MMB – January = Mental Toughness

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are having a marvelous day in whatever you are doing.  Some of you may have the holiday off for MLK Day, and some of you may be working, but I hope you are feeling refreshed and ready to go in kicking off the week!  This past Saturday was the beginning of the 6-Week Fit For Change Challenge.  Due to the holiday weekend, it was lightly attended, but the fitness crew that came out brought their warrior best and fought hard!  Obstacle courses are all the fitness rage right now.  Why?  Because they work and it’s a fun and efficient way to burn up hundreds of calories, build strength, stamina, and build muscle all from the same work out!  For the next five weeks, every Saturday you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a timed obstacle course competition that will challenge you to your core.  Lisa Dillon, who is a regular in my classes, commented after this 30 minute boot camp, “This was the toughest 30 minute work out I’ve ever experienced,” as she said with a big smile on her face and sweat dripping off her brow!  If you are a beginner level, please don’t fret because I can tone down the exercises and make them more low impact.  Whatever your fitness level is, I promise I can craft a work out that will be just right for you!

Announcements and Reminders:

  • January’s Fit For Change Challenge is now through February 17th.  If you missed the weigh in, please see me this week during one of my classes so I can get you weighed and measured.  Let’s find out who the biggest reducers will be!  Every Saturday will be a special athletic timed challenge that will leave you sweaty and wanting more! Bring a friend and let’s shake things up for the next 6 weeks!

Winners from Saturday:

7am Boot Camp – 4 rounds of obstacle course

Ken Vieira – 28:17 1st place

Joanne Vieira – 31:18 2nd place

Bob Allan – 35:55  3rd place

8:05am Boot Camp – 3 rounds of obstacle course

Lisa Dillon – 23:05 1st place

Kathy Schalin – 23:37 2nd place

Christy Stevens – 26:10 3rd place

Congratulations Boot Campers! 

  • Next Running Boot Camp is Sunday, January 21st at 11am -Winter is always tricky, but if the weather isn’t inclement, then let’s get a Running Boot Camp in!  


  • Personal Fitness Training Expanded week of 1/22 to 1/26.  My boys will be away at a science camp during this week and what would I like to do?  Train more!  If you want to sign up for some additional fitness with me, I’d love to make myself available for more training spots throughout the day.  Please see me if you are interested.  Remember, there’s also partner and trio training available!


Thought for the week:  January = Mental Toughness


O.k. I admit.  January is my least favorite month of the year, but I have breath in my lungs and an abundance of blessings, so those are the things I’ll focus on to get me through this month.  Even though we may not have snow drifts outside our window or freezing cold temperatures that can freeze your lungs if you aren’t careful, we still have our “California” winter, which means darker, colder, and dreary days at times.  There’s also a ton of people who are sick right now, so trying to stay healthy is a huge task! 🙂

So, what can we do to make sure we stay on target with our fitness goals and not slip into hibernation mode for the next couple of months?  Here are some helpful reminders of what you can do to manage the winter blues and keep your spirits up:

  1.  Be kind to yourself.  Pay extra attention to your stress and emotional levels.  When is the last time you did something fun or laughed hard?  Laughter is powerful medicine to keep our spirits up.  When is the last time you booked a massage or pedicure?  Living and surviving in the bay area, you are well aware of how hard you have to work.  It’s o.k. to allow yourself to enjoy a treat every now and then, especially if you are feeling blue or run down.  Give yourself permission to be human and take on some self care and do some “joy” filled things.


  1. Change your work out time.  If you are finding that you are sleep deprived right now and the idea of getting up early to go run makes you agitated and angry, then try changing your work out time. Not everyone has a flexible work schedule, but could you take a longer lunch break and get some fitness in during the middle of the day or afternoon?  I will often wait until the sun is out and it’s warmer outside to go and run because it totally lifts my spirits up.  When I come back from a run, I feel like a totally different person and my spirits are lifted.  If you don’t have the option to work out during the middle of the day or afternoon, try experimenting with some fitness music and find some new tunes that truly inspire you to move.  I can’t imagine working out hard without music to get my blood pumping and soul energized. 


  1. Are you plugged into a community?  Connecting with like minded people, who are all striving towards similar goals, can be very encouraging for you and will yield better results.  Some of you reading this might be retired.  How about starting up a hiking group with your friends that meets on an regular basis?  What about a cycling group?  It doesn’t take too much effort in research to discover that fitness done with friends is better fitness because there is accountability with one another.  Let’s face it, it’s hard work staying committed to your work outs all the time, so if you can have a group of friends to do it with you, that’s all the better! 


  1. Eat exciting, vibrant, and spicy foods.  I’m a big fan of this.  Get into spices that bring some heat.  Add limes, lemons, and fresh herbs to your foods.  Help cut through the grey days of winter with foods that add color physically and figuratively.  Of course, everything is better with a little guacamole, so make your own at home and add a dollop to your food here and there.  It will lift your spirits and put a big smile on your face 🙂  Try different chili pepper sauces, add some cayenne, try different salsas, add extra pepper to your food.  Get into curry, cumin, turmeric, and ginger.  Last night, I made a salad dressing with balsamic, spicy mustard, fresh garlic, and fresh ginger, along with a little cracked pepper.  Yum!  You must try those combinations!


  1. Celebrate your victories!  Maybe you aren’t where you want to be right now in your fitness, but did you survive a killer work out?  Did you get out and move at lunch time when you could have had Thai food with your coworkers?  Did you say NO to doughnuts with your friends?  Are you trying vegetarian dishes to add more fiber and plant based foods into your diet?  Maybe you didn’t run straight for 20 minutes without stopping, but did you get out there and try?  Do you get my point?  Whatever you are doing to move, celebrate the fact that you are trying and carving out time to improve.  Stop beating yourself up and comparing yourself to other people.  Gosh, we are out worst enemies, right?!  So, stop beating yourself up and start patting yourself on the back for what you ARE doing!  I’m proud of you because you are in the fight and the fight is worth it!

Hang in there guys!  Let’s keep the fire burning out there and get laser focused on the goals we want to achieve.  Remember that together we can do great things!

See you in class tomorrow night if you are coming to Cardio Core!  P.S.  I can weigh you for the Challenge too.