MMB – Negative Thinking Is Your Enemy

Good morning everyone,

O.k. raise your hand if you feel totally inspired, refreshed, and energized by all of the sunshine this weekend? Me too!  I hope you had the opportunity to get outside over the weekend and soak up some Vitamin D!  I know many of you went up to the mountains over the weekend, so I hope you made it safely and avoided the mudslide on Highway 50!  Yikes, crazy stuff going on up there!  For those of you who made it, I pray that you had a marvelous time skiing or snowboarding with your friends and family.  How are your legs feeling this morning?  For those of you who attend my classes on a regular basis, you should be feeling good this morning and not very sore because your legs are conditioned thanks to all of the work we do on the Bosu with squats and lunges.  Hooray for squats and lunges!

This past Saturday was the 5th Winter Fitness Challenge, which means we only have one more remaining this coming Saturday!  We’ll do a Battle of the Military Branches Boot Camp, so you won’t want to miss out on this one.  We may even have some more sniper action, so inquiring fitness minds will have to stay tuned to see! LOL! 

If you weighed in on week #1, then this coming Saturday is your chance to weigh in again and we’ll find out who the biggest reducers are!  I know many you have been very focused on clean eating, intense work outs, and changing your lifestyle the past several weeks, so I’m proud of all of you who have been working hard to change habits.  It’s not easy right?  Has the hard work been paying off?  Are you feeling more energetic and confident?  If you are saying, “Yes”, then rock on!  I’m so happy for you!  If you are saying, “No”, then let’s have a conversation and see what needs to be tweaked in your life so that you can get back on track and feeling better soon.  Sound good?

Announcements and Reminders:

  1.  Winter Fitness Challenge Ends this Saturday!  For the 7am class, please try and plan on coming about 5 – 10 minutes early so I can weigh and measure you.  I can also weigh you after class, so the 8:05am will be starting about 5 – 10 minutes later so I’ll have the chance to weigh and measure everyone who participated.  I’m excited to find out who the biggest reducers are!  Make this week count and stay laser focused on clean eating and solid work outs! 
  1. Next Running Boot Camp is Sunday, March 5th at 11am!  Meet up at Jen’s house and have fitness fun with friends combining running drills with strength and core!  Beginner runners are absolutely welcomed and can do walk/jog combinations.  You can do it!  Class lasts about an hour.

Thought for the week:  Negative Thinking is Your Enemy

So much of this fitness and health stuff is mental.  When we slip into our fitness clothes and prepare for a work out, there’s usually a whole host of thoughts that come rushing into our heads like, “I look so fat right now, I’m embarrassed to be seen in public”, or “I’m not in the mood to work out and my fitness is off track, so why am I trying?” How about this one, “I know people are watching me and thinking, wow, she’s really out of shape.”  Who needs enemies when you have thoughts like these floating around in your head!

We are our worst critics and it’s amazing we ever actually get out the door at all with these kinds of thoughts swirling around in our heads!  I once heard that it takes ten positive thoughts to erase a negative one.  Why is this?  Why are we always drawn to beating ourselves up so quickly?  These negative thoughts are so destructive and can lead to broken relationships, a life headed towards disease, and quite honestly, not trusting the Lord who made you uniquely and beautifully in his image! 

What goes into our head, comes out of our mouth and reflects our attitude.  If you’ve got serious stinkin’ thinkin’ going on, you are not going to be very successful in your quest to live healthier because you’ll take on a defeatist attitude.  Living healthy is not only about clean eating and hard work outs, but it’s about the health of your mind.  It’s all interconnected and what you listen to, read, or who you hang out with, influences your thoughts and therefore, persuades your actions to either be successful or unsuccessful in the pursuit of your goals. 

