MMB – Attitude of Gratitude

Good morning everyone,

I hope you all had an awesome weekend and are feeling refreshed and ready for your week!  Excellent job to everyone who made it out to classes this past week.  I know that this can be a very challenging time of the year to stay motivated in your work outs, especially because of all of the rainy and cold days, but many of you are persevering and staying focused with commitment and consistency.  I applaud you guys! 

This past Saturday was the 2nd Winter Fitness Challenge where we honored the Navy.  We held planks repeating the Navy creed, ran with sand bags singing cadences, and participated in a mock SERE work out: survival, evasion, resistance, and escape!  Some of our boys participated in military fun too, and were our snipers who were camped out waiting for the right moment to strike!  As we were going through the obstacle course, if the boys shot us 1x that = 20 push-ups, a 2nd time = 20 jump squats, and a 3rd time = 20 burpees!  Let’s see, military fitness, 10 year old boys shooting their parents with Nerf Guns, and kicking disease in the teeth……it doesn’t get any better than this!  Hoorah!

While we all had a blast with the addition of the “sniper” element, this will only be an occasional treat for parents and kids! LOL!  Next Saturday, we’ll honor the Air Force and become airman!

Also, excellent job to the group that made it out to Running Boot Camp yesterday.  We were gifted with an amazing hour of sunshine and warm weather and it made for a delightful and exhilerating boot camp!  You guys did really well and for a few of you, it was double duty boot camps back to back …what??!!!  That’s fitness craziness right there!  You did it and should be very proud of yourselves and the effort you are putting into your health!


Reminders and announcements:

  1.  January Detox Challenge ends 1/31 – How’s it going with logging your points?  Some of you have asked how many points you should be logging every day?  If you drink 6 glasses of water every day, that’s 6 points right there.  Add in detox and clean foods along with other fluids, and you should be logging between 12-20 points a day!  Winner with the most detox points wins a $50 class card!
  2. 6 Week Winter Fitness Challenge – now through February 18th!  Let’s find out who the biggest reducers are for this Challenge!  Eat clean and hydrate!  Let’s honor the military together and have some fitness fun stepping into the world of the recruit and basic training!  Hoorah!
  3. Next Running Boot Camp – Sunday, February 12th at 11am.  Meet at Jen’s house. 

Thought for the week:  Attitude of Gratitude

I had an epiphany yesterday that I wanted to share.  My mom has come down with a horrible flu and I wanted to make some soup and drive it over to her in Fremont.  As you know, it was a stormy afternoon with torrential rains and gusty winds, but there I was in my safe SUV driving on 680 and I realized I was by myself with total control of the radio and best of all, my thoughts! 

As I drove carefully down 680, I started pondering all of the millions of drivers, who have to commute to work for hours Monday through Friday, that have 15-20 hours a week where they are stuck in the car!  My heart really goes out to all of these people with this horrendous commute, with my husband being one of them, because I know and see the toll it takes on a person day in and day out. 

What can a person do for 15-20 hours every week while they are trapped in a horrible commute?  While you can’t really get a work out in, except maybe some ab bracing, there are plenty of things you can do with your mind!  How different would your day look if you took the 1 to 2 hours you are trapped in the car and focused on things in your life you are grateful for?  What if you purposefully captured your thoughts and focused all of your time on going through all of the nuances of your life and counting your blessings? 

As I spent a significant chunk of time in the car yesterday, and yes, I listened to all kinds of music and rocked out a bit, but I also allowed my thoughts to wander through every nook and cranny of my life and think of all of the friends and family I’ve been blessed with.  I thought about what my life would be like if I never met my husband or never experienced becoming a mother to my two wonderful boys. 

As a Christian, I prayed to God and gave him thanksgiving for how He has hand woven my life together and allowed me to juggle many roles I have every day.  I thought of so many of you who are in my fitness business and are so much more than clients to me.  Many of you are my family and I feel totally honored and privileged that we are “doing” life together through both the fruitful and harrowing times of life.  I honestly can’t imagine my life not doing fitness and not seeing so many of you on a weekly basis!  What a joy and thrill it is to sweat bullets together and put the hard work in that most people are not willing to do! 

So friends, to wrap up my point, when you find yourself in the car, either driving around town or stuck in a tough commute, take your thoughts captive and make them purposeful.  Take time to reflect on all of the things you are thankful for and blessed with, and then pray to the Lord with all sincerity of heart and gratitude for how He has woven your life together with such loving and precious detail. 

Friends, I urge you to find the cracks of time in your life where you can truly focus on having an attitude of gratitude. It will impact you in a mighty way and will help you to stay positive, focused and more fulfilled as you go throughout your day. 

See you in class soon!





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