MMB – Iceberg Illusion

Hi Everyone,

I hope you had a great weekend and are feeling energized this morning.  I loved the excellent effort that everyone gave this past week in work outs!  Let’s keep the momentum going by focusing on commitment and consistency because these two things equal change! 

Announcements and Reminders:

  1.  Cardio Core on Tuesday – There will only be two classes this Tuesday because I have a meeting to attend at 7:30pm.  I have room for (2) at 5:45pm and (1) for 6:55pm.  Please text me today if you’d like to join in!


  1. March Great Greens Contest – For the month of March, track all of your greens that you consume. At the end of the month, whoever tracks the most greens will win a class card.  For tracking, here are the guidelines:   If you drink green juice or smoothies, 8 oz = 1 serving.  If you eat a green salad, 1 cup = 1 serving.  You can keep track in your phone or in a notebook.  Since I know you’ll be excited to try all of those spring greens recipes, I’ll have another contest on Saturday, March 31st!  At he end of boot camp,  bring your favorite green dish or drink to share so we can taste and judge to find out whose dish will win!  The winner will receive a gift card!  Let’s get excited to experiment with our veggies!

Check out  my spring spaghetti recipe – it’s on my recipes page:


  1. Cardio Fusion Changes-  For the last several weeks, Cardio Fusion has been lightly attended. If you enjoy the format of Cardio Fusion, but haven’t been able to make it out, please let me know if it’s a scheduling issue or if you would prefer that I teach a different format?  I’d love to hear feedback about how I can change up Thursday nights to better suit your needs.  While I enjoy teaching the Cardio Fusion format and feel it’s important to add in drills such as;  kick boxing, kettlebells, and Dynamax medicine ball exercises, I am also here to serve you guys and would love to hear from you.   If Thursday nights are super busy for you and it’s hard to make it out, I’d love to hear that too.  Also, as a mom of two boys in spring baseball, there may be a few Cardio Fusions that are cancelled due to baseball games.  I know 3/22 is a night I’ll need to not teach because both boys have games.  Thanks for your flexibility guys! 


  1. Next Running Boot Camp  is Sunday, March 18th at 11am.  Mark your calendars for a 5k running distance combined with strength and core drills!



Thought for the week:  The Iceberg Illusion



A good friend of mine forwarded this illustration to me last week and it really resonated with me.  Take a look at some of the words that are underneath the water line such as; persistence, failure, sacrifice, disappointment, good habits, hard work, and dedication.  Can any of those apply to your health and fitness goals?  Have you ever worked super hard in your fitness with consistent exercise and the needle on the scale doesn’t move?  Do you ever feel like you are failing because you aren’t where you think you should be?  What about sacrificing time and money to go to the gym when you could be doing different things? 

Yup, we’ve all been there and some of us are there right now – struggling and filled with disappointment.  However, when you look above the line, you don’t see everything that went into what made the success.  How easily do we look at someone and assume that their success was easy or without challenges.  Or, we think of a person we know and assume they have life totally dialed in because of they way they look or dress. Remember, it’s like the tip of the iceberg and we can’t see what’s going on underneath.  They could be really struggling and we don’t even know it.  

This can apply to parenting too.   In discussing parenting, I was recently told by a dad that he tells his boys all the time the following phrase,  “Argue your limitations and they are yours.”  Wow, isn’t that cool!  If we gripe, whine, and complain about stuff, we own them!  Uggh.  What have you been whining and complaining about lately? 

Take a look at some of these other failure quotes:


So friends, if you have been trying hard out there and you are not where you want to be, please don’t despair!  You are not alone and I promise you that if you keep up the hard work, dedication, and keep putting one foot in front of the other, change will happen.  The rate of change is different for all of us and we must remember that our path is uniquely ours.  Have the faith and courage to be willing to try knowing that you could fail.  That’s o.k.  It’s part of succeeding!  The bittersweet feeling of failing is what catapults us to strive towards our goals with grit and determination.  How sweet the feeling of success will be when we remember how we had to climb out of the pit of despair!  If you are in a pit this morning, have the courage to climb out because you have friends that are waiting to give you a hand up!   Let me be one of those friends!  Reach out to me if you are having a hard time or need a friend to listen to. 

See you all soon!