MMB – Fork in the Road Moments

Good morning everyone,

I bet some of you are shaking your head in disbelief right now that you’ve made it through the past week and weekend!  What a crazy time of the year with end of the year school activities and events, graduations, hosting family, and trying to keep your head on straight!  Well, pat yourself on the back and take a deep breath because you made it!  I’m not a mind reader, but I venture to guess that many of you had to temporarily suspend your usual routines of fitness, nutrition, and wellness in the past few weeks.  Am I right?  That’s totally o.k. and it’s part of the ebb and flow of life and the milestone events that make our lives meaningful.  However, the party is over now and it’s time to get back to the business of living well and healthy!

Announcements and Reminders:

1)  Summer Kid Fit & Moms’ Fit Club is happening now!  When?  Monday mornings at Creekside Park.  Kid Fit is 9:30am to 10:00am & Moms’ Fit Club is 10:00am to 10:30am (Dads are welcome too!)  Classes are a part of my 30 minute pre-paid card system, except that one check off on the card is good for all of your kids! Woo hoo!

2) Reminder – NO Boot Camp this coming Saturday –

3) Father’s Day Running Boot Camp is Sunday, June 18th – time tbd (either 7am or 11am – take a vote?)

4) Jen’s 8th Year Business Celebration BBQ is Saturday, July 15th at 5pm.  Bring a dish to share and let’s celebrate our hard work for the past year!


Thought for the week: For in the Road Moments

From the time we wake up, until the time we go to bed, our day is filled with hundreds of decisions that we need to make.  Many of those decisions are focused on other people, like our kids, because we are responsible for them and their well being.  For those of you who are working full-time, a good chunk of your day is filled with decisions that are related to your profession and how to survive the day and complete all of your work related tasks and goals.

So, if we go throughout the day and are driven by all of our responsibilities and put everyone and everything first, when do we focus on our health?  If you have a desk job and are on conference calls throughout the day, followed by urgent e-mails that have to be sent or reports that need to be written by a deadline,  how will you be able to move?  What about managing your blood sugar and not letting five hours go by without eating?  Are you drinking enough water and taking bathroom breaks?  I have trained many people over the years who honestly want to be healthier, but they feel stuck in their sea of responsibilities and have over committed themselves feeling like they are trapped in a corner like an animal with no way to escape.

Along the journey of your day, from the time you wake-up until the time you go to bed, I’d like for you to imagine those fork in the road moments that cross your path on a daily basis.  One path leads to promoting health and the other path leads to disease.  

Here are a few fork in the road examples to ponder:

  1.  You set your alarm to go off at 5:30am because you want to get up and exercise for 30 minutes before getting ready for work.  What do you do?  Do you hit the snooze alarm or do you get up?  This is a very typical fork in the road moment and it’s a tricky one.  If you went to bed at midnight and get up at 5:30am, then you will be sleep deprived because you didn’t get enough sleep.  If you went to bed at 10pm, then YES, you should get up and exercise!  Assuming you are getting enough sleep, waking up earlier to exercise is a fork in the road moment that improves your health and stamina.  If you have a packed schedule every day and the morning is the only time you can exercise, you need to set yourself up for success so that you can get your work out in at 5:30am, which means not going to bed at midnight.


  1. What about movement breaks when you have a desk job?  Think about your work day.  Are you moving every hour or do you sit with your head in a forward leaning position with rounded shoulders for hours? This fork in the road is a biggie because we have become a sitting society and it is wreaking havoc on our health.  Have you head of the phrase that sitting is the new smoking?  When we choose the path of sitting for hours, it is hugely detrimental to our health!  If you choose the path of getting up to move for 5 minutes every hour, it will greatly improve your health by increasing blood flow to your brain, waking up muscles with oxygen that have become stiff, and help keep your metabolism operating optimally.  During that 5 minute break, if you can walk up and down the stairs a few times, do some wall-push-ups or take a brisk walk, these are all activities to help keep you healthy.  Have you tried a standing desk?  Give it a try and see how you feel.  


  1. How are you deciding when and how to eat everyday?  Do you head out the door with zero planning and go through Starbucks to get your sugared up coffee drink with a pastry?  Or, do you skip breakfast completely and only drink coffee?  By lunch time, you are ravenous and head out to lunch with your coworkers and eat way to many calories, sugars, sodium, fats, and the portion sizes are huge.  This would be a fork in the road of disease promoting behaviors.  What about if you shopped on Sunday and loaded up your fridge with a host of colorful fresh foods and did some meal planning on Sunday night?  What about if you took homemade meals with you to the office so you were in control of your health and not relying on fast foods or processed foods to get you through the day?  How would your health change?  The fork in the road moment is either having a plan to eat well or not have planned at all and we are left with poor choices that are disease promoting. 


Final thoughts.  Guys, we are not robots.  We are not meant to sit for hours and hours or deprive ourselves of good nutrition or movement breaks.  Something will finally give way and it usually means getting on the  medication merry go round because we’ve backed ourselves into a corner of having high blood pressure, high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome, Type II Diabetes or heart disease to name a few. 

When we come across a fork in the road moment and continually take the path of least resistance that leads to disease, we will never live optimally or to our life’s fullest potential.  You see, the healthy road requires more work.  I’ve often said that living healthy is like a part-time job because it takes being mindful of all the ways that make you well, such as proper rest, nutrition, and exercise.  YES!  it’s hard work being healthy, but what are the alternatives?  Take a look around at the average American and there is the answer.  How sad that so many people are living in a state of physical mediocrity and don’t know the joys of being able to run, bike, hike, swim, or take on a physical challenge like a race.  If we constantly choose the path that leads to comfort, pleasure, and sedentary living, we will never know our true potential and that would be a tragedy.  

So, what are your fork in the road moments?  Which path will you choose?

See you in class this week!






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