MMB – Fall Movement Mania Results!

Good morning everyone!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and are feeling energized and ready for the week!  A huge thank-you to everyone who came out on Saturday to participate in the trio of Halloween Boo Camp, the last Fall Movement Mania, and the canned food and Santa Rosa fire victim drives!  Wow, you guys were amazing with your positive energy, generosity, time commitment, and effort that you poured out into all of these endeavors!  Thank you again so much!

Saturday was a long day for me, but a successful one.  After I came home from boot camp and cleaned up, I headed up to Santa Rosa with a car full of donations and gift cards.  I was able to drop off a good portion of the clothes to my cousin Jessica at Safari West, along with the gift cards.  I still had a significant amount of items to donate, so my son Andrew and I were on the lookout for donation centers that were still accepting items. 

Seeing the damage from the fires up close and personal was devastating and emotional.  Because it was a Saturday, there were many families out on their burned properties and were scouring through the rubble in the hopes to find personal items that were not damaged.  We stopped off at one property and thought we’d say hi and check to see if they needed anything.  I began asking questions and found that this particular family lost their estate property that dated back to the mid-1800s and had housed seven generations of their family.  All of their precious memorabilia was gone, along with all of their pets too.  It was heartbreaking and real. 

There was a BBQ fundraiser at the local market around the corner and we were able to connect with people, who lost their homes, and give them some items.  Finally, we found Crossing the Jordan, which is a thrift store that raises funds for victims of abuse and addiction.  They happily took all of our items and explained that they have a voucher program for fire victims that gives them the opportunity to go shopping and take whatever items they need to rebuild their lives.  It was easy to see that the volunteers were working hard and trying to sort through all of the items quickly so that they could be made available.  It was inspiring.  If you have additional items you’d like to donate, please contact Crossing the Jordan:


Announcements and Reminders:

1)  There is No Cardio Core this week due to Halloween.  Enjoy the night off!

2)  Next Running Boot Camp is Sunday, November 12th at 11am.

3)  Thanksgiving Boot Camp is the morning of Thanksgiving at 7am! 


Switching gears now, here are the results of the Fall  Movement Mania!


Timed Challenge from Saturday:

1) Run around the building 2x’s, 2nd faster and 4 stair drills

2)  Cone to cone walking lunges w/DB bicep curls into OH presses, 20 burpees, repeat coming back.

3)  MB traveling squats and chest thrusts from crosswalk to end of parking lot.  Rest and repeat.  Do 2x’s.

4)  Single leg warrior w/pumpkin rows 20x’s L & R, figure 8’s with lateral lunges 20x’s. Rest and repeat.

5)  Jen Jolt:  50 jacks, 40 jump ropes, 30 jump squats, 20 push-ups, and 10 mountain climbers.

6)  Cone to cone traveling squats w/MB or pumpkin front raises, 20 jack burpees, rest and repeat.

7)  Run around the building 2x’s, 2nd faster and 4 stair drills.

8)  Pumpkin or MB tricep push-ups 20x’s, 20 ice skaters.  Rest and repeat.


7am winners:

1st – Joanne Vieira 27:15

2nd – Lynnda Philbrook 27:26

3rd – Wendy McHugh 27:33


8:05am winners:

1st  – Kathleen Jacobs & Heather Thompson 23:02

2nd – Kathy Schalin – 23:48

3rd – Lisa Dillon – 24:02

Congratulations guys!  Fantastic work!


Minutes to Miles Map Winner is...drum roll…….Joanne Vieira with 1,610 miles.  Joanne chose Canada and went 1,610 exploring Quebec!  Joanne wins a 4 class card worth $60!!  Congratulations!

Honorable mention goes to:

Christina Mantha with 1,575 miles in Japan and Lynnda Philbrook with 1,207 miles in Australia.  Well done ladies!

Canned food drive winner is Nancy Bircher!  Thanks Nancy for all of your generosity!  Nancy is in the bumble bee costume 🙂

Halloween Boo Camp Costume Winner is Marcey Donnelly as cave girl!  Marcey is on far right of the photo!

Check out these photos from Halloween Boo Camp!  These campers are working it hard!