MMB – It’s Detox Time!

Hi Everyone,

I hope your New Year is off to a great start and you are getting back to clean eating, moving, hydration, and good sleep!  These are the keys in helping your body to ward off those nasty cold and flu bugs that are lurking around every corner! 

Sorry this blog is coming a day late, but our power and internet were down for a good chunk of Sunday and Monday.  I dare not complain because these are truly first world problems, right?! 

First of all, great job to everyone who was able to make it out to Walking Boot Camp on New Year’s Day!  It was a beautiful and sunny day and it felt GOOD to get out and move!  You’ll be seeing more Walking Boot Camps in the near future!

Walking Boot Camp Crew 2019!

Announcements and Reminders:

  1.  Cardio Core at Jen’s Studio Tonight!  If you’d like to join us for an awesome class of cardio, resistance, and core, please e-mail or text me to sign up!  5:45pm to 6:45pm is full.  6:55pm to 7:25pm 2 spots available & 7:35pm to 8:05pm 6 spots open.


  1. Cardio Fusion this Thursday at VBC!  I’d love to see two full classes this Thursday, so please let me know which time you prefer – either 5:45pm to 6:45pm or 6:55pm to 7:25pm!  If I have three people or more for 6:55pm, then it’s a go for a 30 minute class!  Otherwise, there will be one class from 5:45pm to 6:45pm for both 30 min. and 60 min. clients. 


  1. 6 -Winter Fitness Challenge Begins this Saturday!  Come out and get weighed, measured, and let’s take care of any lingering holiday pounds!  Class format will incorporate fitness tests and timed challenges that will motivate and inspire you!  We’ll weigh and measure again in six weeks to find out who the biggest reducers are! 


  1. Trader Joe’s Shopping and Nutrition Classes are here! Needing some nutrition reminders and healthy meal ideas?  Let’s gather together at the Pleasanton Trader Joe’s for a 60 minute class that will cover how to read labels, how to identify health and gut disrupting ingredients, and how to incorporate more plant based ingredients into your lifestyle.  2 classes offered:  Monday, January 28th at 7pm and Monday, February 4th at 7pm.  Cost is $35.  Please see Jen to sign up!


  1. Next Walking Boot Camp is Sunday, January 20th at 11am!


  1. New Recipe!  Asian Inspired Roasted Veggies and Sprouted Rice!  Go to recipes page.



Thought for the week:  It’s Detox Time! 

Why is every trainer, nutritionist, and health guru out there talking about detox after the holidays?  Because we need it!  Think about what changes over the course of the holidays.  Our sleep schedules, eating schedules, work out schedules and stress is all out of whack!  And, we wonder why we feel so bloated, sluggish, and tired when January 1 rolls around.  Thankfully, the holidays are short lived and yes, we enjoy them, but living this way for too long is dangerous to our health and well being. 

So, let’s get back to clean eating and living shall we?

Here are some detox tips to help you get back on track and feeling better fast!

  1.  Hydration, hydration, hydration!  Every day increase your fluid intake and experiment with water.  Try water with lemon, water infused with blended celery, hot herbal teas with lemon, lemon detox water with apple cider vinegar, and Kombucha.  Now is the time to reduce inflammation, not increase it.  Lay off of alcohol, sugary drinks, and if needed – caffeine!
  2. Drink your meals in the morning.  Our metabolism and gut health take a beating over the holidays, so try drinking your breakfast instead to speed up your metabolism and give your digestion a break.  If you are up to the task of green juicing and have a home juicer, head to the store and stalk up on dark, green leafy veggies along with all of the other juicing ingredients (see my recipes page).  If you don’t have time to juice, go to places like Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, or Costco, and buy cold pressed juices.  Make sure they aren’t the ones that are loaded up with sugar such as the Odwalla juices.   You can also sip on hot bone broths throughout the day too! 
  3. If you have holiday treats and cookies still in your home, then throw them away!  Out with the trash and in with the good stuff!  Stock your fridge with containers filled with chopped veggies, fruits, grab and go hummus, or chia seed pudding.  Make your own homemade protein bars so they are ready to eat when you are in need of a protein boost in the afternoon.  Check out my recipes page.
  4. January is an awesome month for soups and stews!  Load up your stew pot with tons of leafy greens, onions, garlic, lentils, and good quality broth.  Use an immersion blender to make your soup thick and creamy – without the cream!  Soups are great too because you have leftovers for a few days.  Try to stick to vegetarian soups and give your digestion a break by eating foods that are simpler to digest.
  5. Rest is king!  Make sure you are not burning the midnight oil and are making sure to get to bed by around 1opm.  When we are tired and run down is when we get sick! 
  6. Get back to your work out routine as fast as possible!  Working your body hard and weaving in rest is the key to staying healthy and strong!  You need a minimum of three days a week of a combination of cardio, resistance, and core to see results and improve fitness!
  7. Morning Swamp Gruel – see my recipes page.  Here’s a picture:


Let’s make 2019 awesome!