MMB-Let’s Keep it Going!

Hi Everyone,

Happy Monday to you!  Are you enjoying the beautiful weather?!  I hope so!  This is the time of year to get outside and get moving and grooving!  Great job to everyone who made it out to classes this past week.  I know this is a super busy time of year with year end activities wrapping up in sports and school, so any time you can carve out for your fitness time is huge! 

Announcements and reminders:

  1.  Kid  Fit and Moms’ Fit Club is starting this morning!  Join us at 9:30am for Kid Fit and 10:00am for Moms’ Fit Club at Creekside Park in Pleasanton – 5601  W. Las Positas Blvd.  Let’s kick off our summer Mondays with fitness to start our week right.  Kid Fit is ideally for 1st through 6th grade.  If you have teens or dads, invite them along to try out the Moms’ Fit Club for a killer work out! Workouts will be scaled up, or scaled down for your fitness level!  Text me if you have questions or want to join.  925-699-7725.
  2. Moms’ Fit Club 2018

    Summer Kid Fit 2018

    3)  Next Running Boot Camp is Sunday, June 10th at 7am.  Run a 5k distance combined with strength and core drills!  Beginners are welcomed!

    4)  June Veggie Challenge!  It’s time for another veggie challenge and recipe contest!  For the month of June, log all of your veggie intake.  1 cup of greens = 1 serving.  For liquid, 8oz = 1 serving.  You can eat salad, steam veggies, roast or bbq veggies, drink green juice or eat them raw!  Make sure to log all of your servings!  On Saturday, June 30th, we’ll have another recipe contest and exchange.  Winner receives a free class card!  Start working on those veggie recipes now! 

    5)  Jen’s 9th Business Celebration BBQ!  I can’t believe it’s been 9 years since Jen Allan Fitness launched!  Please mark Saturday, July 21st on your calendar for my 9th business celebration!  Time – 5:30pm to 8:30pmish.  Jen’s house!  See me for details!


Thought for the week:  Let’s Keep it Going!

Looking for work out ideas with the family?  Need some ideas for work outs in the park?  Feel like you need to shake up your routine?  Routine is good – to a point.  It’s comfortable.  You don’t have to think much when you do the same routine over and over.  But guess what, over time, it’s not really doing you any favors and won’t allow you to achieve your goals or grow.  That means we end up stagnant and just sort of in this “blah” space.  That’s no good!  We need to shake things up from time to time!  Here is a work out you can do outside around the neighborhood or at the park.  Print it out and take your family with you for an awesome work out that will burn up hundreds of calories and take you to the next level! If you are intermediate or advanced, then you know you need to ramp up intensity to get to breathlessness and sweat pouring.  This means more plyometrics and big energy expenditure.  If you are beginner, then choose low impact options as I’ve listed.   Make sure you are wearing a device that can track your time with minutes and seconds.  You can do this!  Let me know how you do!

1)  Do a 5 minute warm-up:  dynamic stretches, jacks, inch worms, etc.

2)  Begin by doing either a power walk (low impact), light jog, or run for 3 minutes.

3)  Do 20 regular squats and 20 sumo squats.  Do 20 push-ups.

4)  Repeat power walk, jog, or run for 3 minutes.

5)  Do walking lunges for 45 seconds.  Do walking planks on side walk for 30 seconds. (You can add push-ups if you are intermediate) Repeat. If you have wrist issues, you can hold a forearm plank for 30-40 seconds.

6)  Repeat power walk, jog, or run for 3 minutes.

7)  Find a playground or fitness area with a bar.  Try doing chin-ups and pull-ups, or hold a bent arm iso hang.  Do as many as you can.  Take breaks inbetween.  Find a cement block or curb and do jump squats on curb for 40 seconds.  Do 20 push-ups.  Repeat jump squats.

8)  Repeat power walk, jog, or run for 3 minutes.

9)  Get down on the sidewalk and hold a superman for 30 seconds, ironman hold for 30 seconds, & chair pose for 30 seconds.

10)  Repeat power walk, jog, or run for 3 minutes.

11)  Find a sidewalk and do side planks for 30 seconds, floor bridges for 30 seconds, and single leg balance for 30 seconds.

12)  Cool down power walk, jog, or run back home.

Static stretches and cool down.  Hip flexor stretch, quad stretch, calf and hamstring stretches.


Note:  To ramp up and make work out more intense, add 30 sec jog, 20 sec runs, and 10 second sprints in the middle of the workout.  You can also add burpees, mountain climbers, and more jump squats during strength stations.  Go to fatigue, around 30- 60 seconds.

See you in class soon!