MMB – Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Green!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a great weekend!  I love everyone’s effort who was able to make it out to classes this past week!  Let’s keep the hard work, dedication, and momentum going!  Hard work is how change happens!

Announcements and Reminders:

1)  Cardio Core is Tonight (Monday)!  There are three classes tonight:  5:45pm, 6:40pm, & 7:35pm.  Currently, there is room in 6:40pm & 7:35pm.  I will send out a separate e-mail with the names on the class lists.  Please contact me via e-mail or text if you’d like to join in!

2) Park Fitness is Thursday 8:30am!  Come join us for this fun filled fitness day at the park!  All levels are welcomed.  Class is 45 minutes.  We meet at Jen’s Studio.

3)  Cardio Fusion is Thursday night at VBC!  Classes are 5:45pm & 6:40pm. 

4)  St. Patrick’s Day Boot Camp is this Saturday,  March 14th 7:30am!  Come wear your favorite Irish green and let’s get festive in our fitness fun!  There will be a costume contest and some treats from Mama Jen’s kitchen!  You won’t want to miss this special holiday boot camp!

5)  Schedule Change week of March 23rd!  Cardio Core will be Monday 3/23 Jen’s Studio, Cardio Fusion will be Wednesday 3/25 Jen’s Studio & Boot Camp will be Friday, March 27th at VBC! 


Thought for the week:  Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Green!


Unless you are living under a rock somewhere, everyone is talking about the Corona virus or Covid-19.  While we certainly need to be cautious about good hygiene, cleanliness, sanitizing, and avoiding being around those who have cold symptoms, I would challenge all of us to boost our immune systems! 

One of the first things you should be mindful of when boosting your immune system is avoiding sugar!  Sugar is detrimental to our health in so many ways, but it makes your gut environment toxic to the good bacteria that is struggling to live in your digestive pathways.  Your good gut bacteria are the pillars that hold you up in avoiding cold and flus! 

Another important aspect to boosting your immune system is getting enough rest and reducing stress.  Usually when we are stressed, we aren’t getting enough sleep. Night after night of poor sleep leads to sleep deprivation and a compromised immune system. 

Attached below is more information on herbs and methods you can start incorporating today to boost your immune system.  Research colloidal silver.  This is something that is new to me, but it’s power stuff in fighting off viruses.  If you run into Lynnda Philbrook, ask her about silver because she’s been using this in her family for years and has experienced great success with it.

Also, we are what we eat.  If we are constantly ingesting foods that are processed and void of nutrients, we will be much more susceptible to illness. 

Let’s embrace the green in St. Patrick’s Day and eat those dark, leafy greens, probiotic foods, berries, and herbs and supplements like the ones listed below in the article.

See you in class soon!



How to Boost Your Immune System — Top 10 Boosters

By Christine Ruggeri, CHHC

March 21, 2018


How to boost immune system - Dr. Axe


Immune System Boosters

When searching for how to boost your immune system, look to these 11 herbs, supplements and essential oils.

1. Echinacea

Many of echinacea’s chemical constituents are powerful immune system stimulants that can provide significant therapeutic value. Research shows that one of the most significant echinacea benefits is its effects when used on recurring infections. A 2012 study published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine found that echinacea showed maximal effects on recurrent infections, and preventive effects increased when participants used echinacea to prevent the common cold. (9)

A 2003 study conducted at the University of Wisconsin Medical School found that echinacea demonstrates significant immunomodulatory activities. After reviewing several dozen human experiments, including a number of blind randomized trials, researchers indicate that echinacea has several benefits, including immunostimulation, especially in the treatment of acute upper respiratory infection. (10)

2. Elderberry

The berries and flowers of the elder plant have been used as medicine for thousands of years. Even Hippocrates, the “father of medicine,” understood that this plant was key for how to boost your immune system. He used elderberry because of its wide array of health benefits, including its ability to fight colds, the flu, allergies and inflammation. Several studies indicate that elderberry has the power to boost the immune system, especially because it has proven to help treat the symptoms of the common cold and flu.

A study published in the Journal of International Medical Research found that when elderberry was used within the first 48 hours of onset of symptoms, the extract reduced the duration of the flu, with symptoms being relieved on an average of four days earlier. Plus, the use of rescue medication was significantly less in those receiving elderberry extract compared with placebo. (11)



3. Colloidal Silver

Dating back to ancient times, silver was a popular remedy to stop the spread of diseases. Silver has historically and extensively been used as a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent. Research published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine suggests that colloidal silver was able to significantly inhibit the growth the bacteria grown under aerobic and anaerobic conditions. (12)

To experience colloidal silver benefits, it can be used in several ways. How to boost your immune system with this supplement? Simply take one drop of true colloidal silver with internally. It can also be applied to the skin to help heal wounds, sores and infections. Always keep in mind that it should not be used for more than 14 days in a row.

You may come across many warnings about colloidal silver causing an irreversible condition called argyria (when people turn blue); however, this is caused by the misuse of products that are not true colloidal silver, like ionic or silver protein. (13)

4. Probiotics

Because leaky gut is a major cause of food sensitivities, autoimmune disease and immune imbalance or a weakened immune system, it’s important to consume probiotic foods and supplements. Probiotics are good bacteria that help you digest nutrients that boost the detoxification of your colon and support your immune system.

