MMB – Spring Happenings

Hi Everyone,

I hope you had an awesome weekend and enjoyed the beautiful weather!  As many of you know, I was away in Yosemite this past weekend with the Boy Scouts and had an amazing time!  If you have the chance to get away in the next few weekends, I greatly encourage you to get to Yosemite and experience the power of water!  Oh my goodness, it is a powerful and driving force! 

The rivers have huge rapids and are flowing about 15 mph!  Little Yosemite Falls had it’s own weather system with strong winds, soaking spray flying everywhere, and a thunderous sound booming from the falls! 

Hiking was great too, especially when I had the opportunity to do an evening hike with our scoutmaster, Jim McMillin, and we headed off with a quick pace to the base of Half Dome!  It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  Attending this trip with my boys was so incredibly important to me and I’m so glad I went!   I have attached a few photos here for you to check out.  The blow continues after photos.  There are more photos coming!

Mirror Lake

Base of Half Dome

Little Yosemite Falls with my son Ryan

Base of Half Dome

Kurt Ottoway and Elaine Moal – Awesome ASM’s and parents!

Blog continued –

So, if you recall, I gave you guys a body weight boot camp challenge to do over the weekend?  Well, guess what, some of you really did it!  Yeah!!  Here are a few photos of some of you in the Jen Allan fitness community!  I bet there’s a few more of you out there too!  Contact me with photos if you did the work out or give me a little write up of how you did!  So proud of you guys for rising up and taking ownership of your health!  Also, a very special shout out to Heather Thompson for completing a 10k on Angel Island this weekend!  Way to go Heather! 


Joanne Vieira – Before picture

After picture!

Erin and James Campbell! Rockin’ it!

Melissa Judge and friends out at the park!  You guys rocked it!

Heather Thompson doing her 10K at Angel Island!  This is so amazing! 

Announcements and Reminders:

  1.  Cardio Core is tonight at Jen’s Studio!  There is one spots open from 6:15pm to 6:45pm and lots of room in 6:55pm to 7:25pm, so text me if you want to join in!  Reminder – NO Cardio Core Tuesday 🙂
  2. Cardio Fusion is Thursday at VBC 5:45pm to 6:45pm.  If there are at least three people who would like a later 30 minute class, I can offer a 6:55pm to 7:25pm!
  3. Spring Fitness Challenge #4 continues this Saturday!  We are back at it this Saturday for our Partner/Pacer Challenge, so you won’t want to miss out on this awesome opportunity to get a killer work out in to kick off your weekend!  Classes are 7am to 8:00am and 8:05am to 8:35am.  This is a great opportunity to invite a friend and you receive a free class and they get a newbie free class! 
  4. The Food Revolution Summit – Have you guys heard of this?  If not, check it out!  It’s amazing free on-line nutrition training!

Thought for the week:  If I have 30 seconds to tell you how to live healthy, what would it be?  Here it is……..

  1.  Eat as much of a clean, plant based diet as possible and avoid any processed foods that have paragraph long ingredient lists that you can’t pronounce.
  2. Drink more water!  Add lemon and be kind to your liver and colon!
  3. Stretch and move everyday.  Soften, length, strengthen!
  4. Live by the 80/20 rule – 80% clean eating and 20% off the leash (within moderation!)  Deprivation = Failure
  5. For breakfast, eat like a king.  For lunch, eat like a prince.  For dinner, eat like a pauper.