MMB – Avoiding Pattern Overload

Good morning everyone,

I hope you had a great weekend and are feeling energized out there!  Great job to everyone who was able to make it out to Boot Camp on Saturday and Running Boot Camp on Sunday!  Wow, that was a double whammy of fitness that made my trainer heart happy!  The hint of fall is in the air and the weather will be cooler this week, so it’s a perfect time to put on those running shoes and get an early morning run in or after work to re-energize yourself and de-stress!  You can do it!


Announcements and Reminders:

  •  Fall Movement Mania begins this Saturday!  Fall is almost here and this Saturday will kick off the Fall Movement Mania!  Why Mania? If you look up the word Mania in the dictionary, you’ll see that it has a dual meaning: 1)  A mental illness marked with great periods of excitement or 2) an excessive enthusiasm or desire.   WOW! What a perfect word to describe us!  Kind of mentally off with great enthusiasm!  Is this our fitness community or what?! LOL!  I know I feel this way and now I have a word that truly summarizes my zeal for fitness cuz truth be told, I am a little crazy and way over enthusiastic for all things fitness!  Good stuff right? 

Anyway, for the Fall Movement Mania, you’ll be tracking all of your fitness throughout the week and recording your minutes of exercise.  For every minute of exercise, you’ll be rewarded a mile to go on a great expedition!  For example, if you work out four days a week at 45 minutes each, then you’d earn 180 miles to travel.  I’ll have a map that I’ll bring and every week you can use your exercise miles to travel somewhere exciting!  I’ll have a variety of different destination you can choose from like Hawaii, Europe, Australia etc. 

Also, for those of you who would like to weigh in and be measured, I’ll be offering this to you this Saturday and again at the end of the six weeks to find out who the biggest reducers are! 

For our class format, I’ll be incorporating some kind of a challenge every Saturday that will be timed based or reps based, and will create some fun partner or team challenges to take your fitness level up a notch!


  • Next Running Boot Camp is Sunday, October 8th at 7am


  • Cardio Core on Tuesday has one opening available at 7:35pm.  Please text me if you are interested in joining!  925-699-7725


Thought for the week:  Avoiding Pattern Overload

As I was teaching Running Boot Camp on Sunday and we were encountering some tough sequences, I reminded the group that we need moments of intensity in our fitness where we are really struggling and it’s difficult.  I want you to stop and think about your own fitness right now and the routines that you typically do.  Do you have moments where you are laboring?  Is it really tough?  If, for the most part, your exercise routines are not challenging you and are requiring only a little effort, then I would love to challenge you to take your fitness to the next level and push a little harder!

In the fitness industry, we call doing a routine over and over again without change Pattern Overload.  So, we want to avoid Pattern Overload because your body becomes accustomed to the exercises you are doing on a regular basis and your muscles are no longer challenged, therefore they aren’t working very hard or gaining much benefit to the time and effort you are putting into it.

For example, think about running on a treadmill for 30 minutes.  Now think, running on a treadmill six months down the read where the speed hasn’t changed, the effort hasn’t changed, or the incline hasn’t changed.  What started off as a pretty good cardiovascular exercises at the beginning because it was hard, is now not much more than a warm-up for you because your body has become accustomed to it.  Option?  Once running on a treadmill for 30 minutes has become comfortable and doable for you, now it’s time to change it up.  Try doing a jog, run, sprint combo where you jog 60 seconds, run for 45 seconds, and sprint for 10 seconds.  Do this for 4 to 5 rounds in the middle of your steady state run.  Another idea would be to do a warm up run for 10 minutes and then increase the incline so the treadmill is at a pretty good slope and do some hill running.  Adding in these kinds of changes will greatly increase your effort and will break you out of your pattern overload. 

Another great core exercise that we all know and do is the plank. Can you hold a plank for 30 seconds? How about 60 seconds?  If you can hold a plank comfortably for one minute and you aren’t really laboring with it, then it’s time to change it up and break up your pattern.  Try some of these plank variations to spice things up!

  • A plank with one leg raised for 30 seconds on each side.  Make sure you are really bracing your glutes, hips, and abs to protect your back.
  • Sliding planks either using glide discs or a stability ball.  Start small and then increase the distance back and forth as your strength increases.
  • Spider man planks are where you bring your knee up to your elbow and alternate.
  • Use a medicine ball to balance your toes on while holding a plank or put your hands around the medicine ball and toes on a Bosu.
  • TRX planks
  • Plank with alternating limbs:  Right front arm raised with left leg raised and then switch to other side.

To summarize, be honest with yourself about your level of intensity.  If you are too comfortable, then it’s time to shake things up and take the exercises that you are already doing and progress them to make them harder.  It’s a great mental and physical challenge that will boost your confidence, endurance, overall body and core strength, and will take you to the next level in your fitness goals. 

See you soon!