. Thanksgiving Day Boot Camp is on Thursday, November 24th at 7am!  You won’t want to miss this special Thanksgiving Day Boot Camp!  Come get your calorie burn going so you can enjoy your turkey dinner later!  This is a great opportunity to bring family and friends!

  2. Next Running Boot Camp is Sunday, December 11th at 11am!

  3. A new website My beloved iWeb through Apple is finally going away which means it’s time for a new website!  I am currently working on a new site that should be finished before the end of the year.  If any of you have suggestions for my site, I’m all ears!  Also, I am in need for some additional photos, so I’ll be asking some of you to “pose” and smile!  Please let me know if you prefer not to participate in any photos and that’s totally fine.  More updates to come!

  4. Challenges.  As a service to my clients, I will continue offering three Challenges a year without extra costs where you’ll have the opportunity to be weighed and measured and participate in a variety of fitness tests that are recorded over a six week time period.  I feel that Challenges are an important component to any successful fitness program as a way to be motivated and press on towards new goals and fitness achievements.  Every Challenge that I’ve ever offered has always produced positive results as people across the board have lost weight, inches, and gained momentum and confidence.  The next Challenge will begin in the middle of January!

  5. Rate increase.  Group exercise classes and personal training will reflect an increase as of January 1, 2016.   When I researched my last rate increase, I realized that it was four years ago!  I have always strived to make my classes affordable and competitive.  I’ve spent the last several weeks researching what other trainers and gyms are charging for training and classes and am confident that you’ll find my new rates competitive.  Please feel free to speak with me privately if the new rates are beyond your household budget.  With eight years of experience as group exercise instructor and trainer, I vow to continue to bring my very best to every class in the hopes of motivating and inspiring you to live your best life possible!

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