MMB – Deprivation = Failure

Good morning everyone,

I hope you all had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!  Excellent effort by everyone who was able to make it out to classes this past week.  Thanks so much for your flexibility these over these past couple of weeks as I moved classes around for baseball playoffs.  This week classes will go back to the normal schedule of Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday’s at Valley Bible Church.

Announcements and Reminders:

  1. NO Boot Camp on Saturday, June 10th.
  2. 4th of July Boot Camp is Saturday, July 1st at 7am and 8:05am.  Let’s get patriotic together and wear our best red, white, and blue for this special boot camp.  Let’s burn up some calories, shed some fat, build muscle, and celebrate America’s independence!
  3. Jen’s 8th Year Business BBQ is Saturday, July 15th at 5pm.  Let’s gather together and enjoy our 20% while reflecting on another year of fitness together!  After some discussion with my husband, we’ve decided to keep it adults only.  🙂
  4. Moms’ Fit Club and Kid Fit is going on now! Classes are at Creekside Park this week on Wednesday and Friday – 9:30am is Kid Fit and Moms’ Fit Club is 10am!  Prepaid cards apply.
  5. Next Running Boot Camp is Sunday, June 18th at either 7am or 11am, depending on weather. 


Winner of Spring Fitness Challenge is Christi Stevenson!


Christi did an amazing job during this Challenge and was working out hard in both her fitness and nutrition and lost 10 pounds over the last eight weeks.  

For the fitness tests, she decreased her run in the 3/4 mile challenge by 39 seconds from an 8:02 to a 7:23.  In the 1 minute push-up challenge, she increased her push-ups from 19 to 48, and also did very well in the sit-up and rowing challenge.  

For Christi’s hard effort and dedication to celebrating life by moving and eating clean, she has won a $60 class card!  Way to go Christi!

Honorable Mentions during the Challenge:

Joanne Vieira decreased her 3/4 mile run by 36 seconds and also set a PR of a 7:43 time!  She also increased her push-ups by 18.

Ken Vieira decreased his 3/4 mile run by 27 seconds and set a PR at a 5:48 time!  He also increased his push-ups by 8 reps.

Bernadette Calvo increased her push-ups by 17 reps

Erin Campbell increased her push-ups by 12 reps

Heather Thompson increased her push-ups by 7 reps

Excellent job everyone!


Mud Run in Pleasanton

Erin Campbell and some of her buddies went out to the Mud Run obstacle course at the Pleasanton Fairgrounds this past Saturday.  After speaking to Erin about the event, she shared that she felt so much stronger this year in comparison to last year’s course in her abilities with increased strength, endurance, and capability.  Erin was able to make it all the way through the rings without falling and lifted a 50 pound bag on a pulley.  The best part for Erin is that her recovery time was much better and was even able to make it out to my Running Boot Camp yesterday!  Way to go Erin!  Keep up the great work!


Thought for the week:  Deprivation = Failure

For my blogs on Mondays, I’ve been sharing with you my take-aways from the One Day to Wellness conference I attended on May 13th with Bruce and Mindy Mylrea. 

For this morning, I’d like to share with you Bruce’s 3G eating plan.  Here are his thoughts on this program:

“We need to face the facts:  Diets do not work.  Evidence has shown multiple times that starting into a new diet plan based on the latest food fads is a waste of time.  In fact, this habit may actually prove to be more detrimental to health than not dieting at all.  True wellnesswill only arise when a permanent change has been made.  A key component of this eating plan is to avoid the feeling of deprivation.  The feeling of deprivation is the reason most diets fail.  You are already feeling anxious and a little scared when dieting so the last thing you need is to also feel deprived of the foods you have grown to love the most.  There is no finish line in our program.  There is no date where you can go back to old habits.  Our goal is for you to integrate a new way eating forever.  This may require a complete mind shift for you or this may be an easy transition.  We have developed a simple step-by-step eating plan that leverages the latest research in both behavior change and optimum plant-based nutrition.”

Here is Bruce’s 3G plan:

G1:  Greens:  This is the most important and nutritious serving of your meal and should be the biggest course.  Eat greens first, which can either be raw or cooked.  Think hardy vegetable soup or tofu stir fry.  In G1, you can also eat berries!

G2:  Grains:  This group refers to whole foods that have not been processed.  This can include:  wild rice, brown rice, quinoa, millet, oatmeal, and barley.  Vegetable starches are also included such as:  sweet potatoes, corn, and beans. 

G3:  Guilty Pleasure:  This group is whatever comfort food you feel that you need in order to not feel deprived.  Remember, Deprivation  = Failure.  This course can be whatever you want, but you are encouraged to eat it as healthy as possible.  Also, try and make this course as small as possible in the focus of decreasing portion sizes.  Examples are a burrito, lasagna, or a small piece of meat.  Yes, chocolate is on the list too!

So, in summary, load up on all of the good stuff first that are high in nutrients such as your greens and grains, then have a guilty pleasure 🙂









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