MMB – Alameda County New Guidelines

Hi Everyone,

I hope you had a lovely weekend and were able to get outside and move!  A big shout out to the ladies who attended On-Line Boot Camp on Saturday!  Wowza!  It was a tough work out!  We did a “Guns and Buns Countdown Challenge.”  There were four circuits and every circuit started with 10 reps of the exercise, then down to 9,8,7 etc.  The tricky part was that every circuit added another exercise, so by the end we completed…..drum roll please…….220 squats, 220 push-ups, 165 sumo squats, 110 tricep push-ups, and 55 squat kicks!!!

Here are the ladies who took on this beastly challenge!  MingMay Pang, Archana Iyer, Erin Campbell, Christy Stevens, Debbie Roe, and Christi Stevenson ( not in picture).

You ladies rock!  That was a killer work out and YOU  DID IT!


May Challenge Winners are:

Fruits and Veggies Servings Challenge – Archana Iyer wins a $50 class card!

Cardio Minutes ChallengeKim Mehr with 1,475 minutes logged!  Kim also wins a $50 class card! 


Announcements and Reminders:

  1.  Park Fitness is ON HOLD – Sigh……The County of  Alameda has released new guidelines in regard to wearing face masks outside.  I recommend that everyone takes a quick read at the new guidelines.  Basically, you need to keep a mask with you at all times and if you are within 30 feet of another person, you must wear your mask.  Due to these new guidelines, there is NO way I can teach a running style class with eight people and still keep a distance of 30 feet between all of us AND wear our masks.  Someone shared with me that the cities of Livermore, Dublin, and Pleasanton are petitioning these new guidelines in the hopes to relax the restrictions.  It is my hope that these new guidelines will be short lived and that we can get back to exercising together in Park Fitness out in the sunshine and in the fresh air very soon!  Here is a link to the new guidelines:

2.  Class Schedule week of May 8th:

Barre Blend Monday 6pm – Tonight

Cardio Core Tuesday 6pm

Barre Blend Wednesday 7am

Cardio Fusion Thursday NOTE:  Class time might be 6:30 or 7pm.  I’m coming back from a day at the beach, so not sure about traffic and timing but I’ll keep you posted on class time.

Boot Camp Saturday 7 or 8am – not sure yet!  Depends if I’m going on day long hike to Pinnacles with Boy Scouts.  I’ll let you know!


Note on class times – Now that it’s summer, I realize that there will be a shift in schedules and some of you might prefer hiking in the evening hours instead of attending an on-line class indoors!  I totally get it guys and I want to encourage you to find joy in a variety of ways that you exercise!  However, I am HERE for you if you’d like to attend my classes during the summer.  I still need a minimum of 4 people in order to run a class.  Also, since I’m doing more things with my boys and being active with them, there may be a few classes here and there that I need to change or cancel due to day trips or hikes.  Thanks for your understanding! 


3.  Personal Training – If you are interested in meeting with me one-on-one to work on specific fitness or health goals, let me know and we can come up with a plan, either short-term or long term.  I have been training outside in front of my home studio or under my porch and it’s been working out really well!


Picture of Candace Guintoli!  You go girl! 


6am set-up on a rainy day


Post Boot Camp Hike on Saturday with my son Ryan out at Brushy Peak.  It was a good 2 hour hike – about 6 miles

That’s all for today my friends!  Keep moving and eating clean nutrition out there!  Let’s rise up and work hard towards out health to beat the blues and stay strong!

See you in class soon!