MMB – Summer is in the Air!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had an amazing Memorial Day Weekend and had a great time with your family and friends!  Great job to everyone who came out to classes this past week.  I know this is a crazy, busy time of year with year end school and sports events.  So, I know when you come out and make it to class, that you are striving towards your health and pushing through the challenges of a busy schedule.  Some of you even came out for Running Boot Camp yesterday, so bravo for Memorial Day fitness!

Announcements and Reminders:

1) Cardio Core is Tonight at Jen’s Studio – If you’d like to join in for class tonight, please text or e-mail me for a spot.  See you at either 5:45pm, 6:55pm or 7:35pm!

2)  Summer Kid Fit & Moms’ Fit Clubs are starting next Monday, June 4th!  Kid Fit will be 9:30am to 10:00am and Moms’ Fit Club will be 10:00 to 10:30am this year.  Kid Fit is idea for grades 1st through 6th.  Middleschoolers or highschoolers are welcomed to join in the adult class, along with any dads too!  Classes are 30 minutes long and use the same pre-paid card system as all other Jen Allan Fitness classes.  Classes are held at Creekside Park at 5601 W. Las Positas Blvd.  Please let me know if you are interested in signing up!  Classes are drop in so you can come to as few or as many as you’d like! 

Moms’ Fit Club 2018

Summer Kid Fit 2018

3)  Next Running Boot Camp is Sunday, June 10th at 7am.  Run a 5k distance combined with strength and core drills!  Beginners are welcomed!

4)  June Veggie Challenge!  It’s time for another veggie challenge and recipe contest!  For the month of June, log all of your veggie intake.  1 cup of greens = 1 serving.  For liquid, 8oz = 1 serving.  You can eat salad, steam veggies, roast or bbq veggies, drink green juice or eat them raw!  Make sure to log all of your servings!  On Saturday, June 30th, we’ll have another recipe contest and exchange.  Winner receives a free class card!  Start working on those veggie recipes now! 

5)  Jen’s 9th Business Celebration BBQ!  I can’t believe it’s been 9 years since Jen Allan Fitness launched!  Please mark Saturday, July 21st on your calendar for my 9th business celebration!  Time – 5:30pm to 8:30pmish.  Jen’s house!  See me for details!

Thought for the week:  Summer is in the Air!

I don’t know about you, but my spirits soared with the beautiful, sunny weather we enjoyed over the weekend.  There’s something about a warm day that makes the air smell a little sweeter and the colors are more vibrant amongst the trees and gardens.  I notice that my dietary changes shift a bit too, where I’m craving cooler things like more salads, fruits, raw veggies and smoothies.  This is a good thing.  I encourage all of you to embrace the colors of the season and incorporate more fruits and veggies into your salads and smoothies.  As the weather warms up, we tend to perspire more, so make sure to increase your hydration.  Mix it up too.  When is the last time you added lemon to your water or tried coconut water? 

As I mentioned in my above announcements, I’ve been a trainer now for nine years.  My anniversary is June 8th, which is the day I passed my test for my NASM certification.  In my nine years of training, I’ve noticed a trend that I want to caution you about as we draw closer to summer.  Guess what happens to our fitness levels?…….They drop.  Yup, it’s true.  There’s something about the lighter load of summer that puts us in this mode of,”Hey, I’ve worked hard all year and I deserve a break from my work outs.” 

I totally get that people take vacations and yes, you should go on vacation and totally enjoy yourselves.  However, don’t allow the entire summer to be your vacation 🙂  You guys have worked so hard and have make such great strides in improving your strength, endurance, and body composition.  Try your best to keep your routine so that you don’t lose what you’ve worked so hard to attain.  Try shaking up your fitness by taking on more hikes, swimming, biking, or maybe signing up for a race this summer?! 

As always, I’m here to help and motivate you guys in any way I can to encourage you to keep moving, eat clean, and to live the very best life you can because you deserve it!

See you in class soon!