MMB – Ring in Freedom From Disease!

Hi Everyone,

Can you believe it’s July?  Where is the time going friends?!  I know many of you are away on vacation this week or are doing cool stuff like camping and hiking.  Make the most of the time you have and make it count!  Breathe in summer and open up your arms in gratitude that you can move your bodies and do the things that you want to do physically!  Do not take mobility for granted.  I’m so happy to be on this health, fitness, and wellness journey with all of you and can’t imagine doing anything else! 

Announcements and Reminders:

Cardio Core on Tuesday Night(2 classes only)  5:45pm to 6:30pm and 6:40pm to 7:25pm only this week.  Please let me know if you’d like to sign up!

Wednesday Field Trip to the Park Day!  Come out and join us at 9:15am for a 45 minute class to do fitness in the park!  Meet me at my home studio and let’s go have some fun utilizing playground equipment, curbs, sidewalks, benches, and our bodies!  Drop in cost is $15 or use a pre-paid card.  Please let me know if you’d like to come.  All levels welcomed.

NO Cardio Fusion due to 4th of July

Boot Camp is Saturday at either 7am or 8am!

Jen’s BBQ & 10 Year Celebration is Saturday, July 20th! Come and hang out, enjoy good food, drinks, corn hole, and an awesome fitness community!  4pm to 9pm.  Bring a side dish to share and let’s hang out and celebrate!

There will be NO Cardio Fusion on Thursday, July 11th or Boot Camp on Saturday, July 13th.  Please mark your calendars.


Thought for the week:  Ring in Freedom from Disease!



As we walk into the beginning of July and the holiday, I think it’s an awesome time to pause and reflect about the meaning of freedom.  The very essence of being an American is to represent the essence of freedom because we are free; to live the life we choose to live, to believe how we choose to believe, and to enjoy the fruits of democracy when we show up to cast our votes on election day. 

However, I want you to think about a different kind of freedom; the one where you are free from disease and the litany of medications and their side effects.

Every day we come to those fork in the road moments where we are either going to eat or drink something to aid our health or deter us from it.  It is awesome that we have the freedom to choose how we are going to live and eat, but in choosing the wrong foods and drinks on a regular basis, we are actually choosing bondage for ourselves. 

Stop and think about it.  If we are addicted to junk and fast foods, over time we will be sick and toxic on the inside and will not feel our best, move our best, or live our best life possible.  Eventually, we will need to go on medications due to high cholesterol and high blood pressure.  If you have ever spoken to someone or know someone who has a huge list of medications they have to take on a daily basis, they will tell you that they don’t feel free.  They feel trapped and feel that they don’t have any options, except to continue taking medications that make them feel half alive.

The good news is that there is an answer!  By slowly weaving in a more plant based diet and commitment to exercise, a person can turn their health around and over time and can get off all medication!  Of course, you need to consult your doctor before going off medication! 🙂 

When we exercise, we release the good HDL cholesterol into our blood stream and in essence, it gobbles up the bad LDL cholesterol in your body.  This is one of the reasons exercise is so important.  Did you know that vigorous walking on a regular basis is a great way to begin in regard to creating good habits and the commitment to move?  If you are way off track in the mobility department, stop beating yourself up and begin by heading out the door and walking for 30 minutes every morning.

There is an older couple who lives down the street from me and I have watched them transform their bodies over the last couple of years.  The woman is probably 65 and weighed about 300 pounds a couple of years ago.  At first, I would watch her using her cane and moving very slowly down the street.  As time went on, I noticed she was moving better and had ditched the cane.  Now, she walks at a pretty good pace and has lost a huge amount of weight.  Her husband is a tall and thin man, but he has done the same thing and is moving much better than before.  They recently adopted a dog and now they have a great reason to get out and move!

They made the choice to start moving.  Slowly, but surely over time, it made a huge impact in their lives and now they have a much better quality of life because of their decision to break old habits.

My point is that there are several options to find ways to move.  If you choose lower intensity, this just means that it will take you longer to gain the same benefit as a run or a bike ride.  That’s o.k. What different does it make as long as you are carving out time to move as often as possible.  Make sense? 

Let’s choose freedom from disease by the choices we make at the fork in the road every day.  How we eat and drink are cumulative. Be mindful of the patterns you have set in place now.  Are they willing you towards disease or health?  Let’s embrace our fruits and veggies like they are the miracle drugs we are all craving to feel and look our best – because they are!

See you in class soon!