What can we do about all of these negative thoughts and not allow them to gain traction in your life?  Here are a few thoughts I have to share with you:

  1. What are you listening to?  Do you spend a lot of time in the car listening to the news or politics?  Yes, we need to be informed, but every time I linger too long listening to what’s happening in politics or the news, I always feel a little more blue and often times depressed.  If you are listening to a lot of news or political talk shows and find yourself feeling angry, depressed, or hopeless, then maybe it’s time to turn off the radio or t.v. and tune into other things to listen to that are encouraging.
  1. Meditate or pray with thankfulness.  Instead of focusing on all that you aren’t doing or accomplishing, focus on the things you are doing well.  Spoiler alert:  none of us are perfect!  We all have chinks in our armor and parts of our personality that aren’t very desirable.  This is just human nature folks.  If you are trying to change your diet around and eat more fruits and veggies, don’t focus on the couple of times you fell of the wagon, but instead rejoice in all of the servings of fruits and veggies you have eaten.  In regard to relationships, think of the people in your life who are your true friends and love you unconditionally.  Focus on gratitude for them.  How about your children?  Do you see them the way God sees them?  What about your spouse.  I know he or she may drive you nuts sometimes, but be grateful for your spouse or significant other.  Imagine your life without them?  Fill up your mind and heart with thankfulness for who and what you do have in your life instead of what you don’t.
  1. Stop comparing yourself to others.  In the bible, it’s called coveting.  Oh boy, this is dangerous stuff and again, if we focus on coveting, it can steal our joy in an instant.  In the homeschooling world, I see this all the time.  As homes choolers, we are often guilty of comparing ourselves to other homes schooling parents, who we feel have things dialed in perfectly, which makes us feel intimidated and less effective.  The same concept is true in the fitness world when we show up to class and immediately start comparing ourselves to the person next to us.  Your journey is about you, not the person next to you!  Instead, walk into class with confidence and thankful that you are there to try your best at whatever fitness level you are on. There will always be people who are less fit, and more fit than you.  Don’t spend your energy comparing yourself to others, but instead, focus on how far you’ve come in your own journey and how your mind set has changed from one that is reactive to proactive!  If you’ve made it to class, give yourself a pat on the back that you’ve showed up!  That’s half the battle isn’t it?
  1. What are your negative triggers?  Be aware of circumstances or people who bring you down.  Try to visualize these things now.  Got them in your head? O.k. now establish boundaries to protect yourself.  If it’s a coworker you run into during lunch time and they want to corner you and gossip about how horrible your boss is, change up your schedule or tell the person that you have a podcast you have to listen to at lunch.  Just because someone wants to engage in conversation with you doesn’t mean you are forced to listen to that person, especially if they are a negative influence on your life.  Be polite, but know you have options and can say no to a person who is negative.  With family, it’s a bit tricky, but this is the area we often need boundaries and protection the most.  If you have a family member who loves to corner you and rant and rave about family issues that leave you angry and sad, then it’s time to put your foot down and realize it’s o.k. to say no to continuing the conversation.  When I am in a conversation like this with someone and need an out, I will often say that I need to make dinner for my family or run errands because I’m on a tight schedule.  These aren’t lies, but it’s a great segue into easing out of a conversation that is negative with someone.  Make sense?  Protect your mind and thoughts if you feel they are being sabotaged by someone who wants to pull you down into a pit. 
  1. Allow yourself to have an “off” day.  As I’ve often said, work outs have personalities.  Some days, we feel invincible in our work outs and feel charged up to take on the world!  Other days, we are fatigued, emotionally spent, or discouraged by some life event.  I get it.  It’s hard to make it out to class.  So, if you are in one of those moods and show up to work out, allow yourself the space to go at 50% effort instead of 110%   Don’t force it if you don’t feel it, but do something. 🙂  You will feel better that you did and you’ll be ready to hit it hard in your next work out. The point, is that you didn’t quit.  Right?

I hope some of these ideas will help you in being more mindful about your thoughts and that you’ll be more equipped this week to combat negative people  or circumstances that come your way so you aren’t derailed in pursuing your health and fitness goals. 

See you guys in class soon!



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