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Good afternoon everyone,

I hope you are all doing well and had a fabulous weekend celebrating all of those special moms out there!  Excellent work by everyone who was able to make it out to class this past week.  I know it was an altered schedule with classes on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, so thanks for all of your flexibility! 

A special shout out to Joanne and Ken Vieira, who attended all three classes in a row!  If you don’t know Ken and Joanne, this couple if truly amazing and they do whatever it takes to stay active and healthy!

Announcements and Reminders:

  1.  Class Schedule change for week of 5/15 & 5/22: 
    1. Cardio Fusion will be on Mondays at Valley Bible Church (unless otherwise notified) & Cardio Core will be on Wednesdays at Jen’s House.   Class times are the same – 6:15pm to 7:15pm & 7:20pm to 7:50pm
    2. Classes will resume back to Tuesday/Thursday schedule on last week of May.  See Jen for address.
  2. Last Spring Fitness Challenge is Saturday, May 20th!  Work hard this week by moving and eating clean!  Our weigh in is on Saturday so let’s find out who the biggest reducers are out there!  Also, let’s find out who has improved strength and endurance the most over the past several weeks with our final round of fitness tests!
  3. Running Camp is this Sunday, May 21st at 7am.  Meet at Jen’s house for an hour long running boot camp mixed with strength and core drills!  Beginners are welcomed!
  4. Reminder that Kid Fit and Moms’ Fit Club has begun!  Every Monday morning at Creekside Park: 9:30am to 10:00am is Kid Fit and Moms’ Fit Club is 10am to 10:30am.  Pre-paid class card system applies. 

Thought for the week:  One Day to Wellness


Posted by Mindy & Bruce Mylrea on Wednesday, February 15, 2017

This past Saturday, I attended Bruce and Mindy Mylrea’s One Day to Wellness workshop at their beautiful home in Santa Cruz overlooking the ocean.  Mindy Mylrea, who is a fitness icon in the industry, has been teaching nationally and world wide for the last 35 years.  She is an educator, motivator, and industry expert on all things exercise science and movement patterns.  She has seen and experienced every exercise and nutrition fad out there and is a huge source of knowledge and wisdom.  Needless to say, she has been a huge influence on my life as I have focused on fitness and nutrition during the past decade of my life.

One Day to Wellness is a new workshop that Bruce and Mindy have put together and they just launched it the past few months.  It’s all about looking at the nuances of our lives with a new pair of glasses to really examine what wellness looks like and means. 

I had the opportunity to go with my good friend Marcey Donnelly, so it made the trip extra special.  If you’ve ever attended an all day event that is packed full of inspiring and motivational life changing information, then you know it takes a few days to process all of the data because it can be overwhelming!

While I am energized and have a renewed sense of excitement for nutrition and wellness, I feel a little bit overwhelmed because I want to download everything out of my brain and onto you guys so you can experience and understand more about wellness and what it takes to truly live disease free in the body and in the mind.

In the fitness industry, it’s often been preached that if you do your one hour work out, drink your protein shake, then you are golden for the day and have a license to live however you want the rest of the 23 hours.  This is simply not true!  The Mylrea’s have put a great amount of time and effort into researching and studying trends that are successful and not successful and the why behind them.

You simply cannot think that if you work out hard in the morning and then sit all day in commute traffic, at your desk, and at home at night watching t.v. that this will lead you to your ultimate fitness and health goals. 

Over the course of the next several blogs, I’d like to share with you tidbits of truth that I realized over the weekend and pass them on to you.  I would also encourage you to check out Bruce and Mindy’s website because it is loaded with a ton of amazing material on fitness, nutrition, and motivation. 

They are an amazingly giving couple, and there is no charge to go onto their site and have access to their videos, recipes, and “how-tos”  Bruce is currently battling prostate cancer and is very candid and open about what it’s been lack dealing with cancer, however, because of the nutrition changes he’s made the past five years, he feels better than ever with more energy, vitality, and spirit!  

Check out Bruce and Mindy’s site:

In understanding wellness, it is not just one area of your life.  You can’t say that just because you work out an hour a day that you are a person who is fully well. 

Bruce and Mindy have this to say about wellness:  “Your definition of wellness depends on the state of your life.  If your mind and body are working with you instead of against you, you may see wellness as decisions and choices to stay right where you are.  If you are addressing aches and pains, then your definition may be different.  Wellness is an ever evolving ebb and flow continuum.  We all strive for perfect health and happiness, but this gauge fluctuates every day.  With this ever changing shift, all we can do is try to steer in the right direction.  If the tides turn, we steady our ship and align it back to our course as soon as possible.  Also, wellness is riding the rough waves while knowing that this obstacle is temporary.  The more we can calmly navigate our way, the better our outcome will be.” 

One of the things we spoke about extensively throughout the workshop is something called a Wellness Wheel.  This is a tool that Bruce and Mindy use to help people become aware of the different areas in their lives that requiring balance. 

The seven areas are:

  • Financial Security
  • Movement
  • Nutritional
  • Social
  • Environmental
  • Purpose
  • Rest and Recovery

Every area, or “spoke” on the wheel can impact another spoke if it’s out of balance.  The interconnection of all the seven parts are undeniable. 

Bruce and Mindy have created these continuum graphs for each of these categories, with 1 being the  most out of balance and 10 being very balanced.  For example, if you are not making enough income to pay your bills, then your stress will be through the roof in the category of Financial Security which means you  probably aren’t resting eating very well.  You might be depressed and lost your purpose, therefore you aren’t motivated to exercise.  Do you see how one area can negatively impact all of the other spokes on the wheel?

As you glance through this list, take a minute and rate where you are in regard to each of these things.  Awareness is a huge first step in recognizing the need to change.  There are tools that I’d like to share with you for these areas, but for today, my goal was to mention the Wellness Wheel topics so that you are aware of them.

Of course, there was a HUGE discussion on nutrition, but and I will be discussing more about their approach and philosophy as the weeks progress.  I find that bite size chunks are smarter to absorb for the brain!

I want to plant a seed right now that Bruce and Mindy will be hosting another One Day to Wellness workshop on October 28th from 9am to 6pm at their home in Santa Cruz.  I would love to see a huge group from Jen Allan Fitness make it out!  Wouldn’t that be fun!   I know a day spent with this amazing couple would touch your lives in a powerful way.  The prices are below:

  • 199 Early Bird Single
  • $229 Regular Single
  • $299 Early Bird Couple
  • $329 Regular Couple

Looking forward to seeing you guys in class soon!



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