MMB – It’s Now or Never

Hi Everyone,

I hope you had a great weekend and are fighting off those cold and flu bugs out there!  A bug found me and it went straight into my lungs, bronchia and vocal chords, causing coughing fits and missed sleep.   So, guess who didn’t have a voice this week!  It’s hard being a trainer without a good Boot Camp voice!  LOL!  I’m definitely on the mend and just need a little TLC and lots of herbal teas with honey.  Can you relate?  Anyone else caught a bug like this?  Ugh, there are some tough bugs out there, but we will not give up!  Let’s keep eating those berries every day, get enough sleep, avoid sugar like the plague, and cram as many greens down your throat that you can stand! 

This past Saturday was the 2nd Fit For Change Challenge and it was an awesome turn out!  Thanks to everyone who made it out and gave 110%!  This was a timed challenge with eight stations offering a variety of whole body strength and core drills, followed by a run after each station.  It was hard!  It was challenging!  You conquered it! 

Here are the top winners from Saturday’s Challenge:


1st  Joanne Vieira – 15:56 min. 

2nd  Lynnda Philbrook – 15:58 min.

3rd  Ken Vieira – 16:20 min.



1st Kathy Schalin 14:55 min.

2nd Dave Thompson 15:11 min.

3rd Kathleen Jacobs  15:44 min.

Awesome job guys!  Proud of the effort and love to see how you are progressing in your fitness and getting stronger and faster! 


  1.  Fit for Change Challenge  – now through February 17th!  Come join us on Saturday mornings for either a 30 or 60 minute timed challenge that will work your entire body, leave you sweaty, and begging for more!   Bring a friend and join in a friendly and competitive environment.  You can do this!
  2. Cardio Core at Jen’s Studio Tuesday night.  If you are interested in coming out on Tuesday night, please contact me as there are a few spots open.
  3. Next Running Boot Camps is Sunday, February 4th at 11am!  Mark your calendars! 


Thought for the week:  It’s Now or Never! 


Sometimes I think we are too free spirited about our health and wellness goals.  Imagine if your job tracked your health and wellness goals and your performance was tied to your salary.  Would you be motivated to do well?  You betcha!  For motivation, how about thinking of your health goals as either extending or reducing years onto your life, based on your level of health right now?  If you knew you could add ten years onto your life by being having a healthy weight with a good BMI and body fat %, limiting sugar, fat, and salt, meat, and dairy….would you do it?  Everything we do every day, is either moving us in the direction of healthy living or diseased living.  What side of the fence are you on?  What is it going to take to make you take your health seriously and put the hard work in so that you can live better, longer, and happier? 

If you don’t start taking action now, then when will you?  Will it take a stroke or a heart attack to get your attention?  Boy guys, I’m telling you, I am more motivated than ever to preach this message because I have been surrounded with loved ones in my family, who have suffered recent strokes or heart attacks, and can see quite clearly it’s been due to a combination of stress and poor diet.  Why does it take a major health event to get our attention focused on action?  Sadly, I’ve also seen quite a few people come out alive on the other end of a stroke or heart attack and be in “game on” mode for about a year.  Guess what happens?  After a while, they have followed back into their old habits and have either put the weight back on or are just as stressed out.  I’m not saying this stuff is easy at all.  It’s quite the contrary actually.  Living well is like a part-time job with full-time benefits. 

Please don’t allow yourself to be a statistic.  If you know you are at risk, don’t wait until it’s too late.  Take a good hard look at your diet and ask yourself, “What is my diet mostly made up of?” or “How many days a week am I exercising with solid exertion and sweat equity?”  Only you know, in the still quite voice that lies deep within you, if you are really trying your best to live well.  If you are falling short, then never fear, because you are about six months away from transforming your health?!  Yup, if you work hard for about six months,  you can drastically turn around your health and reduce those dangerous blood panel markers down to normal levels, such as your cholesterol.  It can happen and you can do it!  It’s not too late for you! 

Some of you reading this might be going through incredible challenges in your life right now and there is just zero time right now to give your health your best.  I totally get that and I feel for your emotional pain and suffering.  But as in all things, life comes in chapters and thankfully, one chapter leads into another that is a completely different theme and part of the story!  Isn’t that good news!  The one thing in life that is constant is change.  So, hang in there.  Pray hard to the Lord because He is faithful and will guide your path if you let Him.  After all, it’s now or never! 

I love you guys!

See you in class soon,