MMB – Christmas Boot Camp Brunch 2018!

Good morning everyone,

I hope you are enjoying this Christmas season to its fullest and giving thanks to God for all your blessings!  This past Saturday was my annual Christmas Boot Camp and Brunch!  Yup, you do the hour boot camp and you get fed by Mama Jen!  I provide this brunch as a way of saying, “Thank-you” so much to everyone who attends my classes throughout the year! 

Without you, there would be no Jen Allan Fitness!  I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity and privilege to train with you guys on a regular basis.  Thank you for placing your trust and faith in me that I will provide a level of fitness that will not only challenge and inspire you, but keep you safe in the process where strength is built and injury is avoided. 

I know there were quite a few of you who were home ill this past Saturday and I pray that you will heal quickly and get back to living life to its fullest!  This is the time of year when those nasty cold and flu viruses start wreaking havoc on our health.  I have included some tips and reminders at the bottom of the blog for you to review so that you can skate through this winter season feeling healthy and avoiding sickness.

For this blog, I’ll list the announcements and reminders, Christmas Boot Camp photos for you to check out, and the holiday cold/flu tips to staying healthy. Sound good?  Let’s go!


Announcements and Reminders:

  1.  Cardio Core is at Jen’s Studio Tuesday!  Please text or e-mail me if you’d like to sign up for class!  I currently have spaces in all three classes. 
  2. Cardio Fusion will be at VBC this Thursday, December 20th.  Please note there will be NO Cardio Fusion, December 27th.
  3. Boot Camp is ON for December 22nd and 29th!  Let’s manage those holiday calories and make it out to Boot Camp the last two Saturdays of the month.
  4. Nutrition Happenings Poll – I am brainstorming ideas for a January Nutrition Happenings in my home again.  I would LOVE to hear some ideas about the types of topics you’d like to hear about.  What types of foods would you like to sample and learn more about?  Do you need help with snack ideas?  Meal Ideas?  How to incorporate more plant based eating into your lifestyle?  Shoot me a text or e-mail and let me know your thoughts.  This class is designed to help YOU, so please share your ideas 🙂
  5. New Year’s Day Walking Boot Camp at 11am!  Mark your calendar for the New Year and let’s gather together to kick off 2019 with some awesome fitness together!  This class is for beginners through intermediate and all fitness levels are welcomed.  Exercises can be ramped up or down depending on your needs. 
  6. Holiday packages are currently available through 12/31.  See me if you are interested!


Winter Promo Packages Winter Promo Packages

Photos from Christmas Boot Camp Brunch 2018!

Monster Band Squats and Overhead Presses!  Way to go Kim Mehr, Christi Stevenson and Pete Calvo

Erin Campbell rocking those med ball slams!

Say hello to med ball plank holds!  Awesome job Christi, Kim, and Pete!

Check out those walking lunges with posterior deltoid flys!  Awesome job Andrew Allan, Ken Vieira, and Joanne Vieira!

Check out Lynnda Philbrook’s Prono Iso Cobra, or as I like to call it – Iron Man Hold!

More walking lunges and flys, along with iso lunge hold tubing rows!  Check out Lynnda Philbrook’s excellent form!  Rock on Lynnda!

More iso lunge holds and tubing rows!  Way to go Kim and Christi!

Check out all this awesome core work – Russian med balls in v-sits & med ball planks!

Stability ball knee tucks and planks!  Way to go Christi!

These are a round of squats with med ball front raises!  Excellent work Lynnda and Kathy!

Look at those smiling faces on Paula Allen and Ken Vieira’s faces!  Boot campers are happy campers!

Ken Vieira rocking those med ball push-up passes!

More med ball chop and slams – Kathy Schalin at work!

Stability ball plank holds!  Awesome job Christi, Kim, and Pete!

Hello sumo squats and bicep med ball pulses!  Say hi to your adductors and biceps!

Lynnda Philbrook showing how to do a plank hold with toes on a med ball! 

Way to go Pete!  Awesome plank with toes on the med ball!

It’s corny Christmas joke time!  I can tell Andrew Allan loves the one he read!  LOL!

Joanne Vieira, Andrew Allan, Paula Allen, and Ken Vieira


How to stay healthy during the holidays – tips by Jen

  1.  Rest is king!  I cannot stress this enough.  I know it’s hard, but please try to get in bed earlier.  Staying up past midnight to get tasks done will not do you any favors, even if you are getting work accomplishes.  Why?  Because you are robbing your body’s ability to rest and repair so your cells will have the energy needed to get you through the following day.  When we have a sleep deficit, this is the recipe of how we become run down and are vulnerable to illness.  There are a multitude of sleep studies out there showing how important it is to get a few hours of sleep before midnight.  I know it’s hard, but try adjusting your schedule and getting to bed earlier and waking up earlier if needed. 


  1. Avoid sugar.  I know, I know….you are saying I’m crazy! It’s the holidays after all!   As a reminder, sugar feeds the bad bacteria in our gut and makes our good bacteria wilt in ability!  It’s known that about 80% of our immune system is in our gut.  So, healthy gut bugs are your defenders.  Do you remember the film, “A Bug’s Life?”  Remember the term, “Warrior Bugs?”  LOL!  I am always telling my boys that we are feeding our warrior bugs in our gut when we say no to sugar and yes to fermented foods like Kombucha or pickles vegetables.  So, try your best to limit sugar and do NOT eat Christmas cookies every day 🙂


  1. Drink immune supporting liquids.  Train your taste buds to enjoy green juices (not loaded with sugar)  These are prebiotic foods that will help support your gut bugs.  Kombucha is a probiotic because it’s a fermented tea that is loaded with good gut bugs!  Say NO to soda and yes to Kombucha!  Get into drinking herbal teas that are anti-inflammatory.  Think green tea and chamomille.  Check out this article on teas:


  1. De-stress yourself!  Almost everyone I’m speaking with right now is overwhelmed by the holidays.  Guess what stress does to us?  Yup, it makes us sick.  Protect your mind and body and find ways to destress such as exercise, meditate or pray, pet your cat or dog, take a hot shower or bath, listen to soothing music, get a massage.  Here is a link to an article by Healthline with good reminders about what stress does to our bodies:  


  1. Are you spewing positive or negative?  What’s coming out of your mouth right now?  Are you complaining a lot and griping about life?  Are you hanging around people who are gossiping or spreading negative too?  What we think and say has impact on our mind and body.  When we speak positively and put a smile on our face instead of a frown, our body responds to this and we actually stay healthier!  So, watch your tongue and spread positive around you instead of negative.  Love is more powerful and makes the world a better place and keeps you healthier!


  1. Eat berries every day.  These are amazing super foods packed with antioxidants that boost your immunity! 


  1. Eat mushrooms!  Mushrooms provide an amazing boost to our immune system.  Make sure they are cooked though and experiment with different types of mushrooms.  Check out this article:


  1. Eat greens!  Steam them, roast them, juice them, smoothie them, eat them raw!  However you can get greens into you, enjoy dark green leafies because they will feed your warrior bugs!


That’s it for today everyone!  Stay healthy out there!


See you guys soon!