MMB – It’s Fall Challenge Time!

Good morning everyone!

Happy Monday to you and the first of October!  Now I can officially put out all of my pumpkin stuff – yeah!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  Great work to everyone who made it out to the first Fall Fitness and Nutrition Challenge!  Woo hoo!  For the next five Saturdays, I’ll be weaving in timed fitness challenges, fitness tests, and a 3-5 minute talk on the six nutrients while we are doing core work – oh yeah! 

For this first Challenge, here are the winners for the 60 minute class:

Joanne Vieira – 1st place 28:55

Bernadette Calvo – 2nd place 30:12

Lynnda Philbrook – 3rd place 31:10

Kathy Schalin – honorable mention 31:34


7am crew from Saturday!


Joanne Vieira – winner of first 60 minute Challenge!


Challenge #1 – After every station, a 2 minute run was required! 


For the 30 minute class, here are the winners for the Challenge:

Vanessa Perez – 1st place 13:58  note:  Vanessa was also the winner of the Nutrition Knowledge Contest and won a $45 class card with her knowledge on vitamin C!  Way to go Vanessa!

Christi Stevens – 2nd place 14:35

Kathleen Jacbos &  Erin Campbell 3rd place 15:49


Vanessa Perez!  Winner of first Challenge and class card!

8:05am Crew from Saturday!

Thought for the week:  Jen’s Studio is Revamped!

When you run your business out of your home garage….oops, I mean studio, um you need to have a sense of humor!  My home studio is full of life, and yes chaos, and yes kids’ sports equipment, and Costco items, and my husband’s video production gear and so much more! 

I also home school throughout the day using the garage as my boys recite math facts while jumping on a Bosu, or swing from the TRX while going over sentence structure and diagramming.  So, to say that my garage is important in my life is an understatement! 

Unbeknownst to all of you, there was a pool table buried in the corner of the garage that had been stored there for years.  It was my husband’s grandfather’s pool table and we were storing it for safe keeping.  Well, my mother in law recently retired and decided to move to Texas and wanted to take the pool table with her.  We were totally fine with this idea and realized that it would open up a large amount of space in the garage.  So, this past weekend, our neighbor Allen (the one always enticing you to enjoy wine and join the dark side while you are working hard), my husband, and I went to town on reorganizing the entire training space. 

Of course, as with any project like this, one thing leads to another and there are fixes required, dry wall needed, electrical work etc.  Oh, and don’t forget fresh paint!  So, I’m happy to report that I have a new and improved training space!  Who is it for?  All of you, of course!  With winter approaching and knowing that Tuesday night classes are busy, I needed to have more space for you guys.  So, the removal of the pool table was a blessing in disguise because of the chain reaction that happened, which allowed me to improve the space.

So, if you scroll through the photos, you’ll see the before and after pictures.  It’s still a work in progress and there’s always room for improvement, but I think you’ll find that the space feels more open and breathable. I’m excited to share this with you guys and am excited about what the Lord is doing in my business in helping me to help all of you!  

See you in class soon!