MMB – Finding Balance in Summer

Hi Everyone,

Can you believe it’s July 8th?  Summer is marching on and I hope you are finding time to thoroughly enjoy the bright and mild mornings as well as the longer days and beautiful evenings.  The weather has been perfect lately and I encourage you to celebrate summer by moving!  This is a bit of a vacation week for me because my boys are away at Boy Scout camp.  Oh my, what’s a girl to do!?  🙂 My husband has some time off right now too, so we are scratching our heads and trying to figure out what to do with our new found freedom! 

Announcements and Reminders:

  1.  Cardio Core is Tuesday at Jen’s Studio.  Depending on demand, classes will run with a minimum of three people.  Class times are 5:45pm to 6:30pm, 6:40pm to 7:25pm, and 7:35pm to 8:20pm. 
  2. Wednesday Play Day at the Park!  Come out and join me at 9:15am and let’s enjoy fitness outside at the park!  Class is 45 minutes and is for all levels.  Meet me at my home and we’ll warm-up and then take off to the sports park.  Drop in cost is $15 or use a prepaid card.  Please let me know if you’d like to join us!  Bring a friend too and make it twice the fun!
  3. Jen’s 10th Year of Business BBQ Saturday, July 20th!  4pm to 9pm.  Bring a dish to share and let’s hang out together and enjoy good fine, drinks, music, and fellowship!
  4. NO Cardio Fusion or Boot Camp this week!  Here is a Boot Camp Work Out you can do anytime this week or save until Saturday!  Let me know if you do it and take a before and after picture! LOL!   You can cut and paste from below: 

Boot Camp Work Out 45 minutes

Note: You’ll need some dumb bells
and floor space.
 5 min Jen warm-up: jog, lateral jog,
kick butts, lateral reaches, straight
leg kicks, torso twists, hip circles,
runner’s stretches, back extensions
and side bends, inch worms, pushups.

Circuit #1
Squats w/DB OH Press 15-20x’s
Lateral skaters for 30 sec.
20 Tricep push-ups
Repeat sequence.

Circuit #2
Alternating lunges w/DB
Lateral Raises 10-15x’s
10 Burpees, 5 Burpees w/Plank
Jacks, 5 Burpees w/Plank Jacks
& Push-ups.
Repeat Sequence

 Circuit #3 (allow 10-15 sec rest
after each sequence)
DB Renegade Rowing Sequence:
Start in plank position with
hands on dumb bells. Left row
and right row counts as 1 rep.
10- Renegade Rows
10-Renegade Rows w/Push-Ups
10-Renegade Rows w/ Pushups
and jump into squat
w/Bicep Curls
10-Renegade Rows w/Pushups,
and jump into squat
w/Bicep Curls and OH

Circuit #4
Single leg warrior pose w/DB
Posterior Delt. Flys Left leg10-
Squats w/alt kicks 40 sec.
Single leg warrior pose w/DB
Posterior Delt. Flys Right leg 10-
15 x’s
Repeat sequence.

Circuit #5
Bird dog hold 30-40 sec.
V-Sit hold 30-40 sec.
V-Sit and Russian Twists 30-40
Iron Man hold 30-40 sec.
Floor Bridge hold 30-40 sec.
Stretch and cool down.


Thought for the week:  Finding Balance in Summer

As I’ve been discussing lately, summertime has its unique joys and challenges for fitness folks.  On one hand, there are more opportunities to get out and move such as: hiking, bike riding, swimming, and walking.  However, there is also a pull in the opposite direction to take the edge off of the intense focus and relax and eat more.  I would argue that there is room for both, but it’s a delicate balance. 

The worst thing that can happen during summer is for your consistent work outs to go out the door.  Burning a significant amount of calories and keeping our metabolism humming along is how we keep our weight in check and our bodies in optimal health.  Vacation is good and everyone needs breaks from time to time.  However, it can also be a slippery slope because too much of a good thing is too much of a good thing. 

The longer you let time pass without your usual amount of discipline, the more difficult it is to get it back.  So, is it too much to have both?  No, I don’t think so.  Work hard so you can play hard!  You’ll feel much better if you are walking into a bbq party knowing that you did boot camp in the morning or a really vigorous hike or bike ride.  Remember though, every day can’t be a party.  You’ll get yourself into trouble in a hurry if you are in party mode every day.  Keep it contained.  Keep it within reason.  Fight for balance and you’ll have it.  This is the walk of the wellness path and it’s one worth traveling on. 

Enjoy the balance of summer, fitness, and health!

See you soon,