MMB – Mondays are Re-Set Days

Good morning everyone!  I hope you all had a great weekend and made some memories with your family and friends!  It was a holiday weekend, so maybe some of you traveled up to Tahoe or the visited the coast?  Are you fortunate enough to have today off too?  Whatever you did, I hope you felt capable with great mobility and ability! 

This past Saturday was the 5th Winter Fitness Challenge and it was a tough one!  This work out was called, “The Wheel” and it was all about the hub and the spokes on the wheel!  The hub was a burst of 50 jacks, 40 jump ropes, 30 jumps squats, 20 push-ups and 10 mountain climbers.  The spokes were eight different resistance and core stations and once completed, the boot camper made their way over to the hub for the burst!  Wowza!  Hard stuff, but you guys fought hard! 

Debbie Roe was the winner of this Challenge!  Awesome job Debbie Roe!

Pete Calvo showing how to get a long lever crunch done right!

MingMay Pang doing Dynamax C-Crunches!  Way to get em’ done girl!

Stability Ball Wall Squats & Bicep Curl!  Way to kill it Candace Guintoli and Melissa Judge!

Boot Campers in the hub of the wheel and doing the burst sequence!

Announcements and Reminders:

  1.  Cardio Core is Tuesday at Jen’s Studio!  5:45pm & 6:40pm classes are currently full.  7:35pm class has one spot open!  If you’d like to grab it, please text or e-mail me.  If you are finding it difficult to attend classes on Tuesday nights due to them being booked up, please consider doing some personal training with me so I can help you stay on track and work towards your fitness and health goals!  If you are interested,  please contact me to set up a 30 minute consultation.


  1. Park Fitness is growing!  If you have time in the mornings and would like to try a different class format, please join us for Park Fitness on Thursday mornings at 8:30am!  This is a super fun class and a great way to get outside and take care of fitness business!  Class is 45 minutes long.  All levels welcomed.  Drop in cost is $15 or use a prepaid card.


  1. Cardi0 Fusion is Thursday at VBC!  Class times are 5:45pm and 6:40pm!  It was great seeing so many new faces last Thursday night!  The new group did an excellent job and I saw quite a few smiles along with some sweat!  Let’s keep momentum going and keep inviting new friends! 


  1. 6th and Last Winter Fitness Challenge is this Saturday!  If you weighed in at the beginning of the Challenge then it’s time to do it again!  Please plan on coming a few minutes early or plan on staying a few minutes after boot camp.  If you are not able to attend this Saturday’s class, please see me during the week so I can weigh and measure you.  Let’s make the last Challenge the best one!


Thought for the week:  Mondays are Re-Set Days

Throughout my years of training and working with clients, I strongly believe that Monday is the most important day of the week.  Why?  Generally speaking, most of us live very differently on the weekends than we do the rest of the week.  Our waking and eating schedules are different, the types of foods we eat are typically more calorie laden, and our portion sizes usually increase too. 

This is why Monday is SO important because we need to press the re-set button and slide back into routine with clean eating and drinking.  After all, every day can’t be a party!  I am also of the firm belief that deprivation=failure and if we live too strictly with a lifestyle of, “Don’t eat this and don’t eat that,” then we are setting ourselves up for failure. 

Moderation is the key, but this is easier said than done.  This is why we need goals.  Goals help to keep us on track and make us remember why we are putting the hard work into our work outs and eating things like salads and smoothies.  It doesn’t mean that you won’t ever be able to enjoy a pizza or burger, but those delectables should be far and few in-between the other foods you are eating that are nutrient dense and plant based. 

How do you make Monday a successful re-set day?  Well, it doesn’t happen all by itself.  You must plan for success by shopping over the weekend to make sure you have healthy choices in the fridge for the week.  Make sure you have fresh veggies and fruits that are grab ‘n’ go along with nuts, seeds, low carb/smart carb options for wraps or snacks.  Salads are great, but they require some planning so make sure you have veggies chopped up and ready to go and ingredients such as avocados and homemade salad dressings.  Beans and lentils are awesome to have on hand to throw on top of your salads to add in plant based proteins and complex carbs, along with essential vitamins and minerals. 

Hydration is key!  Help your body detox by drinking a ton of water and adding in lemons and apple cider vinegar.  You can take apple cider vinegar shots too!  Herbal teas are awesome too!

Portion size is another must!  Look at your portion size and be honest with yourself.  Do you really need to eat an entire foot long sandwich from Subway or an entire chicken breast?  Look at the palm of your hand.  This is the size for protein and most of everything else should be veggies or fruits.  In general, we should be eating 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fats. 

Monday is also the most important work out day in my opinion.  Wherever you can squeeze it in, make sure to get your work out in!  It absolutely sets the tone for the rest of the week and will improve your confidence and focus for your goals.

Hope this blog gives you some good re-set ideas to kick off your Monday!  If you start off your week with a successful Monday, you are much more likely to make the rest of your week successful too!

You can do this!

See you in class soon!