MMB – Managing the Heat, Fitness, and Hydration

Good morning everyone!

I hope you all had an awesome weekend and found time to move and celebrate summer!  Excellent work by everyone who was able to make it out to classes this past week.  How are you guys liking the 45 minute classes?  From what I’ve been hearing, I think it’s working really well!  It’s only a fifteen minute difference, but in that fifteen minutes, you can either ramp up or ramp down your efforts.  I’m still experimenting and playing around with timing and tempo, so it’s bun a fun challenge for me too!  I’d love to hear any feedback you have because it’s very helpful for me 🙂

Announcements and Reminders:

1)  Cardio Core is Tuesday at Jen’s Studio – Due to the heat, I recommend the 5:45pm group move to the 6:40pm class.  So, there will be two classes:  6:40pm to 7:25pm and 7:35pm to 8:20pm.  Please let me know if you’d like to join us and get a great mid-week work out in!

2)  Fitness Play Date in the Park – This Wednesday, June 12th at 9am!  Come out and join us as we have a field trip to the sports park and utilize the play ground equipment, benches and our bodies!  You can either power walk, jog, or run from station to station.  Let’s celebrate summer by getting outside and moving our bodies!  Class will be 45 minutes long.  Please meet at my home studio for warm-ups.  Drop in cost is $15 or use pre-paid card. 

3) Cardio Fusion is  Thursday at VBC!  5:45pm to 6:30pm and 6:40pm to 7:25pm!

4)  Jen’s 10th Year in Business Celebration BBQ – Mark your calendars for Saturday, July 20th to come and celebrate another year of business with me at my home!  It’s also a special year because it’s my 10th year of business!  Woo hoo!  BBQ is from 4pm to 9pm.  More details to come.


Thought for the week:  Managing the Heat, Fitness, and Hydration

We’ve all been complaining about a year that’s been cold and rainy and have been longing for warm sunny days.  Well, today will be the first triple digit day of the year and should hit about 103 in Pleasanton!  So, what is the best way to manage your fitness when it heats up like this?  Ideally, you want to get your fitness in the morning when it’s cooler or later in the evening.  There’s something about the heat that zaps our energy and makes us not want to move.  In order to get fitness done in the morning, you may have to wake up earlier before you get ready for work.  Summer mornings are beautiful and quite inspirational with the sounds of birds chirping, colorful flowers blooming, and comfortable temperatures to wear shorts and tank tops. 

When it heats up we sweat more and lose more water and salt.  Make sure you are drinking half your body weight in ounces of water every day.  If you are sweating a lot, coconut water is fabulous for replenishing electrolytes.  Make sure you don’t buy one of the sugared up brands though.  I’ve always liked Zico plain.  I’ve attached a quick reference guide for signs of dehydration.  Check it out and be mindful of these symptoms if you think you are dehydrated.


Living in California, we have some of the best weather around.  Let’s celebrate what we have by getting outside and moving!  Mix it up too!  Get on your bike, go for a morning hike, or try swimming! 

I’m looking forward to moving with you guys this week! 

See you in class soon!