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MMB – Las Vegas Fitness & Nutrition Survival Guide

Hi Everyone,

Happy Monday to you!  I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and were able to get out an move!  As you know, I wasn’t able to teach Boot Camp on Saturday because my hubby took me away for the weekend 🙂  Before I tell you all about that, I’d love to know who was able to do the Boot Camp Homework on Saturday?  So far, I’ve heard from Lynnda Philbrook, Joanne Vieira, and Ken Vieira.  Anyone else?  Lynnda took a selfie during the middle of the work out to try and show me how much sweat was dripping off of her nose! LOL! 

What was it like trying to do a hard Boot Camp by yourself?  Did you make it all the way through?  Did you push yourself as hard?  I’d love to know, so please give me a shout out if you did the work out and tell me what it was like for you!  Well done crew!  I know it wasn’t the same as working out together on a Saturday morning, but hopefully you felt my “Jen” presence with you in the write up 🙂

The PPIE Run was yesterday in Pleasanton and I know there were a few of you out there who participated.  How did you guys do?  Hopefully you had a great time and felt encouraged running out there with your families.  Marcey and Cliff Donnelly, Nancy Bircher, along with their families made it out to the run, as well as Wendy McHugh and Andrea Hasty and friends.  Excellent job you guys!  Way to go in carving out time to walk/jog/run on a Sunday for a good cause!

Announcements and Reminders:

  1. Regular class schedule this week – yeah! 
  2. Running Boot Camp is this Sunday at 11am at Jen’s house – see Jen for details.
  3. Moms’ Fit Club & Kid Fit – if you are interested in finding out more about these spring & summer park programs, please contact me to further discuss.
  4. Friday night Boot Camp – May 12th at 6:15pm  & NO Boot Camp on Sat. May 13th

Thought for the week:  Las Vegas – A Fitness and Nutrition Survival Guide

My husband Bob racked up major points this weekend because he swept me off my feet and surprised me by taking me away to Las Vegas to see John Meyer in concert!  Anyone else out there love John Meyer?  He’s an amazingly gifted guitar player, singer, and songwriter and put on an incredible show!  The hotels in Vegas are a destination alone and are all visually stunning.  Bob also surprised me by booking our hotel at the Venetian because he knows how much I love Italy.  For dinner, we had a once in a lifetime dining experience at Giada’s restaurant on Friday night which I will never forget!  It was a spectacular weekend and we celebrated 20 years of marriage and my recent birthday!

While I won’t bore you with the details of our mini-vacation, I will share with you how I survived as a trainer in Las Vegas and didn’t come home feeling totally gross, bloated, and a few pounds heavier.  So, if you go to Vegas frequently and are happy to indulge 100% and don’t want to change anything, then you won’t want to read this blog because it will mean changing a few things up.  I still love ya and am here to help you recover when you come back, so don’t worry. Cool? LOL!

O.k. so let’s say you either have business or pleasure travel coming up and you know you’ll be eating out, drinking more alcohol, and staying up later going out to shows or clubs.  How can you manage the experience, yet still have a great time?  I want to share with you guys how I managed this decadent weekend and still thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Here is a list of tips that you can take with you no matter where you go:

  1.  Splurge meal.  Bob and I had the most delicious meal at Giada’s restaurant in Vegas and ordered her Chef’s menu along with her wine pairing.  Every bite was fully loaded and guess what, we enjoyed every part of it and didn’t hold back!  I consider this a once every 20 year meal, so we indulged!  My point is, if you know you are going out for a special birthday or anniversary meal, don’t skimp.  Don’t have guilt.  Just enjoy it and know that all year long you are focused on healthy eating and working out, so the calories you take in you’ll deal with, agree?  So, my first point is to thoroughly enjoy yourself in a situation like this where it’s a very special meal and celebration because life is worth celebrating and you don’t want to live with regrets. 

2.  You’ve splurged big time, now what?  Oh good, I’m glad you asked!  So, you wake up the next morning and you will probably feel dehydrated and a little sluggish right?  Maybe a wee headache?  You know what I’m talking about.  This is what you need to do first:  hydration, hydration, hydration.  Yup, start downing the water the minute you get up.  Get your work out clothes on, eat a small bite of banana and head for the gym!  This is NOT going to be fun, but if you want to feel better and manage the calories you are taking in, then you MUST exercise.  Bob and I went to the gym in the morning and spent about an hour and fifteen minutes in there working hard.  I basically gave myself my own boot camp and did a variety of HIIT drills, along with whole body strength and core.

3.  What to do after the morning work out?  Hydration, Hydration, Hydration.  After drinking a ton of water, we headed to a juice bar in the venetian and ordered fresh cold pressed green juice and we split an acai protein bowl filled with berries, seeds, and nuts.  For most of the day, we drank our calories – no not the alcohol kind, the green kind!  I also drank a bottle of Kombucha to make sure and get a big dose of probiotics in!  Yes, this is a picture of me holding a bottle of Kombucha in the middle of the casino!  I think I was the only one. 

4.  After the work out and morning water and juices, you need to keep moving.  If you are familiar with Vegas, then you know it’s all about the walking, which is a really good thing.  However, I have one further suggestion – do not take the escalators that are everywhere!  Use the stairs wherever you see them.  It will make a huge difference in how many calories you burn and working your lower body throughout the day too.  Did I mention hydration?  Keep drinking the water!  If you do eat something later in the day, either eat a salad or something light and easily digestible.  Jamba Juice has green smoothies that are pretty good. 

5.   Dinner again?  You work hard all year long, so remember, you are allowed to enjoy a nice meal, especially on vacation!  Guacamole anyone?  Remember, hydration!  Yes, that is a margarita but I drank a lot of water too! LOL!

6.  Repeat steps?  Yup!  After another night of a delicious dinner, you need to repeat the same steps the following morning.  Wake up, hydrate, bite of banana, hit the gym, walk and hydrate!  Both my husband and I stuck to this formula and by the time we came home, we felt great and refreshed! 

7.  Final thoughts.  I’m not trying to steal your thunder guys and take away your fun I promise!  However, there is a way to have fun and enjoy a splurge meal or two without feeling bloated, swollen, sluggish, and sick.  If you want to enjoy a special meal out, then it’s going to take hard work and concentrated effort throughout the day to manage the calories and effect of taking in extra salt, sugar, oils, and alcohol.  Remember, it’s vacation so go ahead and enjoy, but be disciplined so you CAN enjoy but not live the rest of the time in regret that you over did it.  When you get back home, guess what?  It’s back to routine with regular work outs and clean eating!

See you in class soon!




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