MMB – Challenge Check-In

Good morning everyone!

I hope you are walking into your Monday feeling refreshed and energized!  As many of you know, I was away in Seattle this past weekend.  We had a great time with our friends and the it was a lovely break.  I’m happy to report that quite a few of you did the Boot Camp Challenge homework!  That is so awesome!   Here are a few photos of the Boot Campers who took on the Challenge this weekend!:

MingMay Pang with son Brandon, Melissa Judge, and Lisa Thach – Time:  43:44

Deb Roe Time:  31:49

Lynnda Philbrook Time 31:11

Announcements and Reminders:

1)  Cardio Core at Jen’s Studio Tuesday night:  5:45pm to 6:30pm, 6:40pm to 7:25pm, 7:35pm to 8:20pm.  If you would like to come to class on Tuesday, please text or e-mail me.  I need a minimum of three people to run a class or two people who are o.k. with a double class charge.  Let’s kick off our mid-week with some awesome fitness together!

2) Park Fitness Thursday – 8:30am to 9:15am.  If you’d like to take a field trip with us to the sports park, then come on out and join us at 8:30am!  All levels welcomed.  Drop in cost $15 or use pre-paid class card.

3)  Cardio Fusion is Thursday at VBC!  Class times:  5:45pm to 6:30pm & 6:40pm to 7:25pm.  If you would like to come to class on Thursday, please text or e-mail me.  I need a minimum of three people to run a class or two people who are o.k. with a double class charge.  Let’s end our our mid-week with some awesome fitness together!

4)  3rd Fall Fitness Challenge is Saturday!  Let’s continue this journey of raising the bar fitness together!  Class is 7:30am to 8:15am.  It’s not too late to join, so come on out and bring a friend too! 


Thought for the week:  Challenge Check-In

Why do trainers offer Challenges?  Well, the simple answer is that we need them.  The whole point of a Challenge is to shake things up mentally and physically so that we can break out of our usual routine and have a pattern reset in our bodies.  As you know, I always create some kind of a time push during a Challenge with the purpose of creating an environment of competition.  Have you noticed there’s an extra edge of excitement and drive on Challenge days?  It’s because competing is both nerve-wracking and exhilarating at the same time!  When we are under these conditions, there’s an extra boost of adrenaline that catapults is into increased exertion and performance.  This is how we break patterns and increase strength, endurance, and stamina.  In case you were wondering, you don’t have to be an athlete to experience this!  No matter who you are or what your fitness level is, you will benefit from participating in a Challenge type boot camp because it will inspire you to rise up and push a little harder.  And, pushing a little harder over the course of six weeks will result in great gains in your fitness goals.

In regard to nutrition and eating, a Challenge time is also about being more disciplined about what you put in your mouth.  Try to make small changes and focus on a few things that you can work on right now.  Don’t overthink a nutrition plan.  Most of us already know what to do, it’s just a matter of doing them! LOL!

Here are a few helpful reminders to go and DO:

  1.  Eat more homemade food and bring your lunch or snacks with you from home.  Going out to eat can be a a calorie killer and is full of temptation.
  2. Drink more water and avoid sugary drinks, either the soda varieties of revved up coffee drinks.
  3. Don’t eat late at night.  Try closing the kitchen at 6pm.  It’s not easy-I know.
  4. Eat nutrient dense foods that will fill you up.  Make sure to eat a balance of smart carbs, plant based protein, and heart healthy fats.
  5. Focus on plant based eating because these are the foods that will satisfy your cells in your body and keep you satisfied.
  6. Rest is king for a healthy weight, metabolism, and cellular repait.  Try to get to bed by 10pm. 

Hope that helps!  Let’s live clean and healthy together so we can live our best life now!