MMB – It’s Fitness Love Time!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all  had a fabulous weekend out there!  Can you believe those crazy winds?!  Did anyone lose a fence or sustain damage?  Gosh, we did.  Our poor fence stooped down to about a 45 degree angle, so my husband had to prop it up with helper beams until we can hire a fence company to repair it.  Anyone else out there feel that pain?! LOL!  Did anyone lose power?  On Saturday morning, I opened the door to let my dog out into the backyard and as she stepped outside, a huge gust of wind hit her smack dab in the face and she ran back in the house like a bullet  and hid in her crate!  Are any of you meteorology buffs out there?  I’d love to hear an explanation of yesterday’s wild and wacky winds!  LOL!

This past Saturday was the 4th Winter Fitness Challenge and it was all about the obstacle course!  This Challenge featured a military style obstacle course that involved: crawling, jumping, leaping, agility ladders, and full body resistance stations!  This was a tough one and you guys brought your A game! 

Saturday’s Boot Camp Challenge Crew:  MingMay, Swaroopa, Mansi, Lisa, Debbie, Erin, Bernie, Melissa, Christy and Pete!

Congratulations to the following winners!

4th Winter Fitness Challenge Winners:  1st place Lisa Thach with 5 Rounds!  2nd place MingMay Pang!  3rd place Debbie Roe!


Announcements and Reminders:

  1.  Cardio Core is at Jen’s Studio Tuesday!  Currently, 5:45pm & 6:40pm classes are full.  There are 2 spots open at 7:35pm!  If you are signed up and aren’t able to make it, please let me know right away because there may be a waiting list for other people.  If you’d like to join us at 7:35pm, please text me!
  2. Park Fitness is Thursday at 8:30am!  If you have flexibility in your schedule and can make an 8:30am class, come out and join us as we take a field trip to the park!  I promise that you will have fun and get a little sweaty too!  Class meets at my home studio.  45 minutes.
  3. Cardio Fusion is Thursday at VBC!  Class times are 5:45pm to 6:30pm & 6:40pm to 7:35pm.  I need three people to run a class, so please let me know if you’ll be joining us Thursday evening!
  4. 5th Winter Fitness Challenge is this Saturday at 7:30am at VBC!
  5. Personal Training Availability.  If you’d like some one on one accountability and help in achieving specific fitness goals, please see me about adding in some personal training.  I have spots open in the mornings and would love to help you! 

Thought for the week:  It’s Fitness Love Time!

It doesn’t take long to figure out that Valentine’s Day is coming with the red and pink heart displays scattered throughout the stores and the promise of ever lasting love with every bite of chocolate and sugary cookie you consume.  Ah yes, it’s all well and good until you wake up the next morning and those love bites of sweetened fat bombs have now found a home on your thighs!  LOL! 

I’d like for you to consider a different perspective of love for yourself and for the people you care about- fitness love.  You see, when you carve out time for exercise, you are giving your heart love, which is the ultimate symbol of Valentine’s Day!  You are also taking care of your muscle groups, core, bones, and joints too! 

By carving out time to exercise, you are making an investment.  It’s kind of like one of those compound interest long term investments where the beginning is not very exciting, but when you cash the investment in down the road, it’s VERY exciting because your patience has paid off.  It’s like this with our bodies too.  The pay off will be in your mobility in later years as you will be able to keep up with younger people and move like they do.  You’ll be able to take a hike with your family or host an event at your home because you’ll have the stamina and energy to do it.  Who will this bless?  The people you love most!  Your presence as an active and vibrant person with full capability will invest into those relationships and make lasting memories for generations to come.  Think about this.

As we travel along our fitness road, it’s a helpful reminder to look back and see where we’ve started from and how far we’ve come.  Most of us are hard on ourselves and sadly, we have a glass is half empty approach to our fitness level as we criticize all that we aren’t doing or achieving. 

So, it’s my job to remind you of how well you are doing!  For those of you who are reading this and are an active part of my fitness community, I can tell you with full confidence that you guys are putting the hard work in!  It’s a privilege for me to show up to every class, ready to train you, and I witness excellent effort and positive attitudes.  I see smiles on your faces too! 

As you walk into Valentine’s week, remember to keep putting the hard work in for self care in exercising and clean eating.  This is one of the greatest ways that you can demonstrate love to yourself and the people you love most.  Mobility is life and in living is where we love.

See you in class soon!