MMB – Boot Camp Homework for 4/22

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a fabulous Easter and celebrated with your friends and family over the weekend.  I’m happy to report that I’m feeling 100% better and am looking forward to see you all in class this coming week!  A big thank you  to all of my clients for your patience last week as I had to cancel all of my personal training and class sessions.  My boys and I had a nasty virus and I’m very thankful it’s over and done with!  Now, let’s get back to training! 

We are half way through the Spring Fitness Challenge so how are you guys doing out there?  For those who were measured and weighed in, are you guys watching your portion control?  Drinking more water?  Eating smart carbs with combos of protein and heart healthy fat?  How are your work outs coming along?  Whether you feel like you are in a good groove or you are struggling with some things, let me know because I’d love to hear how you are doing and help encourage you.  Have you noticed that being healthy is kind of like a part-time job?  It takes work, time, and dedication to stay consistent.  Always ask yourself, “Am I worth the effort?”  or, “Who needs me to be strong for them in my life?”  I promise you’ll find the motivation you need to stay healthy when you ask these types of questions. 

Announcements and Reminders

  1.  No Boot Camp this coming Saturday, April 22nd.
  2. Spring Fitness Challenge is going on now!  It’s not too late to join in on a Saturday Boot Camp and be challenged with fitness tests that will motivate you to go the extra mile! 
  3. Moms’ Fit Club and Kid Fit are starting on May 1st through mid-July.  See Jen for more info.
  4. Next Running Boot Camp is on Sunday, April 30th at 11am.  Let’s get a 5k distance in with a combination of fun running, cardio drills, strength, and core!
  5. Special Friday night Boot Camps scheduled for May 12th at 6:15pm

Boot Camp Homework for Saturday, April 22nd:

I won’t be able to teach Boot Camp this coming Saturday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do Boot Camp!  Don’t worry guys, I’m not going to leave you hanging.  I’ve come up with a Boot Camp plan that you are welcome to follow this coming Saturday so you can make sure you stay on track.  Timing for this Boot Camp should take about an hour. 

For some, it will take a little less, and for others, a little longer.  Make sure you are hydrated and you’ve eaten something easily digestible an hour or hour and a half prior to this work out.  For less intensity, back off on jumps.  For example, instead of a jump squat, do squats instead.  For lunge plyos, you can do reverse lunges.  Have fun!  Let me know how you do!

Here’s what you’ll need:
Resistance tubing, mat,  and a couple of cones or markers


Boot Camp Body Blast

 5 minute warm-up with dynamic stretches:  Jog for 30 seconds, back stretches, runner’s stretch, side reaches, hip circles, straight leg kicks, inch worms, prisoner squats with rotation, push-ups.


Light run for 5 minutes.


Circuit #1:  15 Walking lunges with tubing posterior deltoid flys, 20 push-ups, 30 seconds of power jacks.  Repeat circuit.


Circuit #2:  Cardio drills:  Set up cones about 30 ft apart and do:  high knees down and kick butts back 2 x’s, guerilla run 2 x’s, skip bounding 2 x’s, and lateral shuffles 2 x’s.


Circuit #3:  Hook tubing around a pole or fence and do 20 squat and rows.  Take tubing behind your back and grab onto handles with hands in tall plank position for 30 seconds of resistance mountain climbers.  Rest 10-15 seconds, and follow with resistance squat thrusts for 30 seconds.  Repeat circuit.


Circuit #4:  Running/speed drills:  Do a 30, 20, 10 (30 sec. jog, 20 sec. run, & 10 sec. sprint) 4 x’s  Use a watch with a second timer so you are accurate.  You can use your street to do this.  Recover for 1 minute.


Circuit #5:  Use a curb/sidewalk and do 10 walking planks, then 20 burpee push-ups on curb, go back doing 10 walking planks, and 20 more burpee push-ups.  Are you feeling the love yet?


Circuit #6:  Lower body blast:  Do 40 sec. of the following on the curb with 15 sec. rest following:  jump squats, lunge plyos, 180 degree jump squats( start with left foot on curb and load and explode in your 180degree jump to land with your right foot on the curb, Brazilian lunges up and down with back foot on curb 20 sec. left, then right.  Burn baby burn!


Circuit #7:  Single leg balance with slight squat and bent over for tubing lat pull downs – 20x’s, 30 sec. ski jumps, repeat and start with other leg for lat pull downs 20 x’s, finish with dynamic lateral leaps 30 sec.


Circuit #8:  15-20 Tricep Push-ups,   30 sec. Sumo Squat hops or jumps.  Repeat circuit.  Step on tubing with left foot and get into wide squat.  Do 30 tubing bicep curls on left side, then right side.  30 sec.


Circuit #9:  Core:  You may need a mat.  Multi limb Plank holding 15 sec. per position:   Right arm extended, then Left arm, then Right leg, then Left leg, then Left arm and Right leg, then Right arm and Left leg.  Side plank  holds 30 sec. Left, then Right.  Active floor bridges for 30 seconds.  Iron Man Hold 30 seconds.  If time, repeat circuit.


Circuit #10:  Stretch:  Iso Runner’s stretch, calves, quads, back stretches, sumo squat hold push knees out, cat/cow’s, praying child.

Rock on!  You did it!


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