MMB – How’s Your Gut Health?

Good morning everyone,

Can you believe we are in the middle of December?  Is your schedule bursting with a multitude of activities?  Are you finding it difficult to find balance with nutrition, exercise, and sleep?  Well, you are not alone friends!  As a trainer, it’s my job to keep reminding you to carve out time for self care so that you don’t get sick, burned out, or depressed.  This is why it is so important to tap into a community of like minded people, who want to take their health to a higher level, and encourage one another to keep charging ahead with healthy eating, consistent work outs, and positive attitudes.  Is it easy? No!  But thankfully, life comes one day at a time and we have many fork in the road moments to make good choices. 

I want to applaud everyone who has been working out consistently and making it out to classes the past week.  This is such a rough time of year to stay focused and consistent, yet you are doing it!  Trust me, you are going to manage the month of December far better if you keep exercising and eating as clean as possible.  I know there might be some sugar monsters that might creep in there, but there’s a plan for that!  Keep reading after announcements!

Announcements and Reminders:

              1) Cardio Core is Tuesday at Jen’s Studio.  I currently have 1 spot open at 5:45pm,   and 2 spots open at 7:35pm.  Please e-mail or text me if you would like to sign up.


    1. December Class Card Specials!  For the  month of December, any class card you purchase for yourself will be 10% off.  If you want to purchase a class card as a gift for someone else who is new to Jen Allan Fitness, then I’m offering a 20% discount!  This is a great opportunity to reach out to a friend or loved one who may need a little encouragement to get started in a fitness program.  Buy your friend a gift card and offer to pick them up and take them to class!  We have such a welcoming and positive group of people, I know they will be inspired and touched by your generosity.   NOTE:  If you have purchased a card in the past few days, I’m happy to honor the discount the next time you purchase a card. 


    1. December Contest – Christmas Temptations Conquered!  Like I’ve been saying, there is temptation all around us this month and I know you guys have worked so hard in your work outs, clean eating, and being focused and disciplined on wellness.  So, as a little incentive for this  month, every time you walk away from a sweet treat or say no to a mocha frappacino, record it in your phone.  When you come to class, I’ll have a little box with note cards and you can jot down the moment that you conquered temptation. At the end of December, I’ll have a drawing for a free class card! Let’s conquer those sugar cravings together and feel great walking into January!


    1. Christmas Boot Camp and Brunch is on Saturday, December 23rd.  There will be 1 boot camp only from 7am to 8am.  Stay afterwards for a special Mama Jen’s brunch.  That’s right, you must work hard to earn your breakfast!  LOL!  Bring your kids too! 


    1. There will be NO Classed on 12/26 & 12/28.  Boot Camp resumes 12/30.


    1. New Year’s Day Running Boot Camp!  What better way to kick off the holiday than with a Running Boot Camp!  Class will be at 11am.


    Thought for the week:  How’s Your Gut Health? 

Sources from Kris Carr’s article, “How to Improve Your Gut Health”


Did you know there is a war going on in your gut?  That’s right, you have your own Marvel/DC adventure going on inside your own body!  Can you tell I’m a mom of boys? LOL!  Your gut is responsible for about 70% of your immune system and holds trillions of bacteria that help process food, nutrients, and fight disease.  Wow, this is important stuff right?  So, how do you know when your gut is “in balance” or “out of balance?”

Ask yourself if you have the following symptoms; Fatigue?  Digestive issues such as bloat, gas pressure, and constipation? Not sharp minded or foggy brained?  Susceptible to colds?  Aches and pains? A feeling of inflammation?

There is a large percentage of Americans walking around, who have leaky gut syndrome, and aren’t even aware of it!  Leaky gut can often times be difficult to diagnose because most MD’s don’t have proper training in regard to immunologic issues.

Naturopathic doctors are trained to look at the whole health of the person and treat them using alternative methods such as homeopathic and herbal supplements to rebuild gut health.  The downside is that these doctors are often times not covered by insurance and can be expensive to work with.

So, how do you know when your gut is in balance?  Well, you probably won’t think about it that much because you’ll be symptom free.  The bacteria balance would be about 80-85% of good bacteria, and 15-20% bad bacteria.  You’d feel energized, strong in your body, and you won’t get sick very often.  Bowels would be productive and healthy and you wouldn’t suffer from cramping, bloating, or painful gas pressure.

Based on the lists above, if you think your bacterial levels are off in your gut, first of all, you aren’t alone!  You might be asking, “What can I do to restore balance to my gut on my own?”

Here are some tips and guidelines that you can incorporate into your lifestyle.  It’s not complicated.  It just takes awareness, some time, and being willing to make some changes in the areas of nutrition.

1) Take probiotic supplements – If you have damage to your gut lining, you may want to take a digestive enzyme with meals to help your body break down and digest food.  There is an excellent health and nutrition shop in Pleasanton called The Valley Health Mill.  The staff in there are very knowledgeable and can answer your questions about the different types of probiotics and which ones might be good for you. 

2)  Eat prebiotic whole foods.  These are the foods that feed the good bacteria in your gut such as green leafy vegetables, salads, fiber filled foods, raw onion and garlic. 

3)  Eat probiotic whole foods.  Think fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, yogurt, and kombucha.  These are the foods that add probiotics to your gut. 

4)  Eat regularly, but not constantly!  Snacking is great, but not if it’s every hour!  Your gut needs a chance to rest and clear out bad bacteria and waste.  If you snack too often, you are contributing to the overgrowth of the bad bacteria. 

5)  Hydration is king!  Here’s the rule.  What’s your weight?  Take have of that and that’s how many ounces of water you should be drinking.  Your gut needs water to keep bacteria and waste moving through your digestive system. 

6)  Sugar feeds the bad bacteria!  Don’t make the bad bacteria super heroes!  When you eat sugar often, you are compromising your immune system and making yourself susceptible to colds and flus. 

7)  Reduce Stress.  Guess what your stress fuels?  Yup, an imbalance in your gut flora.  Your brain also goes into flight or fight mode and this wreaks havoc on your entire body.  Do what you can to be calm at night so you can sleep well and move when you can during the day to manage stress better. 

Bottom line:  Eat more veggies, salads, and fruits.  Drink more water.  Rest more.  Exercise regularly.  Limit sugar. 

There you go, the quick and dirty version! 

Stay well out there guys!  Put the work into good nutrition because you are worth it!

See you soon,