MMB – Another Year Together!

Hi Everyone,

Happy Monday to you!  I hope you had an amazing weekend and are enjoying your summer by moving and eating clean!  This past Saturday was our usual Boot Camp classes in the morning.  Kudos to all of you die hard fitness clients who have been making it to summer classes these past few weeks!  Who knew that summer time proves to be one of the most difficult seasons to stay on task with regular work outs!?  It seems like this would be the time of year when it’s the easiest to stay consistent with long, bright days and warm temperatures, but it actually makes it more difficult, especially with vacations and varying kid’s activities and schedule changes.  So, I get it!  Come back when you can and don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t been consistent.  After all, today is a new day isn’t it!  🙂

Saturday was also my 8th Year Business Celebration at my house and I want to thank everyone for carving out time to come by and hang out.  I look forward to this every year because it’s my way of saying, “thank-you” to all of you who make me a part of your health and wellness plan.  As I said to you on Saturday night, I truly feel like this fitness community is the best in the Tri-Valley because of how much you all care about one another.  Sure, we gather together and work it hard, sweat a ton, feel some pain, and challenge ourselves together while striving towards excellence in our work outs and goals, but the best part is how we genuinely care for one another and are truly more like family!  

I can’t imagine going through this fitness journey without all of your smiling faces and encouragement that we all give.  This is why you guys are so special and I am so honored and privileged to be in your lives week after week!  You guys are the best and I’m excited to see what goals we can come up with together for another year!  Oh, and one comment on the food….you guys brought amazing dishes to share that were plant based and delicious!  Oh my goodness, what a feast we had!  My husband Bob did an amazing job grilling all of the veggie skewers and salmon too! Thanks Bob! 

Check out a few photos:

Announcements and Reminders:

  1.  Kid Fit and Moms’ Fit Club are this morning at 9:30am and 10:00am!  There are only two more classes after this: 7/24 & 7/28!
  2. Next Running Boot Camp is August 6th at 7am!
  3. Regular Class schedule this week at VBC. 

See you guys in class this week!  Bring a friend with you and share this awesome fitness community with them!

Together we can do great things!


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