MMB – Hard to Find Words

Good morning everyone!

I hope and pray that you are waking up to a neighborhood that is still safe!  Like many of you, I was watching some of the news last night and couldn’t believe my eyes of what’s happening around our nation and local communities.  It’s hard to find the words right now to describe what it’s like watching all of the violence unfold.  I think it’s kind of a perfect storm out there and people are pushed to the edge and are ready to snap.  Let’s be extra cautious today and this week.  Keep those prayers coming for our local law enforcement, firefighters, and medical responders who are always on the front lines of violence.  Let’s also lift up our local and state government representatives in prayer as they are facing an onslaught of difficult decisions and crises.  Pray is powerful friends, so let’s lift up our voices together and pray for a calm and a peace to sweep over our nation right now!  

O.k, now onto fitness stuff –

Announcements and Reminders:

  1.  May Challenge – Please turn in your logs today and I will announce who the winners are for the Nutrition and Cardio Endurance Challenges! 
  2. Barre Blend On-Line – Tonight at 6pm!  If you’d like to join class, please text, “Zoom 6/1/20”
  3. Cardio Core On-Line is Tuesday night at 6pm & Cardio Fusion On-Line is Thursday night at 6pm!
  4. Park Fitness – In Person and SD is Thursday at 8am!  I have room for 8 people, so please reach out to me soon if you’d like to attend Park Fitness on Thursday!  Class is 45 minutes and we’ll take a field trip to the park and there’s plenty of space for SD!
  5. Boot Camp On-Line is Saturday 8am!

For those of you who attended Boot Camp this past Saturday, you know how tough it was!  It was the Burpee Bonanza and we did 120 Burpees across 45 minutes.  I created a circuit where we would do a compound resistance set, then 10 Burpees, then agility ladder drills.  There were 6 circuits and every circuit we completed 20 Burpees, but the fun part was that we added on to the Burpee every circuit!  So, we started with 10 basic Burpees and by the end of the 6th circuit, we would do a Burpee with Push-Ups, Spiderman planks, Jack planks, and Donkey kicks!  Yahoo!

Here is a post from MingMay Pang from FB who talked about the experience.

Thanks for the post MingMay!!

Have a safe day and I’ll see you in class soon!