MMB – Let’s Be Students of Nutrition

Hi Everyone,

I hope you had an awesome three day weekend!  Wasn’t it wonderful?  I’d love to hear about all of the things you did with your friends and family!  I had one client this morning who told me all about her family adventures to Monterey, where they went bike riding together along the ocean, visited the aquarium, and then on Sunday, went to Angel Island for some great hiking!  Now, that’s an awesome family weekend of moving and making memories together! 

Announcements and Reminders:

  1. Cardio Core at Jen’s Studio Tuesday Night – Come out and join us for a combination of cardio, resistance, core, and fitness fun!  If you’d like to sign up, please e-mail or text me 925-699-7725.  There are still some spots open at 5:45pm (60 min.), 6:55pm (30 min.), and 7:35pm (30 min.)  See you tonight!
  2. September Nutrition Challenge Prep Month – The Fall Fitness and Nutrition Challenge is starting on Saturday, September 29th.  This Challenge will be a little different because there will be nutrition questions mixed in with the Challenge to find out who knows their nutrition the best! In order to prepare for this Challenge, the month of September will be all about learning more about nutrition.  I encourage you to research more about the six nutrients; water, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals.  For every fact you learn, write down what you’ve learned on a card and enter into the Nutrition Facts Box.  At the end of September, I’ll draw a card and award the winner with a free class card!  Knowledge is power and I can’t think of a more important topic to learn about than how to take care of your body through nutrition.  It was Hippocrates that said, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” O.k……sounds good to me!  In a culture consumed with pharmaceuticals as a way to treat our illnesses, let’s live radically different than the average American and take our nutritious seriously so that we can feel energized, healthy, and free of disease!  Who is with me?!

Thought for the week: Let’s Be Students of Nutrition


I know that ignorance is bliss, but we can’t afford to be ignorant in the areas of nutrition.  As our American culture continues to be pummeled and stricken by a host of diseases, we must pause and ask the question, “Are the prescription medications being administered by our medical doctors working to cure us?”  I think the proof is in the numbers and the answer is NO!  Americans are downing statin drugs like they are candy, but aren’t changing their lifestyles.  It doesn’t work like that folks!  In order to prevent disease, you have to change from the inside out, and that begins on a cellular level where you are nurturing your cells and are giving them the nutrients that they need.  The warrior bugs within our gut are there to protect us, but sadly, they have become a wounded and downtrodden army that is barely holding their line of defense because the are not given the rations they need to stand strong against enemy forces – namely, sugar, refined carbs, and processed foods!

Well, knowledge is power, so I am embarking on a journey to learn more about nutrition and would love for all of you to come along with me!  Start researching about the six nutrients, which are:  water, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals.  Do some simple internet searches from credible sources and learn some facts about why we need to be eating foods that are high in nutrients!  Here are some example questions you can look up:

  1.  Why is water important for our bodies?  How much water do we need to drink?  Is drinking water out of plastic bottles bad? 
  2. What are complex carbohydrates?  When is the best time of day to eat carbs?  Is there such a thing as bad carbs?  Why do we need carbohydrates?
  3. Why is protein important?  What does it do in our bodies?  How much is too much protein?  Do we need to eat animal protein?   Is there protein in plants?
  4. What is the difference between saturated and unsaturated fats?  Which fats lead to heat disease?  How much fat should we be eating every day?  What does fat do for us? 
  5. Can I get all of my vitamins from a supplement?   What are the best sources of Vitamin A?  K?  B complex?  D?  Etc.  What is the difference between water soluble and fat soluble vitamins?  Why do we need Vitamin C every day? 
  6. What are minerals anyway?  Are they inorganic or organic?  Why do we need them?  What are best sources of foods to get minerals? 

A couple of things:  I don’t expect you to spend a ton of time on this stuff, unless you want to!  I know we are all pressed for time, but you can learn a ton of facts in about 5 minutes!  Jot down some facts on the nutrition box cards and enter them every time you come in for class!  I’ll draw a winner at the end of the month and reward someone with a class card! 

My hope is that you will increase your nutrition awareness in a month and will be better informed to buy and prepare foods that will feed your cells from the inside out.  Let’s increase our defense system located in our gut by eating foods that are high in nutrients that will nourish our gut health and not destroy it.  Remember, about 80% of our immune system is located in our gut.  If we want to avoid disease, it begins with gut health.  Let’s say NO to sugar, salt, msg, transfats, refined carbs, processed foods, and artificial sweeteners and colors.  Say Yes to foods that are grown in the ground or come from plants.  Look for an assortment of rainbow colored foods, and I don’t mean Skittles! LOL!  Veggies, fruits, green leafy varieties, sprouted seeds, nuts, beans – these are the things that will nourish your body and help you feel amazing and ready to take on life!

See you in class soon!