MMB – Be the Person You Were Born to Be!

Good morning everyone!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and enjoyed the beautiful weather we are experiencing!  This past Saturday was the 6th and final Winter Fitness Challenge for 2020!  A huge shout out to Bernie Calvo and MingMay Pang who both attended ALL 6 Challenge Saturdays! 

For this Challenge, I put together a combination of Challenge circuits to celebrate the end of the Challenge!  Those of you who attended did the following: Med Ball Mania, HIIT & RUN, Lower Body Blast, Horizontal & Hungry, and…..a MB exercise game at the end to see how many different exercises we could come up with!

For those of you who weighed in and measured for the Challenge, the person who won the weight lost challenge is Candace Guintoli with 10 lbs of weight loss!  Candace has been doing personal training with me for quite some time and in the last several weeks has committed to doing intermittent fasting.  She’s increased her exercising to 4-5 times a week and is very disciplined in her nutrition and fasting.  On average, Candace has been losing about three pounds every week.  A huge congrats to Candace for her hard work and commitment to change!  Candace won a $50 class card!  Keep it up girl!


Here are some pictures from Saturday’s Challenge:

Pete Calvo, Candace Guintoli, Erin Campbell, Bernie Calvo, Debbie Roe, Mingmay Pang, Christy Stevens, Mansi Parekh

Challenge winners:  Erin Campbell, Debbie Roe, Pete Calvo


Announcements and Reminders:

1)  Cardio Core is Tuesday at Jen’s Studio!  Due to the warmer weather this week and ability to be outside, I will be expanding the class list to include eight people.  Due to the wait lists, I will send out a class list today to get a jump start on scheduling.  Look for that e-mail a little later. 

2)  Park Fitness is Thursday at 8:30am!  If you are around in the morning, come out and join us for this fun filled field trip style class!  Class is 45 minutes.  We meet at Jen’s studio.  All levels welcomed!  Drop in cost is $15 or prepaid card.

3)  Cardio Fusion is Thursday night at VBC at 5:45pm & 6:40pm!

4) Regular Boot Camp format continues this Saturday at 7:30am! 

5)  St. Patrick’s Day Boot Camp and Breakfast is Saturday, March 14th!  Wear your Irish green and win a costume contest! 


Thought for the week:  Be the Person You Were Born to Be!

In order to live well, we need to move well.  Mobility is life and without it, we aren’t really living to our fullest potential.  The more fit we become, the more we are able to accomplish and achieve.  I really believe that most people aren’t even aware of all that they could be experiencing in their lives because they are stuck in this place of physical mediocrity with sluggishness, fatigue, and a mundane routine.  Do you know people like this?  What’s their attitude like?  Do they complain?  Are they in your family or circle of friends?  I imagine that when you are around them you feel a little more bummed out too. 

For those of us who are moving on a regular basis and doing our best to focus on nutrition, we experience the benefits daily.  We have increased: energy, stamina, positive mood, ability to accomplish more, and are often less sick.  It’s a sacrifice though.  In order to have these benefits, we need to carve out time for our work outs and more time with meal planning, prep, and cooking.  I’ve often said that being healthy is like a part-time job, yet you gain full-time benefits!

Those of you who are reading this and are more fit and healthy, my question for you is, “Are you the person you were born to be?”  Have you tapped into your fullest potential in life?  Are you doing the things you love to do and serving with the gifts that God has given you?  Do you have the energy to fully love on the people you have in your inner circle?  Are you able to give back and bless other people through your talents because you have the extra energy to do so? 

I want to challenge you this morning to examine your life right now and ask yourself if you are in a healthy place of growth; mentally, spiritually, and physically?  There is a deep connection between all three of these components within ourselves because when one is out of balance, they are all out of balance. 

We all have fork in the road moments every single day, from the moment we wake up until the time we go to bed.  What choices can you make today that will bring balance to your mind, spirit, and body?  When all three of these elements are in sync, we feel amazing like we can take on the world!  I’m not saying that life will suddenly be easier, but we’ll be able to handle the tough stuff better because we’ll have the strength, stamina, and positive mind to weather the storms that come crashing down on us when we least expect them.

Only you know if you are functioning at your very best level.  If you aren’t, that’s o.k.  Have a re-set and change the areas of your life that need some self care and attention.  As long as you have breath in your lungs, there is always room for change and improvement.  After all, you only have one life to live and you are worth the effort. 

See you in class soon!