Research published in Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition suggests that probiotic organisms may induce different cytokine responses. Supplementation of probiotics in infancy could help prevent immune-mediated diseases in childhood by improving the gut mucosal immune system and increasing the number of immunoglobulin cells and cytokine-producing cells in the intestines. (14)

5. Astragalus Root

Astragalus is a plant within the bean and legumes family that has a very long history as an immune system booster and disease fighter. Its root has been used as an adaptogen in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. Although astragalus is one of the least studied immune-boosting herbs, there are some preclinical trials that show intriguing immune activity. (15)

A recent review published in the American Journal of Chinese Medicine found that astragalus-based treatments have demonstrated significant improvement of the toxicity induced by drugs such as immunosuppressants and cancer chemotherapeutics. Researchers concluded that astragalus extract has a beneficial effect on the immune system, and it protects the body from gastrointestinal inflammation and cancers. (16)

6. Ginger

Ayurvedic medicine has relied on ginger’s ability for how to boost your immune system before recorded history. It’s believed that ginger helps to break down the accumulation of toxins in our organs due to its warming effects. It’s also known to cleanse the lymphatic system, our network of tissues and organs that help rid the body of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials.

Ginger root and ginger essential oil can treat a wide range of diseases with its immunonutrition and anti-inflammatory responses. Research shows that ginger has antimicrobial potential, which helps in treating infectious diseases. It’s also known for its ability to treat inflammatory disorders that are caused by infectious agents such as viruses, bacteria and parasites, as well as physical and chemical agents like heat, acid and cigarette smoke. (17)

7. Ginseng

The ginseng plant, belonging to the Panax genus, can help you to boost your immune system and fight infections. The roots, stems and leaves of ginseng have been used for maintaining immune homeostasis and enhancing resistance to illness or infection. Ginseng improves the performance of your immune system by regulating each type of immune cell, including macrophages, natural killer cells, dendritic cells, T cells and B cells. It also has antimicrobial compounds that work as a defense mechanism against bacterial and viral infections. (18)

A study published in the American Journal of Chinese Medicine found that ginseng extract successfully induced antigenspecific antibody responses when it was administered orally. Antibodies bind to antigens, such as toxins or viruses, and keep them from contacting and harming normal cells of the body. Because of ginseng’s ability to play a role in antibody production, it helps the body to fight invading microorganisms or pathogenic antigens. (19)

8. Vitamin D

Vitamin D can modulate the innate and adaptive immune responses and a vitamin D deficiency is associated with increased autoimmunity as well as an increased susceptibility to infection. Research shows that vitamin D works to maintain tolerance and promote protective immunity. There have been multiple cross-sectional studies that associate lower levels of vitamin D with increased infection. (20)

One study conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital included 19,000 participants, and it showed that individuals with lower vitamin D levels were more likely to report a recent upper respiratory tract infection than those with sufficient levels, even after adjusting for variables such as season, age, gender, body mass and race. (21) Sometimes addressing a nutritional deficiency is how to boost your immune system.

9. Myrrh

Myrrh is a resin, or sap-like substance, that is one of the most widely used essential oils in the world. Historically, myrrh was used to treat hay fever, clean and heal wounds and stop bleeding. Myrrh strengthens the immune system with its antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties. (22)

A 2012 study validated myrrh’s enhanced antimicrobial efficacy when used in combination with frankincense oil against a selection of pathogens. Researchers concluded that myrrh oil has anti-infective properties and can help to boost your immune system. (23)

10. Oregano

Oregano essential oil is known for its healing and immune-boosting properties. It fights infections naturally due to its antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-parasite compounds. A 2016 study published in Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition found that the main compounds in oregano that are responsible for its antimicrobial activity include carvacrol and thymol. (24)

Several scientific studies found that oregano oil exhibited antibacterial activity against a number of bacterial isolates and species, including B. laterosporus and S. saprophyticus. (25)

Immune-Boosting Lifestyle Changes

I should also stress the importance of incorporating physical activity into your daily and weekly regimen to strengthen your immune system. A 2018 human study published in Aging Cell revealed that high levels of physical activity and exercise improve the immunosenescence (gradual deterioration of the immune system) in older adults aged 55 through 79, compared to those in the same age group who were physically inactive. The study also highlights that physical activity doesn’t protect against all of the immunosenescence that occurs. However, the decrease in a person’s immune system function and activity can be influenced by decreased physical activity in addition to age. (26)


In the quest for how to boost your immune system, proceed with some caution. If you are using these immune-boosting herbs and essential oils, remember that the products are extremely potent and should not be taken for more than two weeks at a time. Giving yourself a break in between long doses is important.

Also, if you are pregnant, be cautious when using essential oils and reach out to your health care provider before doing so. Any time you are using natural remedies like plant supplements, it’s a good idea to do it under the care of your doctor or nutritionist.

Final Thoughts

  • The immune system is an interactive network of organs, cells and proteins that protect the body from viruses and bacteria or any foreign substances.
  • When our immune system is working properly, we don’t even notice it. It’s when the performance of our immune system is compromised that we face illness.
  • Plants, herbs and minerals can be used to prevent and fight infections due to their antimicrobial and immune-boosting properties.
  • The top 10 immune system boosters include echinacea, elderberry, colloidal silver, probiotics, astragalus root, ginger, ginseng, vitamin D, myrrh and oregano.