MMB – Staying Fit and Safe

Good morning everyone,

As I sit down to write this blog to you this morning, I am feeling a bit shell shocked by the radically changing news and updates regarding the Covid-19 virus.  I imagine you are all experiencing similar emotions.  In the last few weeks, due to the increasing risk of Covid-19, our world has seen a monumental paradigm shift in how we communicate, handle hygiene, attempt to work, go to school, and practice social distancing. 

The rules that governed our lives last week are now different walking into this week, because of the radical rate of new information and change regarding the threat of this oppressive virus. 

As a self-employed professional in the fitness industry, please know that I am evaluating and analyzing the best ways to continue serving all of you in regard to personal training and group exercise with the safest methods possible.  

For personal training, risk is very low training in my studio because it’s one-on-one and I am practicing safe hygiene habits with disinfecting anything that is touched.  However, I absolutely respect that some of you would like to practice social distancing and would prefer to train online or remotely.  I am happy to accommodate this option and can discuss with you which method we use such as FaceTime, Skype, or Duo.  I will be checking in with each of you this week before your scheduled session to find out which method you would prefer, either in-person or remotely.

For small group training classes, I will be discontinuing Cardio Core at my studio on Tuesday nights because of the close proximity of our bodies and possible touch points.  However, I will reach out to Valley Bible Church this morning and find out if I can hold Cardio Core in the multi-purpose room this Tuesday.  I will reach out to you as soon as I hear back from the office.

Cardio Fusion is still planned for this Thursday at VBC.  Because of the size of the multi-purpose room and the fact that we are usually a group of about 6-8 people, we can all spread out and have a safer distance around us as we exercise together.  Of course, good hygiene with hand washing and disinfectant will be practiced.

Park Fitness is still on for Thursday morning at 8:30am and is an awesome way to exercise outside together.

As for the schedule of classes, there may be changes going forward, but I will do my very best in giving you updates and information regarding the day/time/and location of classes. 

Let’s keep encouraging one another and keeping our spirits bright and positive as we walk through these unchartered waters together.  Let’s allow patience, forgiveness, and flexibility as we all try to figure out the next steps


See you all soon!

Stay healthy out there!


Here is a guide on social distancing: