MMB – May is Challenge Month!

Hi Everyone,

Happy Monday to you!  I hope you are all enjoying this glorious weather we are having!  Apparently, hot weather and hot surfaces kills the Covid-19 virus, so hooray for warmer temperatures!  Obviously, we still need to be careful and wear our masks in public settings, but we can get out and walk, run, bike, hike, play family sports, and walk our dogs!  Being outside and feeling sunshine on your face is so therapeutic and uplifting for the your spirit! 

I wanted to touch base about Challenges.  What didn’t we have at Jen Allan Fitness this spring?  Yup.  We didn’t have a Spring Challenge!  This is the first time in my almost 11 years of business that I didn’t have a Spring Challenge due to the virus. Well, May is approaching fast and I wanted to shake things up and offer you areas in nutrition and fitness that you can compete it for the month of May.

Challenge #1:  Nutrition

For this Challenge, log all of your fruits and veggies that you take in on a daily basis.  To simply, please use 1 cup of fruits or veggies as 1 serving.  1 apple would = 1 serving.  One cup of steamed broccoli would = 1 serving.  8oz of green juice = 1 serving.  You can keep track in a fitness tracker but you’ll need to share the log with me so that I can see it at the end of the month.  The person who has logged the most fruits and veggies at the end of the month will win a $50 class card!  Feel free to take pictures and send to me so I can post on the blog!

Challenge #2:  Cardio Tracking

For this Challenge, log all of your cardio fitness minutes that you do every day.  Mix it up!  If you ride a bike for 45 minutes, log it!  If you go out for a 5 mile run, log it!  If you power walk for 30 minutes, log it!  Do my classes count, yes!  If you hike the ridge and your heart rate is up, log it!  Please keep track on a log or fitness tracker so I can review it at the end of the month.  The person who has logged the most cardio minutes in 1 month will win a $50 class card!  Feel free to take pictures and send to me so I can post on the blog!

A few photos to share from my hike at Brushy Peak with my son Andrew!


Announcements and Reminders:

  1.  Group exercise classes are 5 days a week!  Monday – Cardio Blend 8am, Tuesday – Cardio Fusion 6pm, Wednesday – Cardio Blend 8am, Thursday – Cardio Fusion 6pm, Saturday – Boot Camp 8am (NEW TIME)
  2. May – Challenges!  Nutrition and Cardio Tracking.  Let’s make the month of May count in nutrition and fitness.
  3. Personal Training on Zoom!  Contact me if you’d like to schedule one-on-one zoom training or outside training in front of my studio!


Thought for the week: May Challenges

Competition is effective and I like it.  Why?  Over the past several  years of offering and observing fitness challenges, I have always seen an increase in everyone’s fitness levels.  There’s something about the thought process we all go through mentally when we know we are about to compete.  Before the first round of a Challenge, have you ever noticed that nervousness and adrenaline are elevated?  The sympathetic nervous system kicks in with the flight or fight hormones and you are able to push harder in your fitness.  The thrill of winning something is real.  Even if you don’t win, you would have still pushed harder in your fitness than in a normal Boot Camp class.  Plus, it’s so much fun giving high fives to everyone who worked hard in the Challenge round.  There is an increased connection of brotherhood and sisterhood when you push harder and complete a difficult class.  This is powerful bonding and I think it’s one of the reasons why the Jen Allan Fitness community is so close.  We live life together.  We sweat together.  We build muscle together.  We fight disease together so we can all live life more abundantly. 

So, while we can’t compete in a Challenge together face to face, we can still compete and share in our journey and successes together as we eat more fruits and veggies and increase our cardio!  Take pictures and share!  We’d all love to see the different things you are all doing out there!  Remember, together we can do great things!  Whether shelter in place or not, we will rise up and bring our best every day with clean eating and consistent exercise.  Let’s bring our brightest and best attitudes to everything we take on because spreading positivity is a gift to everyone around you. 

Let’s walk into our week with a renewed spirit of hope, health, and healing. 

Love you guys!

See you in class soon!