MMB – Fall Challenge Results 2016

Good afternoon everyone,

    I hope you are doing well and feeling good out there!  Sorry it’s taken me a while to get this blog post out.  My son Andrew had oral surgery today, so my schedule was all topsy turvy! Everything went very well in the surgery, so we are thankful to God for that!

    This past Saturday was the last Fall Fitness Challenge!  I hope you guys enjoyed the format and felt challenge and encouraged at the same time!  It’s healthy and inspiring to change up the fitness format every few months and try new things to shake up patterns!  I’m proud of everyone who was able to make it out and give it their best effort!  Here are the winners for the different fitness test categories.  Congratulations Gang!  Way to push hard!

3/4 mile run:

1st place 3/4 mile run – 5:50 Ken Vieira

2nd place 3/4 mile run – 5:54 Andrea Hasty

3rd place 3/4 mile run – 6:14  Cindy Harrington

Most improved – Week 1 7:43 & Week 6 6:23  (1 min 20 sec reduction!) Daina Charland

Beginner Cone to Cone Run:

1st place 10 3/4 laps – Jamie Gordon

2nd place tie with 10 laps – Chris Gordon, Erin Campbell, Heather Thompson, Dave Thompson, Jason Allen

1 Minute Push-Up Test:

1st place Joanne Vieira 54 toes/19knees

2nd place Ken Vieira 50 toes

3rd place Brian Campbell 49 toes

Most improved Ken Vieira  Week 1 – 28 & Week 6 – 50

Most improved Lynnda Philbrook  Week 1 – 14 toes & Week 6 21 toes/21 knees

1 Minute Sit-Up Test

1st place  – 45  Jamie Gordon

2nd place – 37  Kim Mehr

3rd place – 36 Brian Campbell

Most improved Brian Campbell Week 1 – 20 & Week 3 – 36

Most improved Jamie Gordon Week 1 – 38 & Week 6 – 45

Most improved Erin Campbell Week 1 – 27 & Week 6 – 33

30 Second Inverted Rowing Test:

1st place – 25 Joanne Vieira

2nd place – 23 Paula Allen

3rd place – 22 Brian Campbell

4th place ties – Erin Campbell 21, Lynnda Philbrook 21

Most improved – Week 1 – 15 & Week 6 – 23  Paula Allen

Most improved Week 2 – 12 & Week 6 – 18  Christi Stevenson

1 Minute Fast Squat:

1st place – 58 Paula Allen

2nd place – 57 Ken Vieira

3rd place – 55 Chris Gordon

Most improved – Week 1 – 35 & Week 5 – 58  Paula Allen  (+23)

Most improved Week 1 – 37 & Week 5 – 46 Cindy Harrington (+9)

Most improved – Week 2 – 35 & Week 6 – 48  Christi Stevenson (+8)

Weight Loss Challenge:

Most pounds lost:

1st place – Chris Gordon with 8.8 lbs

2nd place – Jamie Gordon with 7.1 lbs

3rd place – Lynnda Philbrook with 2.8 lbs

Body Fat % Reduction:

1st place – Lynnda Philbrook with 2.2% lost

2nd place – Jamie Gordon with 1.7% lost

3rd place tie – Erin Campbell 1.2 % & Daina Charland 1.2 %

Waist & Hip Reduction:

1st place – Jamie Gordon with 3.5” lost in waist & 2.5” lost in hips

A huge round of applauds for all of the Fitness Challenge Winners and participants!  This is how we fight disease so keep up the good work!

Announcements & Reminders:

1) Halloween “Boo” Camp! This Saturday, October 29th.

    Boot Camp and dress up?!  Yes!  Come to Boot Camp wearing your favorite Halloween costume and there will be a costume contest with a prize at the end!  Obviously, you need to to choose something you can still move in, but be clever and see what you can come up with!  Nothing too evil please 🙂  I’ll have special Halloween themed games and drills, so you won’t want to miss this special Boot Camp!  It’s a great time to bring a friend and introduce them to the Jen Allan Fitness crew!

  • Canned food drive for Valley Bible Church Pantry:  Bring canned goods during classes this week to support the food pantry at Valley Bible.  For every canned food item you bring in during the week or on Saturday, you’ll get a raffle ticket and will go into a drawing for a $50 class card!
  • Thanksgiving Day Boot Camp is on Thursday, November 24th at 7am!  You won’t want to miss this special Thanksgiving Day Boot Camp!  Come get your calorie burn going so you can enjoy your turkey dinner later!  This is a great opportunity to bring family and friends!

4) Next Running Boot Camp is on Sunday, November 20th at 7am

See you in class soon!


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