MMB – Fitness Vacation Tips!

Hi Everyone,

I’m back!  I had a fabulous vacation but I MISSED you guys!  It felt weird not training with you guys for five days – like something was missing.  Oh sure, I carved out time here and there to stretch and work out, but I really missed the group-ex feel and community!  After announcements and reminders, I have attached some vacation photos and some tips on how to travel well weaving in stretching and fitness!  Sometimes, it has to fall into the cracks of your time, so I’ll talk about some ideas of how to weave in mobility and flexibility!

Announcements and Reminders:

  1.  Classes are back in action this week!  Cardio Core is at Jen’s Studio tonight.  There are a couple of spots open, so please text me and I’ll plug you in.  Cardio Fusion is at VBC this week and Boot Camp is on Saturday!


  1. Plant Based Recipe Contest Saturday!  After the 2nd Boot Camp at 8:35am, there will be a plant based recipe contest for those of you who can stick around.  It can be a cold or hot dish, but it has to be vegetable based with no meat.  You do not need to bring a large amount of food because we’ll all be sampling little “tastes”.  I’ll have some paper plates, napkins, and forks.  Let’s find out who the best plant based chef of the day will be!  Winner will receive a class card!


  1. Celebrating March Greens Contest!  It’s time to be laser focused on our greens and clean eating!  For the month of  March, log all of your greens that you consume every day.  1 cup = 1 serving.  For example, 1 cup of salad is 1 serving.  I – 8oz cup of green juice is 1 serving.  At the end of the month, turn in your greens sheet and let’s find out who has consumed the most greens!  Winner will receive a class card!  Greens can be raw, steamed, roasted, salads, green smoothies, green juice, vegetable soups, etc. 


  1. St. Patrick’s Day Boot Camp Saturday, March 16th!  Wear your Irish best and come out to this special boot camp!  Prizes for the most spirited St. Patty’s Day costume!  Instead of curling beer, let’s curl dumb bells! 


  1. St. Patrick’s Day Walking Boot Camp!  Come out on Sunday, March 17th at 11am for some fitness together to celebrate the holiday!  Class is an hour long and all levels are welcomed! 

Photos from Jen’s Vacation & How to weave in fitness and stretching!

What do you do at the gate when you have 20 minutes?

What do you do in the morning on vacation for 30 minutes when everyone else is showering and getting ready for their day? 


Time at the gate again?  Bring your foam roller with you and take care of business!  Bring snacks with you so you don’t have to buy junk food!  I love GO RAW brand!

What do you do in an aquarium when you see bars?  Stretch!

Chopped raw veggies should be a way of life no matter where you go or what you do.  Just eat them!

Dream come true for my boys!  Visiting Clear Water Marine Hospital and feeding shark!  Home of Winter and Hope the Dolphins – from the film Dolphin Tale.

What’s better than feeding sharks?  Swimming with sharks at Florida’s Aquarium!

Thought for the week:  Vacation Fitness and Flexibility Tips

It is SO easy to blow off everything in your routine when you go on vacation.  And yes, you can do that.  But what is the fallout when you come back?  Ugh.  It’s so hard guys.  I see this time and time again with clients who go on vacation and don’t exercise at all.  They come back feeling sluggish, bloated, tight, and they’ve lost much of their strength, endurance, and stamina.  Can they get it back?  Of course, but it is SO hard!  Does vacation have to be this way?  The answer is NO.

I try to live as transparent a life as possible.  I believe in what I do and I try my very best to live a life of wellness from the inside out including the spiritual, physical, and mental.  So, when I go on vacation, I too am challenged as to how am I going to continue to live a disciplined life when the very nature of vacation implies taking a break from everything in routine to let go and have fun.  Having just come back from Florida, I’d like to share some tips with you about how to get fitness, stretching, and good nutrition.

Here are a few tips for you guys the next time you travel for business or pleasure:

  1.  Airports:  Bring fitness clothes with you, along with resistance tubing and a small foam roller.  When you are in the airport, have you noticed how much times is spent sitting down or standing?  Those are precious fitness minutes that can be taken advantage of!  Check out the photos from above, and you’ll see that I am rolling out on the Orb and doing some fitness with a squatting stork.  If people are all around you and you don’t want to make a menace of yourself, try to find a spot that is less crowded so you can do some body weight squats, lunges, planks, push-ups etc.  Whenever I was at the airport, I would stretch, roll out, and get a good 20-25 minute work out in.  The trick though, is to not let yourself get so sweaty because you’ll be flying and it’s really horrible sitting in a flight seat when you are soaked on the inside.  I’ve experimented with this and choose to back down my work out a few notches so I’m a little moist, but not dripping.  Make sense?  Of course, you could always bring a change of clothes if you really want to be a beast! Then again, your family might be horribly embarrassed.  Mine is.
  2. Waiting in line:  Are you going to wait in line anywhere?  Have your family member hold your place in line and you can go off to the side and get some stretching or light fitness in.  5-10 minutes of fitness woven into a time where you could just be standing is a great way to carve out time for your body and to keep your muscles engaged.  It’s also fun to do some partner fitness too.  I had my boys taking turns with me doing some lunge holds and grip fights – like the Bender Ball fights we do in class?  You can just use your hands.  It’s great 🙂  I also challenged everyone to see who could hold a single leg balance the longest without tapping down! 
  3. Amusement Parks:  Sometimes when we stand or sit for long periods of time, our bodies can become tight.  I like going off into a corner somewhere and doing some back and side stretches.  In the photo above, I found some bars that I could hang down from and get a really great back stretch. You’ll feel so much better weaving in stretching throughout the day.
  4. Nutrition:  This is tough. Vacation is expensive with calories – there’s no doubt about that.  However, choose which meals are going to be your treat meals and which ones are going to be nutrient dense and focused on clean eating.  If you make every single meal a treat meal full of extra calories and high fat foods, you will come home miserable!  The photo above was taken in the late afternoon when we were snacking and I had made guacamole and chopped up tons of veggies.  Everyone loved it and it was really refreshing to have cold, crisp veggies with guac.  When I ate out, I chose a falafel burger and skipped the fries, but added a side salad instead.  I still totally enjoyed myself, but didn’t feel so gross by really overdoing it with the fries.  Try to load up on fruit in the morning and lots of water.  If you do have ice cream, why do you need three scoops of it?  One should suffice 🙂
  5. Fitness without impacting everyone else.  Admittedly, fitness time can be selfish time, especially when you are on a family vacation.  So, if you want to get a good hour or more of fitness in, such as a good run and stations of body weight training, then I recommend getting up earlier one or two days so that you can take care of fitness business without having it impact everyone else.  This is the considerate thing to do and you’ll come back refreshed and your family will be thankful 🙂

Hope these tips help!