MMB – Health and Wellness are Verbs in Disguise!

Good morning everyone,

I hope you are walking into your Monday morning with a renewed and refreshed spirit that is ready to take on January!  This is the month that requires a little extra of everything:  motivation, inspiration, a positive attitude, and being purposeful in healthy living.  While we may not have the freezing and blizzard like conditions that our friends on the east coast are experiencing right now,  we still experience dark and rainy mornings that make it difficult to want to get out of bed and start the day.  This is the moment you shake hands with your goals.  Health and wellness doesn’t just happen.  They sound like nouns, but I would argue that they are verbs in disguise!  Being healthy isn’t really a thing, because in order to be healthy, you must do!  In order to eat healthy, you must go to the store, buy nutrient dense food, bring it home, and then DO something with it.  Again, it’s all in the action of doing.  You cannot think your way into fitness.  You must actually put the work in and get your heart rate up and sweat.  Yup, it’s all of the uncomfortable stuff that is painful at times that transforms us into being fit and healthy people.  So, as we are all walking into our first week back, with all of our regular commitments, let’s stay focused on the actions of health and wellness because we want the adjectives of health and wellness such as; fit, vibrant, energized, capable, positive, happy, confident, and charismatic!

A word on Nutrition Happenings and Samplings – Yesterday was the launch of my new class called Nutrition Happenings and Samplings.  I want to thank everyone, who was able to make it out, for carving out time from your weekend to spend an afternoon with me learning about plant based recipes and nutrition principles.  I had a blast doing it and loved seeing so many familiar and friendly faces in the crowd!  I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback about what you liked, learned, or thought could be improved.  Next time I’ll take a photo! I totally forgot to get a group picture, so we’ll get one next time!  That was such a “duh” moment!  I’d like to offer this class quarterly, so if you have ideas about what you’d like to see taught or areas of nutrition you’d like to learn more about, please let me know!  I’ll keep you posted on the date and details of the next class, so stay tuned!


Announcements and Reminders:

  • Cardio Fusion Class Time Changes – A reminder that Cardio Fusion on Thursdays has changed class times:  60 minute class is 5:45pm to 6:45pm and and 30 minute class is  6:55pm to 7:25pm.  Classes are held at VBC unless otherwise indicated.
  • Cardio Core Change –  Cardio Core at Jen’s studio will now accommodate up to five people per class!  Thanks to some time off and reorganization in Jen’s Studio, there is room for more people.  Yeah!  Same cancellation policy applies for Tuesday nights.


  • January’s Fit For Change Challenge is coming on Saturday, January 13th!  Mark your calendars now for the beginning of a new 6 week challenge that will motivate and inspire you!  I’ll weigh and measure you in the beginning of the challenge and again at the end.  Let’s find out who the biggest reducers will be!  Every Saturday will be a special athletic timed challenge that will leave you sweaty and wanting more! Bring a friend and let’s shake things up for the next 6 weeks!


  • Next Running Boot Camp is Sunday, January 21st at 11am -Winter is always tricky, but if the weather isn’t inclement, then let’s get a Running Boot Camp in!  

Thought for the week:  It’s Detox Time!

As I trainer I can say that I love the holidays and despise the holidays.  I love the focus on our Lord’s birth, time with family, fun holiday movies, cookie decorating, giving presents, and eating yummy treat foods!  Can you relate?  As a trainer, I despise the holidays because it’s excess on parade and most of us have the mindset that we’ve worked hard and we deserve to go full throttle off the leash!  And boy, do we!  However, there are consequences.

Raise your hand if you know anyone who was sick over the holidays?  Have you ever wondered why so many of us get bombarded with colds and flus around this time of year?  Yes, it’s true that we are all indoors more and viruses spread easily this way, but what’s happening to our immune systems?  If you think about it, most of us are eating more sugar, drinking more alcohol, sleeping less because we are staying up later, and we aren’t getting the same amount of vitamin D because we aren’t out in the sun like we are in the spring and summer.  When you add in all of these factors, the bottom line is we are vulnerable because our good gut flora has been compromised. 

Sugar feeds the bad bacteria and starves the good bacteria, making them weak and vulnerable.  80% of our immune system is in our gut, so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that we are vulnerable to becoming ill over the holidays.  Ack, no fun! 

Well, now that the party is over, it’s time to rebuild your gut health and immune system.  Here are some tips and ideas of how to detox in January:

1) Throw out any Christmas cookies, chocolates, or candies that are calling out to you.  There time has come and gone, so the best place for them is in the garbage where they can’t tempt you when you are feeling weak.

2) Add in a ton of fruits and veggies into your fridge and in your fruit bowl.  Take 10 minutes every day to chop up veggies so they are easy to grab and go.  When you are hungry and have the munches, reach for carrot and cucumber slices, not pretzels or crackers.

3) Hydration, hydration, hydration!  Think green juices – either store bought or home made.  However, the super green drink from Odwalla doesn’t count!  It’s basically a liquid green candy bar!  Think green smoothies, but watch the sugar. Drink the Lemon Detox drink with apple cider vinegar, lemon, cayenne, and cinnamon.  Drink green tea, coconut water, and kombucha. 

4)  Give your gut a break and lay off of bread, cereals, or anything snacky and processed.  Load up on salads, veggie soups, broths, and mushrooms!  Eating mushrooms frequently will help build immune strength because mushrooms contain ergothioneine, a powerful antioxidant that is very effective in providing protection from free radicals.  Mushrooms also contain Vitamin D, which is hard to find in vegetables.  So eat up those shrooms!

5)  Rest is king!  Get your sleep clock back to a normal routine and try to get to bed by 10pm.  Sleep is powerful because it allows our bodies to restore and repair during the night.  Everything is better when we are well rested.

6) Prepare and eat home made foods.  Eating out if fun, but can be lethal in the calorie and portion department!  Say NO to eating out and Yes to eating in.  This will help your pocket book and give you control over the ingredients in your foods. 


Let’s feel great in the month of January and focus on health and wellness together!

See you soon,