MMB – Stayin’ Strong!

Good morning everyone!

I hope you all had a memorable Mother’s Day and were able to bless your moms’ in a variety of new and creative ways!  If you are a mother reading this, I hope you made special memories with your family as these are the most unique of times!  As our on-line church service began on Sunday, the media team rolled out a video of a man interviewing a bunch of candidates for a ridiculous job that required a medical degree, culinary experience, working longer hours on holidays, not getting breaks, working 24/7 and oh….zero pay!  Guess who does such a job?  Moms!  The candidates starting cracking up laughing and some were crying because yes, it’s true, moms are amazing and they work tirelessly to serve and love their families every day.  You want to shock your mom?  Continue to treat her like it’s Mother’s Day all year round! 

Announcements and Reminders:

Challenge #1:  Nutrition

For this Challenge, log all of your fruits and veggies that you take in on a daily basis.  To simply, please use 1 cup of fruits or veggies as 1 serving.  1 apple would = 1 serving.  One cup of steamed broccoli would = 1 serving.  8oz of green juice = 1 serving.  You can keep track in a fitness tracker but you’ll need to share the log with me so that I can see it at the end of the month.  The person who has logged the most fruits and veggies at the end of the month will win a $50 class card!  Feel free to take pictures and send to me so I can post on the blog!

Challenge #2:  Cardio Tracking

For this Challenge, log all of your cardio fitness minutes that you do every day.  Mix it up!  If you ride a bike for 45 minutes, log it!  If you go out for a 5 mile run, log it!  If you power walk for 30 minutes, log it!  Do my classes count, yes!  If you hike the ridge and your heart rate is up, log it!  Please keep track on a log or fitness tracker so I can review it at the end of the month.  The person who has logged the most cardio minutes in 1 month will win a $50 class card!  Feel free to take pictures and send to me so I can post on the blog!

  1.  On-Line Classes are Available 5 Days a Week Through Zoom! 
    1. Barre Blend – Monday 8am  (Barre, Yoga, gliding, core, lower impact)
    2. Cardio Core – Tuesday 6pm  (Stength training, balance, cardio circuits, core)
    3. Barre Blend – Wednesday 8am (Barre, Yoga, gliding, core, lower impact)
    4. Cardio Fusion – Thursday 6pm (HIIT, cardio kick boxing, Med ball, Tabata, strength training)
    5. Boot Camp – Saturday 8am (Athletic style circuits, agility ladder, HIIT, strength training, core)

If you’d like to join a class, text Jen, “Zoom & date of class” and a link will be sent out!  There are 4 formats available, so checkout all 4!  Remember, when you refer a friend, you get a free class and they get a free trial!

2. Personal Training Available Outside or Through Zoom!  Contact Jen to learn more about personal training packages and how to get started to focus in on your goals!

3. Curbside Small Group Fitness is Available – SOCIAL DISTANCING  If you have some neighbors or friends who would like to have a Jen Allan Fitness class, Jen will bring class to you outside!  Ideally, a court or non-busy neighborhood street would work best.  A safe distance will strictly adhered to.  A minimum of 4 people is required to book this class and a max of 10 people.  Cost is $20 or (2) pre-paid card classes.  Please contact Jen if you’d like to book a class! 

4. Nutrition Check-in and Goal Setting through Zoom.  If you are off track in your nutrition and you need some help getting back on track, Jen will guide and coach you one-on-one through Zoom.  Cost is $40 – 30 minutes, $55 – 45 minutes, $70  – 60 minutes. 

5.  Tubing for On-Line Class.  Try to find some kind of tubing out there.  It doesn’t need to be a figure 8 band.  Let me know if you are having trouble finding some.


Thought for the week:  Stayin’ Strong

Over the weekend I spent some time pondering about all of the ways that we are rising in strength during this shelter-in-place, or sip.  Many of you have had to shop and cook double time in order to keep up with the meal demands of more people in the house and every day!  One mom I know was sharing with me that her husband, who usually travels extensively, is now home 24/7 and she is overwhelmed by how much additional work the kitchen has become!  She has two pre-school age children and the increase work load of just trying to keep up with everyone’s snack and meal schedule is a daunting task and she’s exhausted!  Can you relate?  However, won’t we come out of this healthier and wiser on how to better manage our shopping lists, meal prep, shopping on a stricter budget, and hopefully eating more nutritious homemade foods?  I bet we will!  One client of mine shared that he lost 6 lbs so far in sip simply because he isn’t grabbing that extra coffee and goodie at StarBucks on the way to work or dining out with colleagues a few times a week.  Has this happened to you? 

I think we’ve had to become mentally stronger too in the ways that we keep our minds positive and focused on hope.  Like physically exercising, you know how important this is for our bodies in order to stay strong and healthy.  The same can be said about our minds.  Have you noticed how much more bummed out people are who watch the news throughout the day?  They become bogged down with dark thoughts and hopelessness because the media can often times spin information to the absolute worst of possibilities.  How different are our thoughts if we focus on what we can control and make the most of every day in seeing the blessings and fruit within each day!  Continuing to find ways to serve and love on your families is mentally healthy!  Offering to help someone in need will lift your spirits up and theirs as well! 

My family is part of Troop 941 and it’s been amazing watching so many Boy Scouts purchase 3-D printers and makes hundreds of masks for health care workers during these last several weeks.   Imagine the message of hope that this gives to those in the medical industry who are at higher risk every day.  As for the scouts, what an incredible life lesson they are living out right now on how to make a difference in the world during difficult and trying times!  I know that quite a few of you reading this blog have also been active in making masks, especially Debbie Roe, and we are so thankful for your selfless efforts of love and community support! 

Every day we have fork in the road choices to make.  Everything under the sun is decided at the fork in the road and we have three choices:  choose a path that is healthy for us, choose a path that is destructive for us, or stand at the fork pondering for a while in non-decision.  Sometimes not choosing, is actually choosing too!  What kind of choices have you been making lately?  How are you keeping your mind healthy and hope filled?  How are you spending your time and extra time too through the day?  Has your self-care increased or decreased during sip? 

If you are feeling “off-track” this morning, thankfully it’s Monday and all things are set new on Mondays!  Decide to do kind things for others even if it’s inconvenient.  You will feel so much better knowing that you helped someone!  Maybe it’s a family in financial need in your neighborhood and you go to the grocery store and buy a couple of bags of groceries and put it on their front porch.  How about sending a note of encouragement to someone who is lonely or isolated?  These are all positive and mentally stimulating action items that you can do to keep your spirits up and those around you too!

As we are hopefully drawing to the end of the sip in the next few weeks, let’s be reminded of how sweet the simple things in life are and not take them for granted.  Let’s stay strong in our bodies with exercising regularly and eating the best nutrient dense foods that we can afford.  Continue to stay faith and hope filled that the Lord will guide and protect your family. He knows what your unique needs are right now and will continue to provide for you in ways that are unforseen and mysterious.  Keep pressing on my friends and walk into this week ready to fight hard and rise up in strength for all that you are responsible for!  You can do it and I believe in you!

See you in class soon!