MMB – January Detox Winners

Good morning everyone,

I hope you all had an awesome weekend and were able to get outside and move! Fantastic job to everyone who was able to make it out to classes this past week! Many of you are getting stronger and some have moved up from the 30-minute class to the 60-minute class! Woo hoo! It’s so exciting to watch many of you become stronger, more capable, and confident. It’s a journey though right? Did it happen overnight? NO! It takes time guys. There is no easy, quick fix. But, with commitment and consistency, great things can happen over time, agree?

This past Saturday was the 4th Winter Fitness Challenge where we honored the Coast Guard and became Guardsmen! The Coast Guard Creed was super long, so awesome job in holding those plank holds! As always, it was inspiring watching all of you work together in your teams with sweat dripping off your bodies, tons of grunting and groaning, running, sprinting, jumping, lifting weights, burpeeing, all the good stuff that makes you stronger! Oorah! Next week is the Marines Corps so get mental!

Announcements and Reminders:

1) 6 Week – Winter Fitness Challenge is going on now through February 18th. Let’s gather together every Saturday morning and pay respect to our military by honoring the branches and doing boot camp military style! Oorah! It’s not too late to join in the military fun, so come check it out. 7am Regular 60 minute boot camp & 8:05am 30 minute beginner boot camp

2) Next Running Boot Camp – Next Sunday, February 12th at 11am at Jen’s House. Class is designed for all levels of runners, from beginning to intermediates. Come add in the running fun on a Sunday! Class is about an hour long.

3) January Detox Winners are: Erin Campbell and Lynnda Philbrook! These ladies took the detox challenge seriously and every day focused on clean eating and hydration. I asked each of them to share what they did for the month of January and you’ll understand why they won the detox challenge.  For everyone who participated in the contest, keep up the great work guys and keep eating clean and detoxing.  80/20 rule right?!  Check out their photo and info below. Well done ladies!


Lynnda Philbrook January Detox Winner!

From Lynnda Philbrook:

My detox lifestyle eating habit looks like this:

I eat anti-inflammatory foods.

  • Check the “anti-inflammatory pyramid” on the Internet. Dr. Weil, who teaches Integrative Medicine created this pyramid.)
  • I have been eating this way for at least five years. Daily, I eat 7- 9 healthy proteins, 5 – 6 vegetables (no more than 2 servings of fruit), 5 – 6 whole grains and three healthy fats. Proteins are plant based, beans, lentils, eggs, salmon or tuna.
  • *Protein must be consumed with carbs (veggies & whole grains) and/or a healthy fat in order to be completely digested so I never eat protein all by itself.
  • Vegetables are consumed raw most of the time.
  • Whole grains consist of steel cut oats, quinoa and yams. Quinoa is my favorite versatile food.
  • Healthy fats are avocado, olive oil and raw nuts.
  • I keep a tally of macro nutrients and water intake daily. No counting calories.
  • I drink almost a gallon of water daily (average 14 cups).
  • Make a reservation at True Food Kitchen in Walnut Creek. They cook this way much better than I do. It’s delicious! Let’s go sometime! I really appreciate you all at Jen Allan Fitness/Fit Chicks and some Dudes. You are amazing!

With Much Gratefulness, Lynnda 😃


From Erin Campbell:

January Detox Journal

For the month of January Jen encouraged us to a detox challenge. Since I love a good challenge I decided to take it on. After the holidays it has been difficult to get back to eating right and recharging my body. I started out with a simple sticky note to log water intake, kombucha, salads, herbal tea and healthy snacks. Within a week the cravings for the “treats” and snacks diminished. My muscles recouped quickly after workouts and I felt more sustainable energy throughout the day. Most of all I felt better and stronger. It’s so easy to lose track of what our bodies and our minds need to feel good and those times are s good time to consider a detox. I have definitely learned the many benefits of hydration!

See you all in class this week!


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