MMB – Shelter and Schedule Go Hand in Hand!

Good morning everyone!

I hope you are all doing well and enjoyed a beautiful weekend!  I wanted to begin this blog by giving a huge thank-you to everyone who is making it out to my on-line classes or personal training weekly and are continuing to support my business!  This means the world to my family and me, especially since we are a one income family at the moment.  I have great faith that we will all make it through this difficult time.  It doesn’t mean that there won’t be some peaks and valleys along the way, but these are the times where are character is tested and challenged. 

A friend of mine once reminded me that diamonds are only made under pressure.  No pressure?  No diamond.  I believe that the pressure we are all facing right now will ultimately produce an amazing array of diamonds for the world to see.  No, not the actual diamond, but the diamond that will represent endurance, steadfastness, deep rooted faith in God, strong family ties, and a renewed sense of gratitude and appreciation.  So, if you are feeling pressure mounting, have faith my friends and keep focusing on your daily bread that God is providing for you.  Sometimes gifts come from the most unsuspected places and people.  Be on the look out for miracles because with God, all things are possible! 

Announcements and Reminders:

  1. On-Line Morning Classes Are Here!  Monday and Wednesday’s 8am – Cardio Blend!  A new format combining strength, cardio, and core!  45 min format. 
  2. On-Line Evening Classes – Tuesday 6pm Cardio Core & Thursday 6pm Cardio Fusion! 45 min formats
  3. On-Line Saturday Morning Boot Camp – Time Change NEW CLASS TIME 8AM! 45 min format. 
  4. Adding Tubing for on-line classes.  If possible, please purchase some tubing to start using in on-line classes.  Here is a link to see the Spri figure 8 tubing I am referencing:
  5. Personal Training available through Zoom or outside in front of my studio.  Please contact me to discuss personal training packages if you are interested in increasing accountability, setting fitness and nutrition goals, or taking your fitness to the next level! 30 min, 45 min, & 60 min training available.
  6. YouTube Channel – Check out Jen Allan Fitness YouTube Channel and subscribe!  There are videos available to give you tips about working out at home.

Thought for the week:  Shelter and Schedule Go Hand in Hand!

A Shelter-In-Place order is tough enough, but one without routine is bound to go awry!   We are all creatures of habit.  Every morning we arise about the same time, we have our routines throughout the day for work or school, and the same applies for when we eat, exercise, and go to bed. 

What has changed in the last six weeks?  Wow!  The whole world has turned upside down right?!  So, the challenge is…how do we maintain a schedule when our usual schedule is non-existent?  For some of you, you are still able to work from home and this is a huge help in terms of keeping a schedule.  For students, life has been altered to an on-line world with schedules, commitments, and tests due! 

But what about sleep, eating, and exercise schedules?  How many of you are staying up later with your families at night?  Or, are you finding that you are sleeping in longer than you usually do?  You may have noticed that I changed the Boot Camp schedule to 8am instead of 7:30am.  There’s a reason for this LOL!   Hopefully a few more of you will be able to make an 8am start time.  (Smile)

So, yes, there are definite changes happening to sleep, eating, and exercise schedules!  Here’s the deal: You have to find a schedule that works for you or it won’t work.  If you are usually a very disciplined person and are used to getting up at 5:30am to hit the road before traffic, it’s hard to muster up the same wake schedule if you aren’t commuting anywhere! 

If you find that you are sleeping in more but you are still having a hard time finding time to exercise, you might need to re-think your schedule though and that’s o.k! 

Perhaps a lunchtime exercise program would work better for you?  Of course, I am offering classes five times a week with both mornings, evenings, and weekends, so there are plenty of places to plug in there! LOL!  But, maybe you want to get cardio endurance in with a long bike ride or run?  These are things you can do to make your fitness more well rounded in combination with what you are already doing in my classes. 

For meals, we all need to be extra careful!  We are at home and close to the kitchen all day.  Can you say, “Temptation!”  I bet your PG&E bill will rise because the refrigerator doors are opening and closing more every day!  Snacking frequently has become a new hobby for some of you!  Uh-oh, that could spell trouble!  Like, the kind of trouble that ends up on your thighs and hips right?!  LOL!

If you are still intermittently fasting, bravo!  That’s awesome!  It probably helps that you had already established your eating windows and routines before the pandemic.  So friends, don’t allow the kitchen to become a constant grazing space.  Those are habits that will be difficult to break later.  Try to stick with your usual meals around the same time that you are used to eating.  Only eat when you are hungry!  Remember, our digestion system needs breaks from digesting!  You will feel really miserable if you gain a significant amount of weight during our shelter in place.  I totally understand that food can be medicine and is therapeutic, but we have be mindful and not become like Bruce in Finding Nemo..a mindless eating machine! 

That’s all for now gang!  Be safe out there and keep the faith alive!  We will rise up and overcome this difficult period in history! 

See you in class soon!